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  1. Thumps up for Howell Gun Works! Friendly, knowledgeable, honest; a great shop!
  2. How could this have happened? New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country!
  3. http://loadoutroom.com/12077/fbi-going-9mm-comes-science/
  4. Not good! Places to shoot keep getting harder to find and incidents like this just give so much fuel to the anti's.
  5. Everyone please vote. It at least will send some sort of message.
  6. Much better chance of getting concealed carry rather than open carry in New Jersey. A properly concealed weapon causes no fear, concern or alarm with the public; open carry would literally cause hysteria in a state with no prior history of it.
  7. If NJ ever becomes a "shall issue" state, that hollow point ban just has to go. It's the same logic, if you can carry a handgun for lawful self-defense, why should you be denied the most effective (and safest- reduced risk of over-penetration and ricochet) ammunition available. NJ cops carry it.
  8. New York City, like New Jersey, says there must be a "need" in order to get a carry permit. Seems like all "celebrities" have that need, as do all retired LEO's.
  9. I like pocket carry for CCW and home carry for the simple reason that the gun is always with you, and unobtrusive. Go to a different room in your home (even use the toilet!) and the gun is right there in your pocket. Of course a change in tactics is required when showering or in bed; but pocket carry at all other times has a lot going for it. Pocket carry a light weight J frame revolver in 38 Special and you're good to go! Carry a speed strip with extra ammo if it makes you feel better.
  10. The "gun show loophole" reminds me of "assault weapon"; just a lot of BS!
  11. Politicians are fond of saying that granting permits to retired leo's makes our communities safer, and they tell retired leo's that they must qualify twice a year, but are civilians now, have no law enforcement authority and can't carry hollow-point ammo. Seems like a contradiction to me.
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