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  1. Ok good. Cause thats embarrassing. I guess the first 100 or less. Got them all ghetto spelled
  2. I believe it’s “conspicuously” posted. Is what it says. Im 6’. If it’s within 5’-7’. Its good for me. I went into an eyeglass store the other week. The sign was at the entrance about a foot from the ground. I walked in with no concerns.
  3. Read it again. How is protection spelled? Every mercer county permit ive seen. And mine. The morons spelled protection incorrectly!!
  4. So if i put a brace on a m107a1. Its now a pistol sbr or whatever the f they consider it. Just asinine
  5. Right. confusing and ridiculous. I need to see their brace definition. They’re idiots. They are plain outright idiots. More stupid than the floor underneath my feet right now. Government employees at the peak of their intelligence.
  6. The brace is considered a stock ? By the atf diagram. It says remove brace. And gtg. But now you still have a sbr in nj according to the letter sent to troy. Saying in that configuration its a other. ????? Please explain. Thanks
  7. This confusion is going to get alot of people jammed up.
  8. But see. That still doesn’t make sense. Its not the brace thats the issue. Its that its a sbr. You can put a solid a2 buttstock on it. Its still a sbr nfa item. The brace is inconsequential. Constructive intent A brace you can put to your shoulder. Its a buttstock. It all comes down to that its a barrel less than 16”. The atf diagram is confusing It basically says take off the brace and you’re good. Ok fine. But then you have a nfa tax stamp item. Right? And what defines a brace? The velcro? So hell. Take the velcro off. Cut out the holes where you put the velcro through. It not about the brace. I bring this up because if people think they can just put on a moe stock on their other and they’re gtg. Its still a sbr.
  9. Correct me if im wrong. But. Its not the brace that’s illegal. Its that the firearm is sbr. The brace has a buttstock. If you get rid of the “brace”. They still consider it a sbr. You can keep the brace. Just pin it to one position. And put on a 16” barrel. You cant get a tax stamp for it in nj. I wouldn’t do anything until it goes on the register. Or slightly right beforehand
  10. Anywhere from around 150-350? I guess it depends if you do the work yourself or not.
  11. Thats pretty much the spew he gave me. I think tomorrow. Ill go back there and do a tiktok with them in the back ground. Just to troll them. Wait for tomorrow’s interview with them.
  12. Thats pretty much the spew he gave me. I think tomorrow. Ill go back there and do a tiktok with them in the back ground. Just to troll them.
  13. Getting alot of sneers. There was like 8 agents at the booth. Also its not about the brace its about the barell. And bumpstocks are gtg now. Honestly. I wouldn’t do anything in mods till the last moment
  14. I agree. I said its an other firearm. Tried to explain the difference. All he kept saying is if the barrel is less than 16”. Its a sbr. I told him. You guys gave out a letter to troy okaying it as an other. Then both agents said if its not a 16” its a sbr. I kept telling him. Theyre friggin idiots.
  15. I just confirmed it at the atf booth. Yes. Your other rifle now has to have a 16” or longer. You have until july to comply. Do what you want. Its not the brace thats the problem. Its the fact its a sbr
  16. 6 months. Finally got it. And the courts still can’t figure out how to spell protection. Embarrassing
  17. Stu. I was just thinking the same thing about an hour ago. Then you beat me to it
  18. Was he a greenhorn? Did you ask for a higher up to explain to him and give him knowledge? That might be the better knowledge for both him and you. Just because someone works at a firearms store doesn’t mean he’s knowledgeable.
  19. Youll probably want to look up dave olhasso. Thats what he does. He did my 929 and 638. Hes right in pa Newtown pa. If you want. Pm me. Ill send his website address. He does all of pizza bobs work also.
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