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  1. get on Steve / Monmouth Arms' mailing list. He should have more in shortly.

  2. I'm trying to go as long as possible w/o either the A/C or the heat running. because $$.
  3. Tell me about it. You NEVER went to Ray's on the weekends. Every other car had NY plates, and they were shooting up the walls and ceilings.
  4. after NICS and transfers it looks like you're at about $56.50 per lower if you bought 3.
  5. I'll be more than glad to hand in my tennessee arms hybrids. boy were they a mistake.
  6. so does one of these take down like a 590? for cleaning? also wondering if the birds head grip could be weighted down for better balance, or if it'd matter.
  7. what's the over/under on which one has some d00d who shoots off his finger(s) first? I'm betting Remington draws first blood months before the Mossberg.
  8. 4 screws will take the strap off luckily. personally I wish the strap was tighter so it felt like it was helping hold the firearm in my hand. Has me thinking that some kind of molded "glove" deal or maybe 4 finger holes affixed to the guard would be a neat idea.
  9. they were fast yesterday. at least they were fast enough for me.
  10. Agreed. That looks interesting. guess i'm off to google.
  11. tell me more about this.
  12. that is an impressive mental construct. which part of the unicorn is doing the "raping", just so we're clear.
  13. I believe I said I was.
  14. werd. saturday, I get mine. I'll bring it to next SGS
  15. So... why aren't you buying one then!