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  1. I use small plastic wall anchors in my revolver. Dirt cheap and you can get them at any hardware store. For testing function on semi-autos I use Tipton 22lr snap caps. They are more rigid plastic but seem to work fine. Every now and then I get one that I need to sand an edge or something so it cycles correctly but they work pretty good overall and aren’t too pricey. -Jim
  2. Can I ask why? I am not using either ( I use Lee but I only do maybe 50 an hour and that is sufficient for me currently) but I have thought about moving to Dillon a few times as well. Thanks -Jim
  3. .95 for me but I remember getting below .90 a lot back in the late 80's. -Jim
  4. Old post I know but I just put in an order for a couple of pairs of their regular fit industrial blue. They are on sale for 15% off if anyone wants to try out the brand. -Jim
  5. I use on on a 22 pistol, works fine. I am still using the same battery from new 4 years ago. Though in fairness I have a few 22s so it isn't in constant use but it is in the rotation. -Jim
  6. What, the polling his team did said his stance in 2019 cost him the election and they suggested he use one of his other faces and talk out of that side instead. Normal political practice... </sarc> -Jim
  7. I don't consider what I do "prepping" with all the weird TV shows folks and those acting like they are waiting for the zombie apocalypse. It's more like I've been though several large hurricanes, 9/11, more power outages, flooding, etc and I am taking prudent actions to ensure my family is able to live though those sorts of events. I am doubtful that anywhere in the tri-state area we would have a WROL event that would last more than a few days to a week until the feds came in full force and locked everything down. The only way that doesn't happen is if we are in a full blown North American land war and at that point all bets are off as to how long even the most ardent prepper in NJ would be able to hold on to what they have. That said, making sure we have heat/food/water/power for a week or two without the grid or stable outside grocery or fuel sources just seems like something any reasonable person would/should do to reduce the effects of any storm, flood or other event that causes major disruption. Having stock for longer periods or more people can only be helpful as in a short term events like flooding or hurricane, which are the likely scenarios, there will likely be others around you that need assistance. In that sort of scenario, you take care of your neighbors. I hate these guys that act like they are going to hid in a spider hole for 30 years until the radiation dies down or something and come out into Zardoz
  8. Yeah but 20lbs are easy to move and swapped out at every hardware store and some grocery stores so easier overall than 100lb tanks. I have 40 lb tanks on my RV and tend to swap them out with 20lb all the time because it's easier to carry and get them at home depot or wherever then going to get the larger tanks filled. -Jim
  9. Don’t know about a lot of this but for portable gen I am looking at dual fuel to replace my smaller Predator gas gen. Propane has a much longer shelf life than gas, most of the time the generator is listed at longer run times to a 20lb gas can than the onboard gas tanks on the generator and it’s a cleaner fuel as far as no spills, no smoke, less fumes, etc. You do lose some wattage going with propane but to me that 5 % loss is more than covered by the benefits. Going dual or tri fuel you also get the option to use whatever is available as well and some even auto-sense the fuel so you can have a tank of gas and a tank of propane attached and when propane runs out, it starts to pull gas to keep going. You could also chain a couple of propane tanks with a tank switch to double the run time between tank swaps. Going for an inverter type has some benefits too in noise. Usually you can’t do whole home from a single unit with inverter gens ( though some new ones are 9000w or so) but you usually get the option to buy two smaller ones and interlink them. This gives the option to buy one 4000w now and another at a later time when money permits. … something to think about if you are buying a new generator. -Jim
  10. I’ve been thinking about these lately. Not sure if anyone has used them but they aren’t hollow points and are made as a defensive round. I need to do some research on them though… https://www.underwoodammo.com/9mm-luger-90gr-xtreme-defender-solid-monolithic-self-defense-ammo-815-1.html
  11. You’ll like it. I have a Henry golden boy and it is a lot of fun. Sometimes I take it out just to look at it it’s so cool
  12. It was mandatory to do one of three things, convert them, get them out of the state or turn them in. From what I have read they had 0 people turn them in so I guess everyone did one of the other two options or there was a huge boating accident. Let's have a moment of silence for all those magazines lost at sea
  13. X-Five is super sweet. My last purchase came down to that or a Walther PPQ 5 inch. I ended up getting the PPQ which is probably the most natural pointing pistol I have ever tried. It is amazing so I don’t ever regret buying it but I still think about the X-five. I would also suggest you check out a CZ 75 of some sort. I often have a toss up between the PPQ and my CZ75 sp01 as to which is my best. They are both very well made and accurate shooters. I usually give the nod the the Walther because it is pretty much perfect for me out of the box. I bought tritium sights for it but haven’t gotten around to putting them on yet because I just shoot that gun so well with the stock sights that I’m afraid to screw with it. -Jim
  14. Unfortunately I just heard that the UK’s top shooter Amber Hill is not going to be able to compete as she tested positive for COVID. It’s a shame, strong competition always brings out the best during the Olympics… -Jim
  15. Meh, take out suicides and drug/gang related shootings and as a country we have less gun related issues than the EU, that is the reality. Fix the issues with the gangs and drugs and figure out how to help people who want to kill themselves and we get rid of 95% of the issue but that doesn’t push the narrative so we can’t do that.
  16. I can actually tell you where this came from, point 13 on this page on the state police website https://www.nj.gov/njsp/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml Previously they mentioned that those types listed were legal for home defense but they don’t say that now, just that the ones listed aren’t hollow points by the State police standards. Doesn’t mean the Judiciary won’t though... as we see with the security guard recently charged for having critical duty in his work gun. -Jim
  17. I’ve been doing laser training more lately too. I can probably stretch my ammo supplies/budget with more with laser/dryfire training and more focused live fire training to use less ammo for training while still keeping/working on skills. At least that’s my plan -Jim
  18. I don’t need anything really but I was checking prices this morning. 38 special is averaging $2 a round FMJ, 357 mag is all over the place from $2 - $8 per round 9mm and 45acp prices (when you can find them) are just crazy. $1.50 and up a round for 9mm and $2 and up a round for 45 acp. Even the off calibers like 41 mag and 32 acp are starting to get some wacky pricing. Anyone just getting into it now is in for a shock... -Jim
  19. Yeah, like everyone has said, prices are high but you can get equipment, it’s consumables that are really hard to find and stupidly expensive right now. Pistol primers in particular are super unavailable and when they come up in the market they are just insane on the pricing. I see some rifle primers come up more often but still pretty rare in the last 6 months... -Jim
  20. Not holding my breath on this happening. A better question is- How soon until the rest of the US is feeling NJ’s pain? If the Republicans lose in GA, one of the first things Dems are going to do is pass all the anti-gun crap Bloomberg paid for. It’s easier for them to go after us than fix all the problems that take real thought and effort. We’ve seen that here in NJ for decades. Literally fiddling while Rome burns. NJ will never be able to dig itself out of it’s fiscal hole and the Federal government is just as bad. All this stuff is just distraction from the fact that they are all unable to fix any real issues. JMHO -Jim
  21. Look at the laws in those places, less guns means less need for reloading. They also are not in the middle of mass rioting and a contentious election. As to why they can’t ship to the US, thank the UN arms treaty that all these countries signed onto and I am sure Biden will try and get the US into if he can. -Jim
  22. One more for you. Sections e and f cover transport https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2019/title-2c/section-2c-39-6/
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