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  1. Dargo72

    Use a boresight?

    Thank you for all the great replies. I'm going to order a bore sight and start there. Any recommendations?
  2. OK, short story. We purchased a PX4 Storm and have gone to the range twice. We are wildly inaccurate with it at 15 yds. (Can't bring targets any closer at Range 14). Now I am pretty darn accurate with my Ruger GP100 at 15yds and while I understand that it is a different gun, I am still surprised at how inaccurate I am with the PX4. I am so inaccurate that I am not even hitting anywhere near the target. With the said (and the caveat that I know it is entirely possible that it's me (and wife)) I have a feeling that maybe the sights are off. Now, have others had that problem with a new firearm? Also, if that is the case, could I get a bore sight, line up a target with the sights and see where the laser is actually hitting? I've never used a bore sight before and am just wondering if this is a proper application of its use. Thank you, and please be gentle....
  3. Well, I purchased a PX4 Compact via GunBroker. I got the compact just to play it safe with my wife's hands and it comes with the 15 round mags......
  4. Well, my wife wants...... Beretta Px4 Storm Inox, Full Size, 9mmI see some online (NIB) with the 17 round mags. Can these be legally shipped to NJ then "pinned"?
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I'm leaning towards the compact and am also researching the "ugly" Glock 19.....
  6. Thank you for all the comments. As I'm reading them I'm also doing research on other 9mm pistols. Their are soooo many choices and people who love or hate each........
  7. The full size comes with 10 round mags? On their website it lookedl ike the full size came with 17 rounders and the compact 15. Am I confused?
  8. Looking to puirchase a PX4 Storm for my wife (I already own a GP100 5" ,357). Kinda vacillating between the full size and compact. I would appreciate any thoughts. Also, the full size comes with a 17 capacity mag. Does Beretta offer a 15 to comply with NJ law or do I need to modify the 17 once received? Thank you,
  9. Thank you for all the replies.... So I will use the wad-cutters for basic target practice, but not shoot the self-healing ground target with them......
  10. Thanks.... and here is a quick, slightly OT, question...... I purchased one of those "self-healing" ground target balls. I have not used it yet, but would wad-cutters be more "gentle" on it?
  11. Thank you.... and boy that was fast!
  12. Should I buy wad-cutters for my GP 100? I ask because it is less expensive and I'm trying to go to the range a lot to get the practice. I am going through a fair amount of ammo, and obviously, it's not cheap. Are the firing and recoil dynamics the same/similar? Is there a reason NOT to use wad-cutters at the range? Any other things I didn't think of....... Thank you,
  13. Thank you all. We went to RTSP and had a good time. Printed out the paperwork online and filled them out before going. Just handed them the paperwork, they take your picture, and hold your DL while there. Facility and staff were very nice and helpful. One of the range instructors spent a fair amount of time helping my friend with some technique tips. Overall, a great experience and a place where my friend is no considering becoming a member. Thanks again.
  14. Yes, I see that one. I went to their website and it says...."All first time shooters will be required to take our 15 Minute Intro Class for $25." Does that mean first time shooter at their range? Thank you....
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