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  1. I think I Choose Daniel Defense. Now I'm trying to find one used or new but I'm not really sure on the model. v1, v3, v4, v5 haha idk
  2. hmm will the light weight last as long as the normal barrel?
  3. I just found a Daniel Defense DDM4 V1 online I got him down to $1150 plus the work that the gunsmith to make it NJ legal.. Armslist is known for a lot of scams but we'll see
  4. Thanks, I've been looking at the V5 but I'm unsure about the light weight barrel.. reviews says... The primary disadvantages of lw 1) it heats up quicker, so you lose accuracy after fewer shots (compared to a heavier barrel) 2) it will "whip" more than a heavier barrel, so bullet groups tend to widen slightly 3) it's structurally weaker than the same barrel in a heavier contour (only a factor if you actually go to combat with your rifle).
  5. I'm looking for a first Ar15 and stuck between a BCM and the Daniel Defense.. Which company do you guys prefer and why? thanks!
  6. Name is Steven and I'm 19.. I only have 3 guns in my collection so far which are a Benelli nova shotgun, Marlin .22, and Ruger 10/22 takedown. .I'm in the market for an ar15 and lots of other guns to add to my collection.. the goal is 25 guns .. I enjoy shooting guns and I Shoot almost everyday in my backyard range and have thousands of rounds down my guns.. My neighbors love me.... the 10/22 takedown is my newest gun and I love it.
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