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  1. Looks like it might be Gorsuch. Close friend of Scalia's. Good choice. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-trump-report-idUSKBN15F28Z
  2. Welcome! Ex-Camden County here.
  3. Wow, Sad Sad news all around for the Berwicks. Great people, Great store. Jake was always helpful and friendly to me and my wife whenever we where there. I hope they pull out of whatever situation they are in. Bangers and SJSC are about the only thing I miss from NJ. The outdoor ranges down here in Texas don't even come close to how nice that range is.
  4. Still have my property in NJ. Sent my letters to my three reps. Hope it works for you guys up there.
  5. In Texas, they give you a test at the border. If you fail and come up Liberal, you are given a pass to only move to Austin!
  6. Welcome Ape. Used to live in Gloucester township, but I escaped.
  7. Sweet gun. No experience with the Deltapoint. Thinking of going with the Trijicon RMR for my FNX Tac. If you get the Deltapoint, please let us know how you like it.
  8. I run the ADM Recon on my Vortex Viper PST 1-4. Awesome mount. Highly recommend it.
  9. But yet the libtards in NJ will not let the people defend themselves. I feel for you guys. Keep up the good fight!
  10. I use Ergo, great grip and fits perfectly.
  11. Maks, Most hotels have 30.07 signs. Few have 30.06. If I saw that sign, I would stay somwhere else. No moneu from me.
  12. But HEB still allows Concealed carry. I carry here everyday. Never had any issues. I open carry at work and in certain other places. I conceal carry at the Movie theater. Don't get the pain part. Really don't see many open carriers as most that have an LTC prefer concealed.
  13. Next time in Vegas, definitely gonna try the SAW.
  14. "Just an fyi if you're interested. I was just told the range in St. Augustine we've been shooting at is going to be renting suppressed machine guns." Bring your wallet! If it is going to be anything like here in Texas, it's about a buck a round. 600 - 1000 rpm get's expensive quick, but it sure is fun to splurge once in a while. My home range has an Uzi,MP5 and an M4. Tried them all, MP5 is still my favorite.
  15. How would you know? Those people are the reason we could not get constitutional carry through. Certain OCT chapters ruined that. I was very involved in the open carry movement here. I will be involved in the constitutional carry movement next session If you condone people carrying AK's in a grocery store, than about sums you up. Typical for you to discuss things you know nothing about. .
  16. Nope, If I am going into a bar that makes 52% revenue off of alcohol, I am going to drink and shouldn't be carrying any way. Drunk and gun don't mix well. BTW the way most restaurants in Texas are below the 52% level, so not much of an issue. This includes restaurants like Twin Peaks, Hooters, etc. I love PA, my son lives there. I just don't know why Mipa has a thing about Texas.
  17. So Mipa, Can you do this in PA? Like AZ, in Texas I can have a loaded handgun or AR in my car without any license or permits. Hows that work in PA?
  18. A lot of people talking shit about Texas without ever living here. The media is blowing it out of proportion. There are places putting up 30.07 signs (No open carry), but still allowing concealed carry. Most of us here in Texas do not open carry, but the asshats that walk through the grocery stores carrying AK's and AR's have scared some of the general public. Over time this will all blow over and things will sort themselves out. We have had zero issues here in San Antonio.
  19. Nope, Abbott is the real deal. He is all about the Second Amendment. Just sucks all the shit you guys have to go through. I don't miss it for sure.
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