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  1. Pretty good deal for $400
  2. I haven't ruled them out, the fit-up always seems questionable, but from what I've seen and read they seem good right out of the box with little to no break-in
  3. Time has come to purchase a new pistol and I'd like to get my hands on a decent 1911 in .45. I've tossed around the idea of getting a cheap RIA, Metro, or something of the like...but I cant help wanting the quality of a more well manufactured and out together pistol. I'd definitely like to keep the price under $1k, so I've been eyeing up the ruger sr series, Remington R1, Springfield mil-spec, and the colt govt. model. I would also ultimately like to keep the frame design as classic as possible so no rails or anything. Seems like most of these can be had for $800 or less. So my question is, anyone have any input? Likes, dislikes, stories, feedback, whatever! I'm all ears (or eyes)
  4. Raffle tickets....X dollars a piece...all proceeds go to family. You could instantly donate the funds on the gfm website.
  5. Jesus....just terrible. Open up your wallets ladies and gents. One of your own needs help. Tis the fucking season for giving!
  6. Dont get me wrong, I'd rather use oem as well (at a reasonable price) but at double the price of standard 15 round magazines, I'm gonna give the pmags a shot.
  7. You got their digits? I'll give 'em a call.
  8. Yeap. Got it. It wasn't showing my purchase so I thought I fucked it up. But it worked. Got $8.99 back from my purchase @ academy and got the $10 credit for signing up. I don't know why I've never done this before!? Now I just need to find a killer deal on 5.56/ .223, .45, and .22lr
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