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  1. Jackson is 3 months minimum. They want you fingerprinted every 2 years and will only give you 3 permits.
  2. Always very high prices and no inventory at Pineland in Jackson.
  3. I wipe all my guns down with Barricade. Works great.
  4. I purchased a couple of handguns and consigned a long gun. All transactions were smooth. Great place to do business with.
  5. Good luck to all on the new shop.
  6. Gene always seems to come up with what I need. Great place to do business.
  7. Guns & Roses in Toms River always gets in some used guns from the nearby retirement communities. I always stop in to see what has arrived.
  8. Agreed we should all question the BOD when we believe there is any improper use of funds or for any other matter. I was at numerous meetings last year when Walt invited George to air his issues in front of the members. George declined to stand up. I would think if Walt or the BOD really had anything to hide this would not have happened and they would have tried to sweep it under the rug. I really don't know but that is my opinion. In any case I am sure that sometime in the near future everything will come out and we will finally learn if the BOD was guilty or if George is blowing smoke. Wait and see time. While all the squabbling is going on I am going to continue to shoot and enjoy our range.
  9. Seems like the only problem is a disgruntled member making false accusations. There aren't any apparent problems at the club itself. A great place to shoot any day.
  10. Well I guess that anything would be good for you. Did you go to school? Did you graduate? Somewhere along the line I believe you must have had some type of reading comprehension. Do you make things up? Nobody had their credibility challenged. Only facts were stated. I did some checking today and if enough people step up the match will go on. Yes George was instrumental in starting the match but now he is also responsible for its demise.
  11. Any caliber up to 45. For 22 they are set at the back of the tables.
  12. Pin shoots are still on. First Saturdays through October.
  13. NuclearHeli is not the match director. He is only a co director. I wouldn't put any stock in anything that is said unless it comes from the director.
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