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  1. Recoil or muzzle flip? I have a 16" mid length and I've been trying to control muzzle flip and went with a H buffer with a new buffer spring that's supposedly better. I have a Levang muzzle brake so if the H buffer doesn't help, I'll probably get a new brake installed. Sucks I can't try a few before pinning it and have to rely on reviews on the net. I have a Spike's Dynacomp for my new 14.5" build but thought about installing it on my 16".
  2. When I was shopping for a new charging handle, the best prices I could find on the BCM CH's was $40 while the Raptor was $75. I've handled the BCM but haven't tried the Raptor but after looking at youtube videos and all the reviews, I decided to get one knowing I could probably sell it off easily if I didn't like it. It's a keeper.
  3. Anyone that doesn't have a Raptor hasn't tried one or is saving up for one. It's not cheap (2x bcm CH's) but definitely worth it.
  4. They're no longer made and they have no plans to make more in the future from what I heard/read.
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