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  1. Oh. Well I don't think that I'll get close enough to shoot these birds in the back either It looks like a DIY solution (not sayin which) is my best bet at his point.
  2. I just googled that. I see Colibri butane lighters and cigar cutters. I don't think I can get close enough to these birds in order to BBQ them or cut their heads off
  3. It's not that I "think that I need head shots". It's my actual experience that proves this. I've seen (and heard) the hits. But the Red Ryder has not killed - or even noticeably injured - the pigeons that I've dealt with (aside from the one headshot). Otherwise I wouldn't be here asking for advice on other options. Whatever. I'm a jarhead. So I think I know my way around a rifle and a target. So if you don't want to believe my empirical experience, then don't. I already explained that I can't use anything louder than this little Red Ryder. And I've already explained that I don't want to use poison. So move on to another thread if my stated experience thus far does not ping your own understanding of the situation.
  4. I find that the hawk tends to pounce on Junco's most of the time. Followed by Mourning Doves and then Blue Jays. The pigeons are very skittish and quicker than you'd actually think. I suspect that the pigeon that the hawk had gotten was one of those that I had previously injured. Because unless you get 'em in the head, they seem to take the hit and then fly away. At least that's my experience with the lever-cocking bb gun that I have. I've seen the hits, but aside from the headshot, they always fly away. And since it's not my intention to shoot to injure, I was hoping to find a more immediately lethal solution. Those birds are big, and the Daisy simply ain't cuttin it.
  5. Ok thanks for the info. That wasn't my understanding, but you obviously have a knowledge of the situation that I do not have. And of course we can't hunt disgusting pigeons.... this is NJ. What was I thinking?!?!?! Anyway..... I won't hunt anything. I'll just treat 'trespassers' as trespassers instead. (this state blows!)
  6. Of course they are. Silly me for thinking like a free man. Thanks for the info before I created a new thread on slingshots.
  7. Actually they are being fed. Well not the pigeons specifically, but birds in general. My neighbor has feeders in his backyard and I have feeders and a small pond in my backyard. So it's a veritable wildlife sanctuary here (residential style)...... which is what draws the hawk to visit regularly. Unfortunately the hawk is non-selective when it comes to which bird it kills/eats. Btw, the neighbors own birds (the large squawky kind), so I need to be able to do my deeds within the confines of my fenced-in yard or else they will get butt-hurt and call the authorities. Therefore I need to be pretty "quiet" about it.
  8. Hmmm.... maybe I'll need to start a separate topic for slingshot recommendations.
  9. Yeah, I already got one of those. So far the hawk and I are tied at 1 pigeon apiece. Although in all fairness to the hawk, it's taken out many other species of birds in the interim. The hawk isn't species specific, but I am.
  10. Pigeons aren't a protected species. They are considered an invasive species. I'm uncertain as to the exact letter of the law, but I'm of the understanding that they are considered legal game that require no licence or permit. As for where they can be exterminated, well, that's a different story. but I'm pretty well sure that a residential backyard is off-limits for any kind of BB gun + discharge in the state of NJ. Therefore it appears that the rather loud .177 is a non-option for me in spite of the legality/illegality of pigeon protection. I would need something no louder than a BB gun.
  11. Could you be a bit more vague?? ; ) Btw, I don't think that a pellet gun is going to be any more effective than steel bb's. Pigeons are HUGE! I want to drop the bird at the site, not just use it for target practice.
  12. Over the past several years I've witnessed a few stray pigeons turn into a extremely large flock of pigeons. I'd like to reverse that trend. Does anyone have any advice as to how to accomplish this within a fenced-in residential setting? I know that the Red Ryder bb gun won't do it - except with a perfectly placed head-shot, which is a low-percentage proposition since these darned pigeons bounce their heads around too unpredictably. Therefore a deadly/debilitating body-blow is the best option. A slingshot maybe? If so, any suggestions on a brand/model? Small inexpensive bow? Any other suggestions (other than poison or a claymore) I'm looking at a range of about 30 feet (+/-). And I'm not looking to maim and injure (which would result in a slow death). I want a one shot one kill(*) method.... within a fenced-in residential setting - so a "quiet" method is a must (which eliminates the AR, unfortunately : P ). Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. (*) If not an instant/quick kill, then at least a heavily debilitating blow that would allow me to finish it off at the site where it was impacted. In other words: no chance of "flying away" once hit.
  13. Buy a Glock. Take it completely apart. Put it back together again. Save BIG $ while getting the satisfaction of 'building' your own
  14. Imagine a league where your team would have gone 12 - 3 this week. (your team did outscore 12 other teams, right?) And yet your team is saddled with a loss, while so many other lower-scoring teams get an undeserved win based on nothing more than an arbitrary schedule. Just sayin.
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