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  1. trying to remember, but i think there was a big pallet of them at HG a couple weeks ago.
  2. probably using up my last box this next outing.
  3. FUCKIN' IN. Probably +1, but I'm going to try and get more.
  4. Did anyone else suddenly have an Eminem song start playing in their head? Anyway, welcome.
  5. get a pack of like 20 bits of the correct size. use one to drill the pocket in the barrel. snip the shank off just short enough to sit below the level on the brake you're pinning. weld the hole over. depending on how crafty you are, at least 2 brakes per bit that way.
  6. like how she was "screw it" on the mask deal. I like the cut of her jib.
  7. mine was supposed to pay for a new deck. given current pricing i think I can afford 4 boards. can you get me more details on how that works?
  8. I got a bunch of SLA batteries that are EOL for their intended purpose.
  9. It does. Not all costs can be quantified in terms of $/hr. Every activity has an opportunity cost; only you can determine if that cost is worth paying for the activity in question.
  10. Not that kind of pumpkin thing. Although, if someone wants to get some shaved magnesium and some dragons breath shells...
  11. https://app.gopassage.com/events/brite-nites-2020
  12. I made 39 runs at Atco one year. Buddy of mine had rented the track for the day to test the Red Sled. $200, come play for the whole day. So, I did. slow FWD. 8.86 1/4
  13. ATCO sold, as in no more track at all? damn.
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