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  1. I am wondering how this would work on a ak platform... my buddy in the city wants a ak bad... hmmm
  2. I carry speer gold dot 230 grain everyday in my duty weapon. Hope it helps
  3. I agree. I didnt move my mags higher though. I got a kydex double mag holder that sits at the 4 oclock position by TAG tactical and when I am prone i utilize them.
  4. They finally emailed me back and are sending next day shipping and a 25% off coupon.... not to bad will be here tomorrow
  5. The issue is that regardless of age or time frame they will always hold it against you. My buddy was 12 and his mom dropped him off at rwj saying he wanted to kill himself... his dad came and grabbed him 3 hours later... and now hes screwed.. his dept didnt care but under the mental health reform hes fucked.
  6. Contact thr adjuster where you got treatment. My buddies happened when he was 12 and hes a leo and was still denied... so take that to thought also
  7. Fyi if the county adjuster says yes you do have records then it will come up with a nics check. And even if you have that doctors note the chief can still deny for public safety. Thats per trooper Kelly at the NJSP firearms unit.
  8. You absolutely can have an expungment of a mental health record. http://www.njexpungements.com/mentalhealthrecords.php i sat in the court room when my buddies was denied. Now he is appealing the decision. A doctors note will get you your fid/pp but you cant buy from a dealer. Only private purchases. Call a lawyer and get a real answer... to many clueless people here. He used Jef Henninger and the expungement cost 2000 bucks and thr psych for the eval was 900. Just for the denial Hope I.helped
  9. Not really.. i guess I can see if my parents can swing by and get it. Fyi still hasn't shipped
  10. In order to answer no to the mental health questions... you need to get an expungment. Only way to find out if you have anything on file besides gettings a nics denial is to contact the county administrator in the county you were seen in and see if they have anything on you. Trust me my huddy is doing an expungment now
  11. No I dont "need" it at all. Its more of a want. The issue is I leave for vacation monday and wont be home for 9 days. I would be fine if they would delay shipping but I cant even get through to do that. Just like PSA horrible customer service.
  12. I ordered black, sent a email friday no answer called not to long ago, got through then put on hold while they were locating my order.... 15 minutes on hold later I gave up. Only thing im happy about is they havent taken the money from my account yet... 1 more day and I guess ill cancel my order.
  13. Here are plates a few people I know run. Pricey as hell but look at the weight on them and what they can stop. http://www.midwestarmor.com/body-armor/mass-iii also remember you want a soft set of armor to sit under your plates. Added level of protection and a buffer for impact.
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