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  1. Unfortunately, TN still has some snow in the Winter, so that would be a deal breaker for me. It's also little too close to "Tornado Alley." I'll stick with FL.
  2. If you're really into BBQ, there's a great place I discovered a little south of Chuck-Town just off I-95 in the town of Walterboro called Duke's BBQ. $13.00 all you can eat Buffet of some of the very best BBQ in the area. They are open Wed - Sat 11:00a - 9:00p and Sun 11:00a - 2:00p. If you choose to go on Sunday, get there as early as possible because the "Sunday Brunch" crew gets there right after Church and you may not even get near the place. https://dukes-barbecue.business.site/
  3. I've heard a 3 judge panel of the 9th circuit just overturned this... https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/01/20/9th-circuit-court-gun-store-covid-shutdowns-violated-constitution/ At least, for a little while, until it goes "en banc" and they re-instate it.
  4. Yep. Hilliard Fl is a nice area and there is also an AMTRAk stop there.
  5. Clay and Columbia Counties are also very good. I'm familiar with Fort White and the Columbia County seat of Lake City. It has eveyrthing you'd need.
  6. And not so far upstate, either. Dutchess county is pretty conservative. I once attended a meeting of the "Amenia Fish and Gun club," up in Amenia, NY. There are other spots around NY State that are just as liberal and anti-gun as is NYC. Consider Ithaca NY, home of Cornell U and Ithaca College. Also the area around the two counties that host the "Attica St. Prison," near Buffalo. This map is kinda old, but it tells the story... I'm amazed Ulster county is "Yellow" and not "Red" (home of the villiage of Woodstock).
  7. That, and I think that NY'ers have a much higher affinity to NYC than NJians do to NJ. They love it more than I think NJ'ans love NJ. I mean, how many Newark residents say the same things about Newark? I also think, in most cases, property taxes are much higher in NJ overall than NY State. Maybe not higher than NYC, but a lot higher than NY State.
  8. Trust me, you'll want "North" Florida. Anything north of I-4, except for Orlando and Jacksonville. Everywhere else incurs the risk of "progressives." We often joke that the "New South" ends at I-4. Some even say it's I-10, but....
  9. I just saw our own @gunforhire aka Anthony Colandro on Newsmax TV. He was providing color on the Rust Movie shooting and demonstrated why it was impossible for Alec Baldwin to claim what he had claimed. He used an SAO revolver to demonstrate. I agree with him. I think Mr. Baldwin is in some serious trouble. Good on ya Ant!
  10. I'm seeing a news blip on Newsmax that says that Sweeney has conceded to Mr. Durr. He cites a "red wave." Hmmmmmm.....
  11. The only thing is, the "Rs" we have are mostly RINOs. Not willing to fight for pro-2A, less govt., etc.etc.
  12. So do we (like DeSantis). And you can't have him until 2028. He needs to finish both of his terms as FL Gov.
  13. Not if too many liberals from NJ move down here and want to set up socialism, etc. etc. etc. And, trust me, there are enough FL legislators (many of the directly from NY/NJ) that would love to see that happen.... along with "The Rodent," FRF, etc. etc.....
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