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  1. Related (I think) Recently purchased a new Glock. Amongst the documentation was a postcard offering to send a 20% discount coupon code for Glock merchandise when you register for the warranty. Registered for the warranty as instructed - no discount code. Makes me wonder if business is so good that they have no time for us, or maybe business might be going the other way resulting in nothing left for customer service....?
  2. High and dry today! Not sure if nature was helped out or she did it all by herself, but all ranges were high and dry. GREAT day for shooting too.
  3. Nice deal on a Stack-on 24 gun fire/waterproof safe $399 regularly priced at $539 BJ’s Wholesale, looks like it will be on sale till 4/24 I have no financial interest in BJ’s nor the safe company, just though it was a nice deal and passing it on.
  4. Along with an American Heart or American Red Cross CPR class, and a Stop the Bleed (BCON) class. Check out skinnymedic on YouTube, you’ll find some good post pertinent to this topic
  5. I think you should repost this as a benchrest for an M1Garand and raise the price to $60! Kidding, no intention to offend...nice bench though....
  6. CPR and Stop the Bleed Two basic and popular classes, readily available (should be able to google to find classes sponsored by local hospitals, or EMS groups). If you can’t find a class, you should be able to find instructors (check with local EMS or Fire Department), have your church, gun range, senior citizen, Boy Scout or whatever social group you might be a part of to sponser the classes.
  7. I’m all ho-hum until you mentioned that price. That’s a steal!
  8. Makes for an EZ answer.... Ruger GP100 38/357
  9. I’m a plus one for the Work Sharp knife and tool sharpening system. Mine is the standard system, I guess it’s a step down from the Ken Onion. I’ve spent many hours on stones, diamonds, rods, and yes, to a point, those methods can/might be considered therapeutic. But I have yet to see anything produce the excellent edge in a short amount of time like the Work Sharp. I don’t have any (nor interested in) $800 knives, nor do I use cheap-o knifes. Mid range Kershaw, Spyderco, SOG, Gerber, and Benchmade. I also use it with my Chicago cutlery kitchen knives.
  10. I was shooting on the 25 last Thursday morning. Had the “mosquito” conversation with another shooter, was that you?
  11. After reading so many references to the new FARS application and registration system, I stopped by my local PD to check it out. I believe it’s worth mentioning that not all PD’s are currently using the new system. So, before paying any fee’s or signing on to FARS you should check which system your PD is using. Sorry if this info is redundant to another post, again thought it was worth noting as all fees are non-refundable Firearms Application & Registration System (FARS) The State of New Jersey is now accepting firearms applications for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Pistol Purchase Permits electronically. The following Web site will allow an applicant to apply for Initial and Duplicate Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Permits to Purchase a Handgun: https://njportal.com/NJSP/FARS If you reside in a New Jersey State Police covered area and are certain which NJSP Station you are applying through, utilize the following ORI #’s to apply. If you are not certain, contact the NJSP station to obtain the proper ORI before applying. All fees are non-refundable.
  12. Haven’t read anyone mention the potential for the fee increases to drive some folks to illegal gun purchases? Under the current system they can track background checks and firearms ownership (FIDs and P2Ps provide that). It seems to me that increasing the price of legal transactions, will lead to an increase in illegal transactions - no background checks, no notification to police (works fine for criminals). Already, folks chance crossing state lines for ciggarettes, fireworks, avoid sales tax, etc., what’s to say you want to buy a firearm from a relative or a friend at a range....the transfer is going to cost more because the FFL has to charge more to pay his fees, the P2P is now 2500% higher than previous....economically there’s good motivation there to take a chance of not getting caught.... Seems to me, this Governor is even dumber than given credit for....
  13. Welcome! Just a little further south, Gloucester County. Add to the list of ranges to checkout....Quinton Sportsmen (Rifle, Pistol, shotgun, archery), SJSC is nice but not much there for the shotgunner.
  14. That 19-3 snubbie (I believe is more rare and desireable than similar models), the fact that it looks like you may have the original box is also worth mentioning (brings up the value if you sell it to a collector). All looks like good stuff that I can almost guarantee you, that if you ever get into collecting firearms with character, you will be sorry you let them go.
  15. Nucrunner

    Quinton Sportsmen's Club

    Great club, great facility for just about everything shooting, rifle, pistol, shotgun, and archery. The shooting venues Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, 3-gun (there are others) are second to none, they will appeal to experienced as well as new shooters....they also have sporting clays, trap, and skeet for the shot gunners. I have not engaged very much with the shotgun sports, but the shooters that I have met who do, seem happy with the club events. I have never seen the facility crowded, and there are always ranges left open for club members while one of the shooting venues is taking place and they are not participating, just out for a day of shooting. Great membership, great leadership, never met a shooter there that I wouldn’t be glad to go out and have a beer with after shooting.
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