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  1. Rahway..he's got a beard and blonde hair
  2. Went there today and he didnt really have a large selection. Wasn't the worst customer service but he really didnt pay me much attention because these two cops were there.
  3. I went in today and was helped by a guy named Steve, and he was great. He really took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Very knowledgeable and I'm definitely purchasing my .45 from them.
  4. Does heritage work with you on the price? I plan on going sometime today to look at a .45
  5. I heard they want like $3000 and you have to take like 12 classes. That's like crazy expensive!
  6. I want to become an armed security guard but I don't know which security company's in NJ give you your "letter of need" in order to get your CCW and be able to carry for work. Any ideas ?
  7. I applied on like May 20th I just called Hillside police dept. this past thursday lady said all my stuff is back and I should get a call the beginning of this week to pick it up.
  8. Not trying to spend anything crazy but I wanna get one for home defense and I've never purchased one before. Any ideas?
  9. Stackz73


    My girlfriend and I went here in January of this year to shoot at the range and we had a great experience. The staff was very friendly and they even set us up with an instructor to show us how to shoot and operate the guns. I have to call and find out if they have this FNX .45 I'm looking for and how much. I definitely recommend them.
  10. I thought about those but most only hold 8-10 in the magazine where as the glock holds 13(I think) and the FNX holds 45 so id prefer the extra bullets.
  11. I'm kind of stuck between a glock 21 & the FNH FNX-45. Which one do you guys think is better? or is there another .45 handgun out there that you'd recommend instead?
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