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  1. Congressman Tom MacArthur is a supporter of the bill. Please take the time to contact his office and ask him to become a co-sponsor... Burlington County Office - 856-267-5182 Ocean County Office - 732-569-6495 Washington DC Office - 202-225-4765
  2. :-) Probably... Seems to me between arguments like this (totally different approach bringing discrimination into the mix), national reciprocity (hopefully passed soon), and a REAL SCOTUS once the new Pres gets to confirm his pick(s), states like NJ, CA, HI, and MD will lose this battle finally! At least it's cause for optimism that we can force the loony politicians entrenched in these states to truly recognize the constitution... We'll see...
  3. Anyone heard of this? Apparently it's out of Englewood NJ and takes a different angle on 2nd amendment rights citing gun regulations rooted in slavery. Wonder if SCOTUS will grant the writ of certiorari and actually hear the case?
  4. http://freebeacon.com/issues/national-reciprocity-bill-will-apply-non-resident-gun-carry-permits/ Hudson confirms this bill will apply to all permits (resident and non-resident)...
  5. I believe some version of national reciprocity will pass quickly after the new administration takes office. Once out of state permit holders are able to carry unrestricted, I don't think it will be too long before NJ and other restrictive states will have to comply. I imagine there will be an immediate flood of lawsuits once non-residents are able to carry in NJ but the state's OWN residents are still restricted! We'll see... I'm hopeful the Dems in Trenton will finally have to cave...
  6. Exactly my thoughts. It is my hope that whether one of these National reciprocity bills passes as is or are modified to accommodate the leftist states, the number of lawsuits filed if non residents are allowed to carry here but NOT our own law abiding NJ residents would be enormous! The loony left legislature would need to cave quickly or be pulled along kicking and screaming by the courts... At least, that is my hope!
  7. So if NJ residents have a non resident permit from any other state, we would be legal in NJ? THAT would be something!
  8. I've read a few different takes on the proposed Hudson bill being drafted for the new administration. Some say there is no residency requirement and it would cover any state issued permit to carry, others say you'd need a valid permit from your residency state. Does anyone know how it would treat states like NJ where "may issue" is the law but where in reality, residents have no chance of getting a permit?
  9. Sadly, moving is not an option for many of us due to a variety of reasons. On the bright side, NJ gun ownership has risen dramatically over the past few years. There are over 1.1 million gun owners in NJ, approx. 12.5% of the population of 9 million. Many of our family and friends, who never even thought about owning a weapon, have become owners or applied to get their permit. As more people in NJ realize weapons are not taboo, they'll (hopefully) create enough pressure to vote out these crazy politicians! This is especially true for the large minority communities in many sections of NJ (who most of these insane gun laws were written to target). If those communities would realize the laws are basically written to keep guns OUT of their hands, the political pressure would be enormous and our laws would change very quickly!
  10. Cinnaminson NJ Applied for a FID address change and handgun PTP 8/22/14 Received 10/16/14 55 days. No new fingerprints required. I did visit 2x and the local PD was not able to give me a clear update. Emailed the Mayor on Tuesday, paperwork was completed today. Not sure if TWNSHP or State was the holdup...
  11. Contact the Governor's office at 609-292-6000 to ask for veto of these bills... S2723 A3659 A3687 A3797 A3717 Also, go to the NJ legislature website, click on Bills 2012-2013, then click on Voting Record, and see how your reps voted to protect (or NOT) your 2A rights! You may be surprised...
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