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  1. Hey Troy I’ll take it. Text me tomorrow and I’ll send you the money and we can meet up one day this week. Thanks
  2. Thanks! Jason Sims quick communications... This lot is SPF
  3. I’ll trade a black one if you want. I’m in Hopatcong could meet up today after work. Sending PM
  4. Another member had concern about the trigger possibly being affected by the recall Ruger performed. Trigger is good to go. Per link below they replaced the disconnector. The extra 5 round mag goes with the package. https://www.ruger.com/SR556VTRecall/index.html
  5. 1. Mixed 115 gr 9mm 1000 rds (200 rds Remington Green Box, 50 rds UMC, 750 rds winchester) see pic $0.50/rd (will split in half 500 @ $250 or 1000 @ $500) SOLD 1b. Added American Eagle 9mm 147 gr 1000 rds sealed case $0.55/rd 1000 @ $550 SOLD https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-american-eagle-9mm-luger-ammo-147-grain-full-metal-jacket-ae9fp-p-661.aspx 2. Freedom Munitions 40 S&W New HP 180 Gr 10 x 50 rds Case (500) $0.65/rd $325 per 500 rd case (2 available) https://www.freedommunitions.com/ammunition/pistol/40-s-w-180-gr-hp-new.html 3. Freedom Munitions 40 S&W New 180 Gr FMJ 50 rds boxes (800) $0.55/rd (will split in half 400 @ $220 or 800 @ $440) https://www.freedommunitions.com/ammunition/pistol/40-s-w-180-gr-rnfp-new.html 4. UMC 45 Auto New 230 Gr FMJ 10 x 50 rds Case (500) $0.50/rd $250 per 500 rd case (2 available) 2 case SOLD https://www.outdoorlimited.com/handgun-ammo/45-acp/remington-45-acp-ammunition-l45ap4-230-grain-full-metal-jacket-50-rounds/ 5. AE 45 Auto New 230 Gr FMJ 10 x 50 rds Case (500) $0.50/rd $250 per 500 rd case (2 available) 2 case SOLD https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-american-eagle-45-acp-auto-ammo-230-grain-full-metal-jacket-ae45a-p-3474.aspx 6. Georgia Arms G45AF 45 Auto 230 gr Speer Bonded Hollow Point +P 200 rds $1.00/rd $200 for the qty 4 50/rd sealed bags http://www.georgia-arms.com/new-45-acp-230gr-speer-bonded-unicore-hollow-point-p/ 7. 6.8 SPC SSA 110 gr Sierra Pro Hunter 200 rds $1.00/rd $200 for 10 x 20 rds https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1002001519?pid=138414 8. .380 ACP mixed lot of 50 rd boxes (see pic) 1800 rds total. $0.75/rd 200 rd minimum unless buying something else. Mostly AE and Fiocchi 95 gr I live in Hopatcong NJ (Northwest NJ), I can meet anywhere between 287/80 during the week. My triangle of travel for work is Hopatcong, Clifton, Somerset. NJDL/FID required. I will do my best to update this as things are sold or SPF. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  6. SPF Anyone want qty 16 PMC 44 REM MAG 240 gr TCSP cartridges? I’ll trade for same qty of something I’ll use which is pretty much everything else. I’m in Hopatcong and work in Clifton. Must have NJDL/FID. I think the pics my phone takes are too large so if you want pics I can text them to you privately. Cleaning my ammo closet and found these and the gun is long gone.
  7. Cross Posted Selling a Safe Queen, Shot 2 boxes PMC 223 55 Gr thru the pipe years ago. $1500 FIRM receipt attached showing this is not gouging. I added the Ruger Quad Rails which were about $100 that you are getting thrown in. Ruger 2 stage comp trigger, has had the recall from Ruger a few years back. I have the box and original book in my attic that will come with it. 20" CHF stainless barrel 1/8 twist. My understanding is this type of barrel will be very accurate with any 5.56/223 round on the market. Piston Operation keeps this running cool and clean. I am in North NJ, Can meet you at whatever FFL you chose to do the transfer. I am RTSP member if that helps with your transfer fee I believe it's $50 with the NICS. I have not done a private sale @ FFL since rule change so this will need to be researched by the buyer. I work in Clifton so I can also meet at any of the FFL's in that area just as easy. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  8. Just curious why is no one using the marketplace anymore??? I know Facebook went nuts a few weeks ago but this is NJ gun forums......
  9. take some of Rich's handgun classes. When you check in ask for a red card. I believe if your LE, military or proof of training your entitled to a red card which tells try RSO your not a unsafe idiot. They still focus on safety but there are always people doing double taps when I shoot and they are not usually VIP and no one gives them a hard time. Just speaking to the RSO beforehand can make your practice much easier and keep their attention where it can be best used. And I wouldn't suggest it on the busy times as they have way too much activity to know if port 18 or 19 is doing rapid fire.
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