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  1. With Glock mags too. I hope CMMG makes it happen.
  2. Not yet the SBF in 9mm and obviously this one is not NJ legal but it looks really cool, especially the telescoping brace.
  3. Thanks I have a couple of 16" Ar's and do not have any interest at the moment in the non nfa in 5.56. However I have greatly enjoyed my ruger PC in 9mm both indoors and outdoors. Over 1,500 rounds without a single issue. My interest is solely in the 9mm non-nfa variant due to the lighter weight, shorter barrel, adjustable brace etc. If I lived in a free state I would probably opt for a Zenith MP5 clone or a b&t apc9. With the 9mm non nfa variants you really get the advantage of a significantly shorter barrel since you don't really need to run a muzzle device just a thread protector.
  4. How do they compare in terms of reliability, balance and overall handling including perceived recoil? And how would the Troy and DSI compare to, say, a scorpion in those same categories.
  5. A comparison of the 9mm variants would also be great.
  6. He may have a very good firearm but his squat form is subpar. Heels need to be on the ground!
  7. LWRC has two non nfa nj models, one DI and one piston.
  8. Now that these are becoming more common it's time for a comparison/rating of the different models.
  9. The 9mm MM sbf is what I'm interested in. Did they give you an estimate as to availability? Unless I'm mistaken MM is also the only one of the three that is going to offer a 9mm sbf.
  10. One can also order from CT manufacturers since their non nfa firearms are good to go in NJ.
  11. And the stock must be fixed so if you want your kid or wife to shoot it the length of pull is too long because you can't adjust it. The brace you can adjust all day.
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