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  1. My new supervisor basically forced me out. My girl got transferred there 1 yr ago and I've been flying back and forth since then. I've been in the construction field residential ,commercial for over 20 yrs. I am packing my truck up and going. The Houston area is booming with work.
  2. The reason I asked is some states allow to carry loaded in glove box while others do not. Every time I GOOGLED transport fire arm from nj to Texas all I get is dont do it in nj. I just needed a quick answer not some smart sad response. It seems Virginia is the only state I can have it in my glove box all the others I have to keep it locked up.
  3. Goin thru pennsylvania , Virginia , Tennessee , Louisiana
  4. I'm moving to Texas I'll be driving there. What are the states I'll be traveling thru laws regarding hand guns. I know once I get to TX I can have in my center console but what about the other states.
  5. i fly out of newark at least 2-3 times a month and never encountered a problem. I have been doing this for the last 8 months. I usually bring my G19, G23, G30s to Texas plus ammo and extra mags. glock cases with a pad lock on them (non TSA) and i use the factory c lock orange cable to secure it to my luggage.
  6. IMO that's the reason the democrats in this state keep postponing the magazine limiting bill They are waiting to see if the laws are overturned and will allow ccw in this state If ccw is allowe I'm sure we will be similar to ny state laws
  7. Very respectfultold the lady I have a unloaded hand gun with ammo in bag she said no problem please wait right here With in two minutes they were there to accommodate me took my bag came out and said ur good and with in 5 min I was online goin toy plane
  8. Can I keep mags in the case loaded or do the mags have to be unloaded???
  9. Thanks guys I'll go buy some more locks tomorrow flyin out of Newark to Texas I really appreciate it
  10. I'm flying to Texas on Thursday morning I read most of the posts in this thread more confused as ever I want to bring my hand gun It will be in a locked case with lock How do I bring ammo???? Also what is the procedure I'm flying united airlines
  11. Any one know any one reliable in Houston Texas I have a a friend of mine who moved out there recently and need a recommendation for a florist and want to send her flowers and a bottle wine
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