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  1. Waiting for ogam to time out so I can pick mine up - Howard beat me too it. [emoji41]
  2. W2MC thanks for the link, great info. It is a Monson 15-2, by what I could glean off the dwforum. Based on the model # manufactured either 1979 or 1980. Looking forward to cleaning her up and seeing what she can do. Was looking at a 6" barrel but if you know anyone who has for sale I'd appreciate the reference. If we lived closer I'd love to see yours. Thanks again.
  3. Vlad - concern noted and who/how I got it not a concern. Pizza Bob thanks as always for the info. Pistol is extremely clean, 1 nick on the barrel, otherwise looks like it was barely used. Came with some OLD bixes of SD ammo.
  4. Literally fell in my lap, any recommendations besides a good cleaning and checking the barrel gap? Came in the soft carry bag and the barrel changing tool, no extra barrels . Has a 2" barrel. Thanks.
  5. Now I really can't wait to try them out...
  6. Komodo693

    quick Clot?

    Take this from experience only use the powder on someone you do not like. Once you bet to the hospital the wound needs to be cleaned before the stitches can be done. Cleaning out the powder in a real nasty job and hurts like hell. The gauze works amazingly better.
  7. Randolph, but I could move down the road closer to the range.
  8. Howard You know that's what I am looking for.
  9. Well finally got my fpid. Moved from New York and didn't have any issues with long guns. So now getting back into shooting. Got a couple of pistol permits while I was at it. Just happy to have my shotgun and rifle back. Now it's what 357 revolver to purchase and where is a good place for trap? Thanks in advance.
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