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  1. old ammoland article discussing vulnerable senate Dems who may vote "Yes" Ammoland article from March discussing Dems in the senate who may vote "Yes" .... " A similar national reciprocity bill was put forward by Senator Cornyn in 2013. It came within 3 votes of overcoming the Senate fillibuster. 57 senators voted for it, 43 against it. After the 2016 election, that number should have switched to 58, assuming that all Republicans vote for the bill, and all Democrats who voter for it before will still vote for it. "
  2. Though I believe the Dems can filibuster it in the senate, stalling and not letting it come to a vote unless they get 60 votes. Or there is always the 'nuclear" option. Change senate rules so you only need a simple majority. Or they can attempt to attach it to another piece of 'must pass' legislation like the budget...
  3. I'm officially old .. "I'm enjoying watching C-Span"... Up until an hour ago I didn't even know what channel was C-Span... Seems most of the people calling in are for the bill.
  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that this passes in the senate. At least there are 8 democratic senators up for re-election in 2018 in states that Trump won handily last year. PLUS it looks like Al Franken(stein) will be resigning on Thursday. Any ideas if that seat could be filled by a R? I realize the CCW bill still has a looooong way to go... But I'm thinking the air in NJ is smelling a little fresher and freer this afternoon.
  5. NJ.com doesn't seem to like the legislation ? ;-) From NJ.com "House Republicans seek to weaken N.J. gun control after Las Vegas, Texas massacres "
  6. Support it or not, bottom line is people in NJ gain if the combined bill goes through and people in Free America lose as they will now be subjected to more "common sense' gun regulation. As someone pointed out most everything in fixNICS is already applicable to NJ residents, so no loss there. If NJ residents can now protect themselves outside their homes with a FLA or Utah CCW it is a net gain. People in Free America gain only if for some strange reason the want to visit NJ (sarcasm). Im sure the residents of Free America will not be happy with this 'trade' and will want NJ residents to 'get their own house in order'. As someone else pointed out other than contacting our legislators (which in most cases) has minimal effect what we say on this forum won't affect the outcome or whether they combine the bills... No matter what the outcome, it is the closest NJ residents have come to having some of their rights restored since Drake and Perutta...
  7. Feds urge US military members to scrub social media accounts over ISIS attack concernshttp://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/12/01/feds-urge-service-members-to-scrub-social-media-accounts-to-thwart-islamic/
  8. What is the best route for obtaining the necessary cert? Thanks!
  9. Been wanting to check out Clinton WMA for 22 plinking... 1) How / where can I get the required hunting licensce? 2) When are good times to go? Thanks!
  10. It looks like the PA House Judiciary committee has a meeting scheduled for 7/27/14. Any idea if they'll be voting on 2398 at that time? http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/cteeInfo/Index.cfm?CteeBody=H&Code=24
  11. What about paragraph (ii) below? Even if the bill passes can't the PA AG simply say the laws are not similar? ____________________________________________________________ provided: (i) The state provides a reciprocal privilege for individuals licensed to carry firearms under section 6109. (ii) The Attorney General has determined that the firearm laws of the state are similar to the firearm laws of this Commonwealth.]
  12. So if I'm going to PA overnight and have a UTAH non-resident I can currently carry in my car and lock everything in my car overnight in PA and be 100% GTG?
  13. This stuff looks lethal. Not sure I'd use a product in PRNJ with R.I.P. right on the box... It seems to have great penetration. I realize looks do not matter but this thing "looks" deadly. OB http://g2rip.com
  14. Is there any chance we can ever vote out a change in our lifetimes or is escape from nj the only option ?
  15. Thanks for the quick replies! Is there much difference in recoil and accuracy as opposed to shooting 40 ?
  16. Anyone have any experience using a Lone Wolf conversion barrel ? Are there any local places (North / Central) Jersey that stocks them or do I need to mail order it? Thanks! OB
  17. I see the antis can make regulations tougher locally such as NYC which has tougher laws than NY state. Why can''t the opposite happen? That being said even before Peruta some cities in California issued CCW llicenses. NY also has some CCW friendly counties as well. Why can't some of NJ's more 2A friendly counties act more as shall issue rather than may issue? Why don't we try and get a ccw referundum on the ballot on a county / state level? Is this someething the NRA / 2A groups could champion? Cumberland, Salem, Morris, Sussex and Warren counties would proabably be in favorite of it.
  18. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/05/14/Second-Amendment-Drama-at-the-Supreme-Court-and-2016-Election
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    Thanks for the quick reply / info!
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    I'm thinking of joining EFGA the next time I can get a weekday off. Can I simply go to Heritage Guild , join / pay and head directly to the range ? Also are target stands provided ? Thanks OB
  21. I would think the NRA won't accept Weinsten's "deal". Are we going to give up more rights at just the threat / promise of legislation now? Like the antis - we need to not give an inch. Is this "deal" any better than the one to define in VERY LIMITED instances what acceptable deviation is for the 10 rd mag limit?
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