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  1. Id say. Funny. Jokes on you. I got zero stop.
  2. Omg. You are permitted to make reasonable deviations from exempt locations. You need food fuel any necessities that are reasonable. You are exempt. If you have a fpid card. You can carry a long rifle all day everyday with you. Hell legally. You can walk down any roadway with a long gun and its legal. If you have first obtained a nj fpid card.
  3. None My pd told me when i went to hand in my second pistol qual that the njsp sent out a memo that one qualification is good for all of them. So i said. Here just take this anyway and add it to my package. Thats where im at
  4. Ryan. If you’re still in elmer area maybe see if stu would take the trip down there. I know a bunch of people that want to qualify down around quinton area. They were thinking of doing it at bobs
  5. Im doing doylestown on monday. Openings all day. If you live anywhere near pa. Lots of openings. Ewing has no openings Btw. All week I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t schedule an appointment at identogo. I talked to my local pd today. They forgot to give me a service code. Idk if they’re all the same. But mine is. 2f164b. Use that code. You will also need a case number from your pd.
  6. July is white pride month. From what i hear
  7. Nah. Im thinking like if you’re an out of state resident with a fpid. Address just needs to be correct
  8. From 2 yards. Strong hand only. To 15 yards freestyle. It varied shots per distance. Pretty much all was from holster.
  9. Handed all my stuff in yesterday. Did my qual at ttc yesterday. Btw. Mr stu is doing quals at phillipsburg range. [email protected] Weekdays only now. When i qualified yesterday. There are folks that should not be handling a firearm. Never the less carrying one. He was next to me. Dq’d. Just an fyi folks. Get some professional training if you’re not totally comfortable with accuracy and safety of said item.
  10. Well atleast all those 50bmg senseless murders will be non existent now. Finally i can leave my house now
  11. I wonder if hollow points will be able to be carried? Also. Since nj considers an air pistol a firearm. Can you carry that if you qual with it. Just wondering
  12. What more do we need to wait for. Constitutional carry. I dont see any paperwork or forms for the first amendment. Why do we need permission and permits for the second amendment? Its not an other than enumerated right. Its a right not given Its presumed.
  13. Stu’s the man. But I don’t think they give a f about idpa uspsa or icore standings. Well see
  14. Yes its a different class. But at this point who tf knows what their requirements are. Im trying to figure it out also. Im trying to to ask alot of from those who know. And at this point Those who know. Dont even know
  15. Just take the nra basic pistol class. The instructor will probably have range time qualifications set up after the class.
  16. For nra pistol instructor class. We have to shoot 18 of 20 rds in about an 8” circle. At 20 yards. Practice on that
  17. When they make these stringent rules. How many of you will actually qualify. And re qualify? Dont kid yourselves thinking it will be that easy.
  18. Stop your orgasms. Just remember. It aint over till the fat lady sings. Also remember. We should all be constitutional carry. Its a win. But a far cry from the constitution as written if we still have to jump through hoops and fill out alot of paperwork to have our God given right for the pursuit of happiness
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