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  1. Pistol grip looks sick how much was it? Do you have a part number?
  2. Not bad just a tad overpriced, but it is for a good cause
  3. On my way I drive a white explorer
  4. Be looking out for ya
  5. 8:30-9 for anyone that wants to show or missed the last one
  6. It's Staten Island not NYC, but I'll go with the op to shoot done trap
  7. Benelli nuff said!
  8. If your in your in come on out ill be out shooting with night prowler and lowslowmiata
  9. Been there and it's a bunch if great guys 2 thumbs up from me!
  10. Excellent choice Patrick! Excellent choice
  11. I don't shoot that crap, even though it's probably good to have a lil backup
  12. You should just stick to pa nuff said
  13. Probably skip this shoot cause of rain
  14. My bday is oct 26 and I'm a vet can I shoot free? Lol
  15. I use two safes one for firearms one for ammunition and Handload materials