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  1. Yeah. Lake city is military brass. Youll have to swage it. Mil brass. Has the date and the plus mark on it. Itll have atleast not one. Or all of the marks
  2. Im looking at near burgaw nc. Close to marine corpse base. Va healthcare. Lots of masonic lodges. Active uspsa idpa matches Soil for farming is adequate.
  3. Its so true that you say this. Yet. We can have a other than with a 12” barrel. But its only legal iffff you have a foregrip. Its a federal thing. But even still. We literally have ignorant jackasses that have hidden moniterally motives in play. Ughh
  4. Anyone out there order from them. Looking for comparisons to ready wise. Thanks in advance.
  5. Btw. Im not just googling shit. This is what i do for the last 25 years. I kinda know stuff when it comes to nature. If all goes bad. Ill most likely live. And the rest of you. Well. I got plenty of ammo. Learn living off the land. Learn to reload.
  6. Theres soo many uses for walnuts. If you’re into that. So many very healthy uses for them. Anyway. There are things you can grow under them that the juglans roots wont kill. Forsythia. Sunflowers. Burning bush. Euonymus compacta I believe is another one. Google that crap. Its limited. But viable.
  7. Theres a tree in Nicaragua that does that. But not in the north east that i know of. Blame it on psychedelics? Anyway. Walnut trees. Biennial producers mostly. In the juglans family. Has a toxin in their roots that will kill most species of other trees and deep rooted shrubs when in contact with the subservient roots systems of other ones.
  8. No. Thats probably a thorned honey locust. Or probably a black locust.
  9. Know nothing about it. I like the looks of it. If spf falls through. Im next in line
  10. I appreciate all your interest. I have the list going. Once you know and have a press. Youll have a whole different prespective.
  11. Nothing firm right now. Ill let everyone know as i move along with this
  12. Im going to be talking with mr stu and pizza bob about trying to make this happen. Looks like an early summer or late spring thing. Well see.
  13. Constitutional carry is bs. We have the right to carry via second amendment. Its all bs weak people. Weak minds. Weak ethics weak morals. Thats how we got here. Get some balls folks. Dont be afraid to sacrifice. Easy times make weak men. And thats where were at right now
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