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  1. Below is the entry for Sig MPX showing both NFA and non NFA options. CT legal PDW/AOW Semi-automatic personal defense weapon Compact, close quarters to 100 meters Available in 9mm Detachable magazine Takes MPX mags 10rd mag, foregrip included Ghost Ring sights included Gen2 multi-caliber exchange system +$450 AOW and non-NFA versions available AOW allows for telescoping brace, OAL <26in Integrally suppressed and non-NFA versions available non-NFA requires non-folding brace, OAL >26in AOW requires $5 NFA tax stamp Integrally suppressed version requires $200 NFA tax stamp Barrels >12in All federal and state laws apply Custom built-to order with 3-5 week lead time Sig MPX $2,600.00Regular Price$2,200.00Sale Price Barrel Modification Select NFA Select Quantity ADD TO CART Shipping CT: Free shipping to your local FFL for non-NFA, or class 3 dealer if AOW for transfer and pickup. Can also be picked up directly at our facility in Waterbury, CT by appointment. Other lower 47 states where legal: $10 flat rate shipping for each firearm. Alaska and Hawaii: $15 No international shipping
  2. No if you look at their offered modifications the guns are available as either AOW NFA or non NFA firearms. The non NFA firearm options are more than 26" without brace extended etc. It seems that the CT position on non NFA mirrors the NJ one. Also note that on the DSI website their non-NFA firearms are good to go in CT and NJ but not NY, MASS and other Venezuela like states.
  3. Yes but when you try to add to cart it asks for modifications such as brace type, non nfa etc., which takes the price up by several hundred. I think it's a bit misleading but it is what it is. Why aren't NJ manufacturers doing this type of stuff?
  4. It seems that our brothers in the Constitution State AKA Connecticut are way ahead of the curve. The manufacturer below is putting together non-NFA versions of almost every firearm out there. I did not see a B&T APC but give them time I guess. Any reason why these would not be NJ good right off the shelf? I can't think of anything as they seem to be following the, by now, well known formula to a T. I tried to call them but they are on vacation all of July. Must be doing well if you can take a month off. https://www.redplanetarsenal.com/shop
  5. I would be happy with anything in the $700-$800 range which is what a Stribog 9mm costs and it is what I would get if I lived in a free state.
  6. Competition at work. It seems that special ops tactical is entering the NJ market with their own version of a SBF. Appears to be an exclusive deal with Ocean Armory. I hope we start getting PCC versions soon and even non-AR options. https://specialopstactical.com/
  7. Interesting, so how does this affect those who have put a collapsible/foldable brace on a shockwave or tac-14? Folded most of those are under 26" but folks were measuring them with the brace extended to meet the threshold.
  8. I bet the 9mm version sells like crazy too with PCC's being as popular as they are. You also don't get the additional blast and decibels that you get with the shorter 5.56 barrels.
  9. Since it is the assembling of the firearm-as opposed to the possession-which is prohibited it would seem perfectly legal to assemble said firearm in PA before crossing the border into Venezuela/New Jersey.
  10. Thank you. That is pretty close to the 8.9" of a full size mp5 which I believe is the optimal length for 9mm.
  11. That is the one I will be buying. Thank you for getting these to market quickly.
  12. If NJSP clarifies that you can measure with the brace extended how much shorter can you go on the barrel? When will the 9mm version be available? Nothing against short tubes in 556 but I think these will be a home run in a pistol caliber as you gain nothing by going to 16" on 9mm.
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