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  1. I don't think I've seen it posted yet here, but some of you may know that mipafox posted in PAFOA as ungawa. He passed a couple weeks ago. http://forum.pafoa.org/showthread.php?t=327064 He had a knack for being able to liven up threads and was a true 2A advocate. RIP.
  2. I'll be there. I'm really "rusty" know. In NJ, I was a the range at least once a week and taking classes every 3 months or so. Now, I barely make it the range once a month and haven't taken any classes probably in 1.5 years.
  3. Is there more information than provided in the linked articles, because I didn't see anything about him reentering the nightclub with a gun. He was in an unsafe environment and armed himself. Are people here actually upset about that?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think 45Doll can legally carry in PA with an NH non-resident since he's a PA resident (albeit part-time)
  5. With the caveat that I'm not a professional, I've had to paint over many a dark colored wall and had no need for primer as long as you're using good paint. I use Sherwin Williams, mainly because a contractor account gives me about 40% off the retail price. I've had great results with both Superpaint (a 2 in 1 primer/paint) and also promar 200/400.
  6. I'm also carrying a 320sc with a 15 round extended mag. Only thing that annoys me are the factory night sights that shoot high (size 8 front, 6 rear). I bought a set of a new X-ray sights sized 6,6 and am hoping that'll fix the issue.
  7. boo

    What's missing

    Pocket gun, e.g. Ruger Lcp or airweight j-frame
  8. If you can't swing the membership fees, just do Bullet hole. They may not be as warm and cuddly as the other ranges, but I've never had an issue. Even as a former GFH gold member, I'd often do 1/2 hrs at BH when I didn't feel like dealing with weekend crowds.
  9. As others have alluded, it's not about finding her the right gun, it's about getting her comfortable with guns. I could very well have been posing the same question as OP a couple years ago with respect to Mrs. boo. She was anti-gun and initially threatened to leave me if got one. While she still isn't into shooting, she no longer bats an eye when I'm holstering up and I nearly fainted last weekend when she suggested that we go shooting sometime. It's been a long journey to get to that point. I first got her to take a SAW intro to handgun course at GFH as a birthday gift to me. While it didn't seem to trigger an interest in shooting, it did make her a bit more comfortable around guns and it made her open to the idea of having my 686 revolver available when I'd go out of town on business (she reported multiple malfunctions shooting a 9mm semi-auto during the class, I assume due to limp-wristing). After moving here to America, I dragged her into the sheriff's office for her to get an LTCF. I explained to her that my purpose was for her to avoid trouble if I leave guns in the trunk while she takes the car, but I was just laying the groundwork for her future gun ownership. I think she was surprised when the people waiting to get their permits looked "normal" and the person in front of her in line was a doctor. She was expecting a room full of degenerates, but it dawned on her that it's okay for law-abiding people to want to carry a gun and criminals generally don't apply for permits. I think the final push came recently as she's befriended the mother of our daughters classmate in elementary school, who happens to be Federal LEO. Guns apparently have been a topic of discussion and she's apparently a proponent of gun ownership. While Mrs. boo probably isn't going to be camping out in front of Cabelas for Black Friday any time soon, she now finally recognizes the need to at least be proficient for that worst case situation.
  10. By coincidence, I happen to know persons here in PA who are very close to the situation. As I understand, the actual order of events leading to the arrest are slightly different than presented and make a bit more "sense" in the corrected order. But details on her treatment are correct and still outrageous. I'm so glad I left Jersey. I can't believe that with all the work NJ2AS and Alex Roubian are putting into restoring the rights of NJ gun owners and they still have to put up with all this skepticism and hostility. It's a damn shame.
  11. Watch out for ticks. Wear pantyhose, long-sleeve skin tight top, and spray down your outer layer with permethrin. On my few hunting attempts, those are all I've been successful in finding (or they were successful in finding me, I should say). Be very mindful of wind direction when urinating.
  12. How about frangible ammo? Takes care of over penetration, but I don't know what you sacrifice in terms of effectiveness. Lehigh Defense Extreme Penetrator supposedly creates a larger wound cavity than FMJ without having a hollow point or expanding. From what I recall in youtube videos, penetration is comparable to FMJ. They aren't cheap and given their unusual shape I'd test extensively before using in a CCW gun. I know there's a youtube video of someone testing them in .380 and they were very malfunction prone. I'd feel more comfortable using them in a revolver. And there are no laws in PA or DE that involve CCW with hollow points.
  13. I carry a Shield mag in a cell phone belt clip pouch I picked up for just a few bucks.
  14. Lums Pond State Park Is kind of nice if you like outdoors. Has outdoor activities including a lake with boat rentals. Note there's a county ordinance prohibiting guns in parks despite state preemption. Kathys crab house in Delaware City is open carry friendly. The Riverfront section of Wilmington is nice, just don't stray inland to downtown or you'll get shot.
  15. This. I initially found it to be flippy. It sat in my safe and came close to selling it. I put on Talon grips and it completely changed to become a favorite. I only have it on the right side of the grip, otherwise it scrapes your skin raw when carrying IWB at 4-5 o'clock.
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