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  1. Did I put this in the wrong forum? SOrry if I did Admin!
  2. Funny, my wife was always anti till the last year or so. Well saturday my father-in-law (visiting from Seattle) and I took her to The Gun Range in Philly. She had a blast! We went through about 200 rounds and man she couldn't shoot enough! LOL She was all smile afterward, and hell @ $190 for a family of 4 and only 20 mins from my house we're going to probably join. Great place and felt comfortable there which made it easy on her, they were accomodating too. Thumbs up! Now, to build my AR and teach her to shoot that. I'm going to get her and my sons (7 and 17) NRA safety classes and get them shooting my 22LR. Happy new Year! Pete
  3. Love that deal, I'll have to jump on it although I have a couple I know that own a cigar shop ... I'll have to hit them up first. It's probably worth it for the humidor though. Personally and thats the key word when it comes to cigars.. i love Arturo Fuente's.. love them! I even bought some scrappers that they sell with no lable but ar in plastic for like $2.00 they were amazing! My buddy was like WTH kind of cigar was that and I told him, he couldn't believe that for $2.00 you got such a great smoke! -P
  4. Saw the same picture on Crackbook this morning... not saying it's not possible, some people like to bring home "pets" that aren't pets. "Oh it was cute till it tried to eat my kids..." -P
  5. Yes, to my .22 Rifle but she doesn't know where the keys to lock or the ammo is.. No to my P.38 or my Sig, she doesn't know about them.. not until she gets training. -P
  6. I live in Marlton, and I saw one last night looked like a fireball of sorts.. pretty awesome! -P
  7. Ok for the record I love the R8 and S8, but as far as American Muscle I like it. I mean don't get me wrong, I'd prefer a simple Astan Martin for that matter I love the Audi's! In reality though, I'd like a car that can get me out of my neighborhood without breaking down ... GD Honda Civic .. -P
  8. Meause 4x, and prepare to have to cut multiple times. As a professional amateur hack, I have found that I get very very anal about the cuts.. remember esepcially with the island quarter round and trim are your friend . -P
  9. Solid State amps are bad news! I had 2 that I bought new, both went in a matter of days! I have a Line6 Bogner Spider 40w amp (Bogner Tube amp with the Line 6 built in Effects) it rocks and is loud as all hell! If it goes, I'll save for a Mesa and Fender Tweed. -P
  10. I'm looking low end at this point LOL. I'm trying to sell one of my Guitars to possibly flip for a Bass. PM me.. thanks! -P
  11. @RedBow, I work in Pomona by the AC Airport (FAA) but live in Marlton. Look @CL for an amp, I've found some great deals on CL on amps. -p
  12. http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1087175_equus-bass-770-muscle-car-chimera Bad A$$ American Muscle! -P
  13. My oldest lives in California with my Ex and she's in her 2nd year doing the CC thing, she'll benefit because the Cali college plan is amazing. My step-daughter jus started at Rutgers, and well it's going to cost at this current rate approx $120k minimum. Sadly her father's a F*Knut and is barely contributing and won't send her money to help her out month to month. Burden on my wife and I.. (I will tap this mf'er out next time I see him, bs'er .. long story). My son's a senior here @Cherokee in Marlton, and we're hoping he can get some assistance from his cross country and track stuff (praying to say the least) and if not well he'll goto BCC. My son Jack (7), we're going to start th 529 sooner than later... The worst part is IT DOESN'T MATTER! 55% of the jobs in this country are less than 36k a year, and kids coming out of college will be working at the mall cause the job market is so bad! My oldest is going for Film Study ..yikes I know!!!!!.. my daughter at Rutgers is going for Dietetics (I suggested premed, but you know 18 year olds they know everything about everything).. my son Carlo (17) seems to get it! He's already coding and hoping to goto school for Computer Science or go my route and do the military. It's a scary scary world out there right now, VERY scary! My
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