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  1. Can also get a Ruger SR22 in purple (talo)
  2. he'll have something purple to put it in soon...
  3. "Call Louis." (Evan's brother.)
  4. Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Also, fuck AIM Surplus. I bought from them in the past as well, but their excuses on stuff like that is bullshit.
  5. nah fuck that. I did that shit like 6 times on my way home from the in-laws recently. traffic all backed up like a motherfucker, so I jumped into every exit/entry/merge area that was clear and used it to sail on by hundreds of cars and trucks. open lanes? i'm taking it. easily lopped 30 minutes off the delays, at least according to waze.
  6. I don't need another one. in fact i should sell some of the ones I have. that being said, I bought one. and one for PP. and a surprise.
  7. might be convinced to help some locals with my trailer, for some compensation
  8. i'd have just pulled the driveshaft and driven home FWD style. and RV Plus is killer. I'll never drop it from my policy. knowing they'll tow the jeep and the trailer if something breaks down is a godsend. can't imagine that tow bill otherwise!
  9. does towing myself count? if so, about 95 miles. towed a car dolly, behind my car, out to a dealership and bought the jeep. installed the hitch and wiring harness into said jeep in their parking lot, and towed the car home. I have had AAA RV Plus for a long time, but the farthest we've ever had a car towed was the then-fiance-now wife's car when it pissed out a water pump. think that was close to 30 miles.
  10. what, I say what in tar nation is going on in here???
  11. it could be telling if there were statistics with regards to the number of times a case has been rescheduled after a judicial vacancy for over a year. what is the protocol for getting a new justice spooled up? what cases is he allowed to weigh in on? there was just a ruling this week that was 8-0... Gorsuch didn't give an opinion, so is there a delay with regards to what cases he can hear? finally, are there any other cases that have been rescheduled a number of times recently, specifically since Gorsuch was sworn in?
  12. at least distributed means it's not denied... yet.
  13. Since I've not seen anyone ever post a shot from inside their safe, here's mine. Note, this is from inside a MESA MBF7236E (yes... she's a big bitch,) and you can see the door and shelf are stupid close together. The pouch at the top of the shot has only a wallet in it, and you can see how far it intrudes inside the safe. as fire rating... if it's hot enough in my house to cause the only wood objects near my safe to burn (the joists above it are the only wood items nearby. everything else around it is concrete,) well at that point i'm pretty much status==fucked anyways. eta: yes, the 42 rifle safe size on mine is total bullshit. if you count every single rifle pocket you'll get to 42, but it's impossible to put that many long sticks in there unless they literally are shaped liked sticks. anything AR or AK variant won't get that many in there.