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  1. He's heard from many citizens around PA. I'm not concerned about this passing, but I'll be doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't.
  2. 16" AR-15 upper with bayonet lug, threaded barrel, and flash hider. This is my thought as well... however, a cop having a bad day could interpret this the wrong way, something I'd much rather avoid. I will not have the lower until I'm back in PA. That is why I figured I was in the clear.
  3. Pennsylvania resident here. Work in New Jersey. FFL in Easton, PA near Easton Fish & Game. Got a great deal on an AR upper and lower from Palmetto State Armory this weekend. And a PSAK-47. Here's the catch... they're shipping the upper to my house in PA. It is not NJ compliant and I have no intention of making it so. (I already have a NJ compliant AR for when I do need to cross the border. I'd like to leave the remaining AR's fully featured.) I'd like to toss my upper in the car, and stop by my FFL after work to pick up the firearms, so I can head to EFGA and zero both rifles. At no point will I have a firearm in my car in New Jersey. Just an upper with a scary bayonet lug, evil threaded barrel, and satanic flash hider. Is this legal? (I'm just spitballing here and will contact NJSP later in the week) Just wondering if anyone has had this conversation before.
  4. Awesome... thanks for posting. I've seen specially made parts but never considered a clevis pin. Will definitely get one prior to my next build!
  5. It's being shown at many Carmike theaters in Pennsylvania. I'll be going that night.
  6. Get the 28" and buy an 18.5" barrel for home defense. This is what I did for years until I bought a dedicated home defense 870 (one of the 7-round Express Tactical models) on sale at Dick's. That being said, the 2" shorter 26" won't do much good in a home defense situation unless you're only using it to shelter in place. No way you'll be able to move through your house with a 26" unless you're in a mansion or spend the entire time pointing the gun at the floor.
  7. I'm halfway through it... a lot of data but a lot more readable than past books... written more for the layman than an economist. Really sort of eye opening. I'll certainly be keeping this one as a reference in the future.
  8. John and team- I just want to say thank you for a great event this year. Many great speakers, many awesome vendors. Looking forward to next year. And we surely know how to deal with adversity. Power goes out and 500 gun guys come to the rescue with flashlights and decide to continue on with the event. Thanks again for all that you do for the NJ 2A community!
  9. Then I stand corrected. You'll be happy with that setup!
  10. I shoot my G19 the most, but I shoot my PPQ better. Better trigger, better ergonomics, better everything. But I'll beat up the Glock since I mostly compete in GSSF these days.
  11. I would agree, I'm not concerned. Just wanted to give others a heads up.
  12. Identical to a G17 externally, G19 internally. Should have no issues.
  13. Pulled one apart... there's an extra piece in there. Mag on the left is the G17 15-round, mag on the right is G19. Internally, it appears to be identical to a G19 once the block is added. Not sure how these will count as permanently modified, however, if you take the block out the spring is not long enough to have enough tension to operate.
  14. Good to see they're popping up other places as well!
  15. I've been harassing retailers and whatnot for a while with this part number, but no no avail. Midway is the first that I've seen them (hopefully that means they'll be turning up at retail soon!)
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