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  1. Thanks for the info. I have never bought from GB before but i was talking to jt and he said that the mags are ridiculous not only to find, but getting them pinned etc is not worth the hassle. I may spring for the ptr instead and jump on the 30 cal wagon
  2. Mods please close this rifle is almost unattainable in nj lol
  3. replied. Thanks for the insight on the ptr as i have shot my cousins 308 but mainly looking for this because of the caliber. Hoping you can get me that price. Thanks again
  4. Hey everyone. I've dealt with many on here and looking to see if someone has a Century Arms C93 in 556/223 used/new in NJ. I'd be willing to drive depending on the condition and price of the rifle. I'm located in Monmouth county. Please pm me or post here what you have. Thanks in advance NJGF. Nic
  5. I have a gsg522 with 3 mags for 225 if you are interested. I haven't shot it in a while and wouldn't mind getting rid of it. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Congrats on the acquisition of a range/shop. I will definitely be intersted in the membership once you figure all of that info out. It's awesome that we will have a great owner that stands behind his word. Looking forward to the grand opening as well. Keep us NJGF guys posted Nic
  7. Guys at HGW are awesome. I stop in and usually purchase something to support the local shop. I have done transfers and purchased ammo and mags there. Great guys. Easy to talk to and run a tight ship. Kudos to them for doing a great thing for the people
  8. No thanks. I'm trying to get rid of it. Thanks for the offer.
  9. I have an M&M M10 762x39 http://grabagun.com/m-m-llc-m10-762x39-16-25-30rd-blk-stk.html Exactly like that one and mine in brand new. I have never shot it and i purchased this in hopes of getting into the AK platform. I just love the AR though. Let me know if you are interested in the purchase. please make a cash offer. I willinclude 1 10rd mag but I have other mags available for purchase as well.
  10. Found thanks to bugsy. Mods please close
  11. Great idea and I'm in for a shirt/hat
  12. found and purchased by a member from here. Mods please close
  13. Hey everyone looking for one more rifle before i throw my 91/30 in an archangel stock. I would rather get one of these to do it so the condition isn't really that much of a concern here. As long as the bolt and barrel or good and are in "shooting" quality, I'm open for offers. Offer up here or via pm. Thanks again! Nic
  14. All pm have been replied
  15. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a fully functional(not cosmetically), good ol SKS. If you have one please pm me or offer here in the thread. Thanks in advance