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  1. Defense attorney and time away from work is not free. New lower is $200-$500... Do what you want, and I'll donate to your defense fund, but I do not have the time for such, and too much to lose.
  2. Hate to say it but it's not worth having to explain in court about the purchase date, where it was made, soft proof, etc. Did you read the ghost gun law NJ has on the books now. While technically legal when you did it, is it too much to imagine one of New Jerseys plentiful activist judges to say that they "feel" that the spirit of the law was to prevent people from having 80% blah blah blah guilty. Enjoy appealing and likely winning from prison. Caspian has good deals on foster frames. Do that.
  3. I'll take this as per our agreement/PM
  4. Would rather give some $ to a local who needs it than a super pro. I have a small excavator (Gofordigger, <3klbs) that needs 6 hoses replaced. I have brand new OEM hoses with ends, it's a straight remove and replace job, though one pin on a piston (maybe 1.5" needs to be driven out, held in with a snap ring). That pin should not be under load given how the arm hangs, but I have a garage or lawn with enough space if you want to lay it out. Anyway, I can't see it taking more than 3 hours if 'I' was doing it, so I would imagine that or less for anyone with any experience. Located in Chester NJ 07930, can be done day or night, and I will lend a hand if I am available (work from home). Anyone interested? Post or PM/Email!
  5. It's a nice thought... It can hold more than 15rds of ammunition, but if you have to manually cycle the action, I suppose it would not count as fed continuously... but it is a semi-automatic firearm. Sucks, it's a Rossi 62 SA that was my grandfathers.... not worth anything but sentimental value. It is located out of state and bequeathed, but parent would not be comfortable making modifications and shipping I bet. "Large capacity ammunition magazine" means a box, drum, t ube or other container which is capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously a nd directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm
  6. The problem is it is marked 22s, l, and lr. So I would have to find 15 22shorts to crimp to, is that correct?
  7. You are correct. I thought Christie signed something exempting tube fed semi autos. Rats. I thought along with the slightly relaxed language around stopping while traveling. This would be for a semi-auto, yes pump and manual action do not have limits. Anyone else want to chime in or am I mistaken?
  8. Did this change to existing legislation pass? Need a relatively quick answer so posting in General! I think it may have but want to know for sure.
  9. Following up on PM. 90 Acres... I should come to you for a place to shoot! Thanks again DS.
  10. Thank you everyone for the feedback. I'll PM deerslayer to see if he wants to come out for a verbal, and maybe set something up for the spring. We can get through with what we have this season I believe. I'm also on some land with an amicable neighbor with plenty of deer (and coyote and a river with black bear). Maybe we can work something out.
  11. Hi NJGF, Looking to replace my two natural gas Carrier (4ton each I believe) units with something new. These were 'top shelf' from the late 80s (have cool jets and stuff, had HVAC people from Costco/Lowes come through). Insane prices compared to looking up the hardware and purchasing it myself and self-installing. However, I would feel much better paying someone directly to help/oversee the installation, just in case we run into a snag. Anyone in Morris county interested in making a few bucks (well, more than that, I know what a full day will cost and we can talk about that before you come out) on the side? I'm okay with pulling a permit and doing things on the up-and-up. (Or pointers for honest shops/teams for a quote). PS - The AC is from the 70s and is the older 'in-line/in-vent style' that could be dealt with at the same time, or later. Also two units/zones. It is also a ranch, easy access, etc, all units in basement. Thank you!
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