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  1. Congrats on the acquisition of a range/shop. I will definitely be intersted in the membership once you figure all of that info out. It's awesome that we will have a great owner that stands behind his word. Looking forward to the grand opening as well. Keep us NJGF guys posted Nic
  2. Guys at HGW are awesome. I stop in and usually purchase something to support the local shop. I have done transfers and purchased ammo and mags there. Great guys. Easy to talk to and run a tight ship. Kudos to them for doing a great thing for the people
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I just hope I don't ask any questions that are crazy though so I'll always research first lol. I'm actually in the southern Monmouth County actually. I'm in the need of some help zeroing my scope on one of my rifles. It's wayyyyyyy off. I managed to get my handgun and other rifle in but this one is shooting way out there.
  4. when i applied for mine in february this year i went down to the station picked up my application on a monday went thursday for prints and i had my FID and permit on that monday in Howell Township. That is when things were bad. I would imagine that things are moving along the same here. I hate how different towns take different periods of time to receive theirs.
  5. Hey everyone. I hear good things about this place and i hope not be welcomed as a noob but as a fellow enthusiast to the hobby. I am fairly new to the hobby and have always been interested in it. I am looking forward to learning a lot of new things about firearms here and want to thank everyone in advance. Nic
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