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  1. I would love a Mauser or K31. Where would one find such things? Also would it be difficult to find a Mauser in 7.62? And anyone know if the k31 came in other calibers?
  2. I'm neither LEO nor knowledgable about the specific issue but I'm going to go out on a limb and say "Hell frickin no" just don't do it. But I'd wait for someone who knows what they are talking about.
  3. I know the two are bolt 455 and semi auto 512. I'm looking to see if there is anyone who has experience with either or both. I'm finally flush with cash and looking to invest... Or just enough to afford one, potaTOE/poTAtoe. I've been having a tough time deciding of bolt or semi. I know that bolt with help with discipline and should be more accurate but the ease of a semi is appealing, plus home defense in a pinch. I may be be trying to balance too many things with that issue. To stay on track, opinions or first hand accounts of either rifle is appreciated. Or just plain old advice. Thanks guys.
  4. This thread brought up some things I was unaware of or misinterpreted. I didn't realize that whole point of the original posters question. I had thought the FPID was simply for purchases (hence the P) and not anything to do with possession of a handgun and/or long gun. i.e. my spouse/gf/buddy/brother driving my firearm in their car to meet me at the range would be illegal in the event they were found to have the firearm (accident, search, etc...) This problem has never occured but seems strange to me. since it isn't a license to possess a firearm.
  5. I have caught myself a few times carrying a knife into the NYC that could be opened with the "wrist flick" technique but was not spring assisted. I often wondered if the a police officer would know the law (which I'm still confused on at times). I think more knowledgeable legislation should be established. The only problem is that a knowledgeable person wouldn't be caught dead in office because they know it is a field of work only filled with stupidity. And really? combat knives? (yes, I know there is such a label) only designed for killing? Every knife can be used for such an act. That's why rounded edge knives were created (actual time frame I'm unsure of) in the late middle ages maybe, because someone was sick of their dinner guests stabbing each other. (I'm done using () in case you were wondering).
  6. What I have read from the police department's site, the chances of a carry license is about as good as getting one back in NJ. Being that they use the "justifiable need" style of saying "No, go F yourself". They specifically say that you would need written death threats, legal documents showing multi threats to you or actual assaults and that "living in a bad neighborhood" doesn't count. I want to inquire about it more to see if I would be denied the pistol license if I apply for the unrestricted license at the same time. I'll see what info I can find out about the references in respect to the legal ramifications or if they are just the departments own little addition. Yeah, apparently Suffolk wants 4 different, unrelated, non-LEO and non-LEO spouse references that have lived in Suffolk county itself and that have known you for at least a year. The thing that gets me about that is if I didn't have the option for a different arrangement I would have to forfeit my firearm to the police until I was approved for my license. Which, if you think about could be two years! I would be coming to a new area, not knowing anyone and without a license for NYS obviously. So, I would have to wait a year to get to know someone, then wait that year for the paperwork and approval. That is just insane to me. I wouldn't mind going to Alaska. There are a bunch of hoops to jump through if I were to move there during residency. I'd probably have to wait out the shit storm that is NY and NY firearm laws until I was able to get a job as an attending. I heard a horror story about NYC and firearms/carry license. Horror in the situation that prompted the person to get the license and horror in the restrictions they placed on it. Thanks everyone for the info (the websites are a good source) and condolences for being stuck in NY. Thanks for the rifle suggestions. I like to ask for different suggestions because for the last year I've been stuck on the CZ455. I still may get it but I don't want to ignore other options.
  7. Suffolk county. They split the duty between the police and the sheriff. I'm on the police side.
  8. No kidding but I'm not really able to. I matched into a residency for internal medicine and you are obligated to accept and attend. (at least one year)
  9. I'm moving to NY for work, no choice. I started looking into license process and I will never complain about NJ. (but at least it isn't NYC, got a story from the more than lovely woman helping that is just sheer nightmarish) Apparently it will cost, initially at least, over $95 and then whatever the heck their renewal process and costs are for the permit. They require 4! personal references that are legal residents of the county I will be living in, have known for at least 1 year (with further restrictions on relatives and your references relation to LEOs), and finally to make everything all better it could possibly take an entire year to get anything done. Even better, if I didn't have anyone to hold or keep the firearm I would have to "forfeit" to the police until I completed and was issued a pistol license. Aside from the taxes and the ridiculous gas prices these laws and restrictions were far worse than I thought. As condolences from you all I will accept suggestions of which .22lr rifle to purchase next and also suggestions for a scope ( want to target shoot 50y at first and 100y eventually)
  10. but that sounds like wayyyyyyy more fun. where on earth would you get something like that anyway... you know for science...
  11. I have looked at these. They look awesome and I have heard they perform great from the reviews I've read. Most seem out of my price range though.
  12. So, apparently I suck at the googling. Can't seem to find what I'm looking for online. That means I'm stuck with this lot... I recently got a blazer that will see some light weekend four wheeling. Given my friends and I don't know when to call it a day we end up leaving the trail in the dark. I want to get some lights to keep me from breaking the truck. Are those lights illegal in NJ? I assume it is illegal to run them on the roads but is it illegal to have them on the car at all? I can't seem to think of an instance that a car had them while driving because I never thought about it before. Also, if you are knowledgeable about said lights, got any suggestions? I don't need a 50" LED light bar that costs $2000 nor do I want junk. I am figuring just two lights on the front bumper to be run by a switch. I'd like to stay below $120 but can be persuaded up to absolute max of $150. I was looking at the Hella 500 Black Magic at the moment. Thanks guys. I'll stop keeping this short post from not being short now...
  13. Jag07

    Only one handgun

    FNX 45 Choice was easy...it is the only one I have...
  14. It was a cheap knife so I am guessing they sized the whole wrong. So, I'll need to go up in width I suppose. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look at ACE but first I'll have to find one near me. Right now I'm using the Lansky system which gives, IMO, a pretty sharp edge, but it not really ideal for my kitchen knives.
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