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  1. Yes, thank you - I'm in Jersey City and this would definitely work
  2. Hey guys, my cuz and I signed up. Any updates on hit count, distances to target for pistol, rifle and shotgun and the start time? Thanks!
  3. I also got my first Glock at Caso's - great people. Highly recommended. There was a guy who opened a gun store in downtown JC, about 7-8yrs ago, just off Newark Ave., Dave was his name I think. Didn't have inventory but had catalogs and he said he would order whatever you wanted. Didn't last very long as he once had an altercation one evening with some people across the street at some nightclub and he fired his revolver into the air. Got arrested, his FFL revoked. Crazy story.
  4. Registered! This is gonna be fun - I remember (last year?)we had a two-gun plus a shotgun stage at the end. Anyone know how much ammo to bring for each (and what kind of shotgun shells?)
  5. Good question, I know the format of NJ P2P just changed a little while back and I think it's now standard across the state.
  6. Yes, this is the real question - was thinking of another revolver, maybe the Ruger SP101 in 22LR.
  7. Hi - I need to clarify - 2 of the 3 permits were correctly dated December 2014, the ones that I used, and they were fine. I was only wondering about the 3rd, if I should take it back to the local PD or just use it as it is later in the year.
  8. I applied for 3 permits back in December 2014. The officer asked me to review the permits to see if they are in order and everything looked fine. I used the 2 permits and when I started to think about the 3rd one I found that the date on the permit was December 2015. The officer informed me that in case I wasn't able to use any of them I can come back and he'll extend it for me. Should I call them to inform of the mistake or should I just wait until the end of the year and use it as is? Would this be breaking some law? I'm thinking of calling but I'm pretty sure they'll tell me to come in and have it fixed - which I'm willing to do anyway.
  9. Springfield EMP - awesome 1911
  10. I would buy factory stuff - I've shot thousands of the cheap Russian 9mm ammo (Tula, Wolf and Brown Bear) through my G17 and aside from the occasional hard primer, no problems at all. Some ranges won't let you shoot bi-metal ammo, I see them create sparks at the steel plates at the back end of the range.
  11. Best of Luck! I know one of the the principals - Bill MacStudy, great guy, his daughter and mine played soccer together, Wishing you much success, will visit soon and bring a bunch of shooters!
  12. Registered! I've been shooting IDPA, aside from more mags and mag carriers would I need anything else on top of IDPA gear? I'll be shooting my Glock 17 Thanks!
  13. I have a Zastava N-PAP M70, NJ compliant, which means the magazine is a 10 round single-stack, if you can live with that. Great rifle, used it in a 2 gun shoot in Old Bridge, lots of fun. Around $650 in Gunbroker
  14. anyone determine if this is legal in NJ? the price is down to $99 https://www.bumpfiresystems.com/product/ar15-bfsystem/
  15. I just picked up a nice used S&W 67 at Hackettstown Guns & Ammo. Walt & Larry are great people to deal with and they have a decent selection of revolvers. Saw a Ruger Match Champion for $725, lowest price I've seen around. Is there and exact make/model you were looking for? I'd give them a call (908) 852-5260 Office
  16. I'd like to join - have some Zombie Tools:
  17. I've never been to one - can we buy handguns, and what would be the procedure to take it back to NJ? I've got my P2P, itching to get used. Thanks.
  18. I called Ray's Tactical in Kearny and the owner says he's closed and moving to Florida
  19. AlexC

    Only one handgun

    Inherited a Ruger Security Six with a 2.75" barrel, if it was a 4", I would nominate it. shoots anything from a 38 special wadcutters for practice to a buffalo bore 357 Bear load. and it will last forever
  20. Yes! my son and I would be interested - we hunted at Bent Creek last year and had a blast! shot 7 out of the 10 pheasants released, the dogs were so much fun
  21. I've never been to one and I'm interested - what kind of bargains can one expect in these shows?
  22. Has anyone been shooting at Tenafly on Sunday evenings lately? These comments from a couple of years back still valid? I'm shooting IDPA at Old Bridge mostly but wanted to try out the centerfire steel knockdown 4th Sundays of the month. Any comments, advice or tips is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Sorry, thought it was Saturday - Easton Fish and Game has an IDPA match on Sunday Aug 24: http://www.nepaidpascores.net/efga/efga_club_master.html
  24. According to the schedule, there's an IDPA Match this Sunday at Easton: http://www.nepaidpascores.net/cgi-bin/shooting_schedule.pl?req=idpa it says Saturdays on the schedule but EFGA's calendar says Sunday the 28th, so you might want to check
  25. Thanks OBRAMS, I re-read the post and missed the "OR". I will definitely be there. LOL - I like to argue with those retards for Fun! They're the ones getting hyped, I'm LMFAO. You from Chilltown?
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