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  1. Congrats. Good luck with it. Sounds like you got a great deal.
  2. 609-562-4676. Here is the number nothing on the website saying they r closed.
  3. Sorry guys I thought the link also went to the one being held in Cherry Hill tonight. It's at the crown plaza hotel on Rt 70. Starts at 1830 -2030. Will get the link up when I get to work on a computer for registering. http://www.nraila.org/legislation/state-legislation/2013/9/new-jersey-take-back-new-jersey!-attend-free-nra-ila-workshops-oct-2-and-3!.aspx
  4. http://www.nraila.org/newjersey A buddy of mine just sent this. NRA-ILA meeting in Morristown and Cherry Hill. 2 and 3 OCT
  5. Welcome. From Marlton to usually go to Elmer to shot. Membership is pretty decent and usually not to busy.
  6. Just found this out on my other forum. Springfield is recalling certain serial numbers on the models, go to website and there is a link on main page.
  7. BillXD9


    Cool thanks. I looked before I posted for a old one damn eyes are going on me. But thanks I will look harder ne t time and I love a tough crowd. That one transaction was my major one. Did some minor buys, did a good military discount for me so I hope they did mend their ways. Thanks again brother
  8. BillXD9


    This is just a little FYI. If anyone is down this area near the Cherry Hill Mall, look up Rayco Armory they are in Merchantville. Gary is a really decent guy to deal with, he treats you like family. I bought my XDs.45 there good prices real good FFL prices for transfer in. He also deals with Gunbroker and Buds guns online. They are set up with them as a FFL. Good assortment of accessories, rifles and when he gets them in good prices on handguns.
  9. BillXD9

    New Guy

    Just wanted to say what's up. Been stalking the site for awhile finally got off my lazy a** and signed up. I also belong to XD ttalk forum. Alot of good information on both forums. Live in Evesham work on Lakehurst. Been working for Uncle Sam going on 30 loooong years. Hope everyone is habing a great weekend. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks
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