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  1. Along with AR (Arkansas), LA (Louisiana) and FL (Florida) according to the link you cited.
  2. MSFT (Microsoft) has been paying steady quarterly dividends since 2003 or 2004. This includes a one time "special" dividend of $3.00 per share because they had so much cash on hand.
  3. FYI...If you turn 70 1/2 after 1/1/2020 the age where you have to take a required minimum distribution is now 72. For further info see: https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/plan-participant-employee/retirement-topics-required-minimum-distributions-rmds
  4. My Utah permit is coming up for renewal in August, so I'm curious how you submitted the picture. Can I just take an appropriately sized digital pic and send it to them? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for your "on point" reply. I'm searching for a 2A friendly, retiree friendly state to escape to.
  6. Just for my education (as I apologized for for my ignorance), are there any states near or around NJ that it is legal to carry a loaded long gun in a vehicle? (excluding special cases like handicapped hunters during hunting season)
  7. Why...yes I have seen a gun rack in the back of a pickup truck, but, in PA, if it was loaded it would be a crime (as per attorney Josh Prince...see https://blog.princelaw.com/2014/02/17/the-great-pennsylvanian-trunk-gun/) . In addition, according to Mr. Prince, it would violate the Uniform Firearms Act.
  8. Please forgive my ignorance, but is there anyplace in the US (and/or any situations) where "driving around with a loaded 'scattergun' in the backseat of a pickup truck" legal? At first blush, as described above, it's hard for me to consider this event as an innocent, inadvertent mistake that makes it deserving of my concern or support. In my judgement, there have been many cases in the the past that were worthy of concern on the part of NJ gun owners, but I'm not so sure of this one, as described.
  9. Just FYI... I went back to Bridgewater yesterday (7/15) and price is back up to $99.99, no instant coupon.
  10. The Costco in Bridgewater has the GunVault brand SpeedVault SV500 (with push button pad) for $99.99 - 40.00 instant coupon. Pretty good deal for $59.99 net. Costco, correctly, did NOT collect sales tax on this item.
  11. Regarding gout, I've been a gout victim for over 35 years. I always attributed it to quasi-genetics because most of my father's side of the family had it and none of us are/were grossly overweight or had particularly bad diets. For years I took allopurinol to reduce blood uric acid and indomethacin when I had a flare up. After years of on-again off-again attacks, I decided to try to tackle the issue head on. I reduced my intake of "rich foods" and drastically reduced my beer intake. I was never a heavy drinker, but I did enjoy a beer (or 2) after digging in the garden after work. I always got my worst attacks in the summer when I was more likely to become dehydrated, thus concentrating the uric acid. Also, my beer intake was higher in the summer. When I started to force myself to drink more water and added a tablespoon of "tart cherry juice" to each 12 oz glass of water, my gout episodes stopped. The cherry juice helps your body excrete uric acid. I've had so much success with this that I long ago stopped taking the allopurinol and never need the indomethacin anymore.
  12. After 30+ years of living in areas that frequently require access to backup power I offer the following observations: Regarding the difficulty of "floating" the neutral on a portable generator: I've owned 3 portable generators in my life. A Debillvis, a Generac and currently a Multiquip Wisperwatt. All of them were bonded to ground external of the generator head and each of them only required finding the wire (usually green) coming from the generator head that went to a generator chassis ground. Its easier if you have the schematic of the generator, but far from difficult if you know how to use an ohmmeter to verify that the neutral is floating from ground. (GENERATOR OFF!!!) Additionally, after you disconnect the bonding wire verify that attaching the transfer cord to the house does result in a neutral/ground bond at the generator outlets. (AGAIN...GENERATOR OFF). From an operational standpoint, you should connect the transfer cord before starting the generator to provide a proper equipment ground for the generator frame at all times and don't disconnect the cord until the generator is shut down. If you do "float" the neutral of a portable generator you should attach a placard stating that fact to the generator. When using a transfer switch to attach a portable generator to you house on a temporary basis, the only thing that gets an electrical inspection (subject to the NEC) is the wiring from the generator inlet box to the transfer switch and then to the individual circuits you are powering. Additionally the transfer switch gets checked for UL listing (I think) to make sure the interlock prevents you from having street power and generator power connected at the same time. To my understanding, the portable generator is not subject to the NEC. It IS covered by OSHA regulations because it is considered a portable "job site" generator. Over the years, there has been a lot of confusion regarding the proper wiring of transfer switches. So much so that several editions ago, the NEC added sections to address the issue. I don't have the book in front of me, but I think that sections 250.20 thru 250.34 deals with the bulk of it. The "Code-Check" electrical book has a pretty good illustrated explanation of the proper way to wire each kind of transfer switch as well as explaining the bonded/floating neutral issue.
  13. Are you referring to the gfci's in your breaker box? If so and you are feeding the house wiring through a 2 pole transfer switch (or using a "suicide cord") then that is a symptom of running a generator with a bonded neutral into your house wiring. In short, neutral and ground can only only be bonded in one place and in house wiring that's at the main breaker panel. Do an internet search for "commonly and seperately derived power systems" and generators. Most portable generators at HD and Lowes have bonded neutrals. Don't ignore this! There is potential (no electrical pun intended) for the generator frame to become energized with this condition.
  14. Not a criticism, just an observation: It looks like it is 120V only, so don't buy it if you need to power 240V stuff (like well pumps or water heaters...though 3.4KW seems kinda small for those tasks anyway)
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