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  1. I read that online somewhere but not sure if it's really true. if true, why is that....
  2. wow, call PD back & tell em you want to change that from 1 to 3 permits. who cares if you waste the paperwork. it's only 2 bucks a piece.
  3. It's a good sign if the target disappeared. I would install motion external cameras or one running 24x7 to a hard drive to record everything. Cameras let your neighbors know you are watching them when you're not home. When dealing with neighbors, I find that they are mostly thinking about their own interests, even when they are knowingly or unknowingly violating your rights.
  4. fantastic video, dude. that dude doing the intro has dracula eyes!
  5. not sure if an exploding round is fatal from a few feet. there's no barrel to contain the force. you may get fragments in your eyes or something if it ever goes off. any reports of someone dying from an exploding round thrown into the fire?
  6. yeah I've seen teens on youtube shooting from the back of their decks & patios in some hick state. good luck letting your kids play in the backyard. good luck letting your pets roam free. good luck with your well water. LEAD us know...
  7. just join the police force. they let you shoot anywhere.
  8. maksim is right 45 acp is expensive. you'll be happy with another caliber. the variety
  9. Ammo probably costs more than your pistol in the long run, short run.... Check out the Sig website. Tons of choices. If you like DA/SA like 92FS, you'll like Sigs. Except there's no safeties but you do get a decocker on many
  10. full rail a hammer what else you need?
  11. do a lot of seals really use 1911s these days? limited mag capacity, kinda heavy. is it just for commemorative purposes? just wondering...
  12. you are a psychic! ditto
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