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  1. You can take it anywhere in your exemption. You have to be careful of brandishing it. Thats a whole other topic.
  2. Handguns only. Longarms are the same if you dont have a fpid card.
  3. And also technically you dont need your fpid on your person. If I remember correctly it says you must of first obtained a fpid Says nothing about having it on your person
  4. Im at Cheyenne mtn outfitters. Looking at one on the wall here 1575$
  5. Go to the s&w forum. Thats bobs go to The man knows his revolvers.
  6. Bob is fine. We were supposed to shoot shongum Saturday. But it was too cold. And match got canceled.
  7. Im running all fords. A 250 king ranch. 250 lariat 550 xlt 550 lariat 550 xlt v10. Xl 350. No major issues. Newer ones (3). Still have extended warranties. Im happy with them.
  8. Trying to get my youngest to go to texas a&m. My father got his doctorite there. Got her an a&m polo for Christmas. Lets see if it makes any difference to sway.
  9. Yeah. The triji is sweet. But no
  10. Thats in my price range. Tex. Why do you like this compared to others. I was looking for thermal. So its on the right track
  11. Im looking for rifle mounted
  12. I have the same question for the same reason. I was going to go to shotshow and meet with a few of the distributors but as of now im not going to make it. So who out there on the forum has knowledge of this. Ive had many ads out there about thor. Im looking to spend no more than 2500$. Give me your knowledge and advice. No rush for me. If it doesn’t happen till next year. Thats fine also.
  13. As per your post. Its bad to not request multiple p2p’s. You will see the reason as you indulge into it more.
  14. I have the mcd app. Had my first ones nov 1st in bordentown
  15. Ok. Good for you. Sorry. I lead a crazy busy life. Thanks for the offer though
  16. If still available lets meet up anytime this winter
  17. I agree. Can you give me the above answers so i can give you a correct answer on pricing. Gracias Especially throat and muzzle guage
  18. Awe damned. I wanted this. Snagged. Needs to be rethreaded muzzle. But. Im good
  19. Oct 23rd. There is a thread going on about it on this forum. Check general discussion heading
  20. Oh. And btw. No tracer rounds or any other funky stuff here in the peoples republic
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