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  1. Just curious why is no one using the marketplace anymore??? I know Facebook went nuts a few weeks ago but this is NJ gun forums......
  2. take some of Rich's handgun classes. When you check in ask for a red card. I believe if your LE, military or proof of training your entitled to a red card which tells try RSO your not a unsafe idiot. They still focus on safety but there are always people doing double taps when I shoot and they are not usually VIP and no one gives them a hard time. Just speaking to the RSO beforehand can make your practice much easier and keep their attention where it can be best used. And I wouldn't suggest it on the busy times as they have way too much activity to know if port 18 or 19 is doing rapid fire.
  3. http://www.cutlerymania.com/Default.asp and if you buy in store you save 10% off interweb pricing. They have 1000's of knives. I shop for them while I wait on pistol permits.
  4. If you live near Fairfield NJ Check out Cutlery Mania. They have Benchmade, ZT, Ka-Bar, Spyderco, Kershaw and others. I have 3 benchmade's that I love, a great light one is the Pardue. $100 and you never even know it's in your suit pants. I also have ZT 0770CF that is super sweet. And then I have some sweet Spyderco paramilitarys. They are all great but have different plus and minus. Also another added value with Benchmade is a new blade is $35. So you can beat like i have and then get it replaced and tuned for $35. Cutlery Mania also charges $4 to sharpen a knife so the sharpen for life thing doesn't really matter because it costs me $6.50 to ship it to the manufacture to sharpen. I'd rather drop of on Monday and pick up on Tuesday for $4.
  5. Under settings turn off iMessage on Sprint iPhone.
  6. shredded it, didn't think changing of date was allowed.
  7. i believe i got the answer I was looking for. considering we were both shooting in ports next to each other i didn't believe it was a big deal. we just destroyed the permit that we made an error on. Thanks
  8. yea im not in a panic. I asked for info regarding my question "Does anyone know how likely the SP would have been to prosecute this one time act had I already mailed the permits in?"
  9. Hi I am looking for knowledge of those that may have done the same thing and can give good info. Say someone uses their permit a day early by accident in a F2F transaction. Does anyone know how likely the SP would have been to prosecute this one time act had I already mailed the permits in? Thanks
  10. If your using a piston operated ar you can turn the gas piston setting to single fire mode. I have a Ruger and sig sauer that I learned the hard way on....
  11. Don't know about IDPA, I know we all signed up to show interest for shooting indoor steel (rubber) matches last Sunday. So hopefully there will be some good news about that coming soon.
  12. Had a friend that had some recent reloads and some were undercharged. He called them and they swapped for new. So with customer service like that you can't go wrong. + 2K rounds.
  13. Go to rtsp and rent a Sig P320. trigger is closer to VP9 if your looking at striker fired handguns. Another recommendation would be a Walther PPQ. IMO better than my VP9. I believe RTSP has most of these guns in rental and if you rent one you can swap it for another in same caliber for no up charge. Do yourself a favor and go when they aren't crazy busy so you get the time to hold them before wasting ammo on them.
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