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  1. Alabama Arsenal has one of the best videos on the micro. They were even shooting steel targets at 200 yards.
  2. Most comps do make it louder but this is a linear comp so the objective is different. https://www.kawvalleyprecision.com/KVP-Linear-Comps-s/100.htm "The KVP linear comp, collects and redirects muzzle gases away from the shooter. This redirection helps reduce the perceived decibels the shooter experiences at his or her ear. By pushing excessive noise and concussion downrange, not only will the shooter experience a much softer shooting experience, bystanders will also benefit from the redirection of the muzzle gasses."
  3. I agree as to recoil being light but I wanted to see how quiet I can get it without having access to a suppressor since the linear comp is supposed to redirect the blast towards the target and away from the shooter. In addition to the Fiocchi 158 grain I'm also going to test it with some 165 grain subsonic LAX ammo. Great video by the way.
  4. Instead of a flash hider I decided to go with a KVP linear comp on the Ruger PCC. It hardly adds any weight up front, looks pretty decent and with Fiocchi 158 grain subsonic ammo it will be as close as you can get to a suppressor in this state.
  5. Yes mine is threaded from the factory. Ramsey's carries both the threaded and the non-threaded models, the latter for NY buyers.
  6. I would assume that it is legal since the threaded barrel version of the PCC is NJ legal due to the absence of a pistol grip.
  7. There is already a brace for it. I'm sure there will be several versions from different manufacturers in no time. In many ways this makes even more sense than on the pump shockwave type guns as the benelli-like versamax gas system significantly reduces the felt recoil as compared to a pump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDNUJr8OJis
  8. The Germans should have rioted too when Merkel invited the world in. Good for the French for standing up to Macron.
  9. https://olive-drab.com/archive/JSCS_DA-PAM_27-50-299_16.txt A little dated but still a great overall history of the use of Shotguns in combat covering WW1, WW2, Malaysia and Vietnam.
  10. I only have an 870 and a 590 both with 18.5 inch barrels, would those be acceptable at the clay range?
  11. I would do this as well with my 590 except for the fact that I know the LOP would be too long. The magpul stock fits me perfectly.
  12. Mossberg is coming out with very interesting variations.
  13. I bought a Sig 225 from Greg back in 98 or so for about 400 dollars. His basement was like a gun warehouse with an incredible variety of merchandise. Greg told me that once in a while he would fire one or two shots in his basement to try out a handgun. His own indoor range without ventilation of course, lol.
  14. Navy Arms in Ridgefield where you could simply handle the numerous milsurp rifles on your own without a salesman handing them to you. That shop had everything including modern stuff. I bought a glock 19 at that place, second gun I ever bought.
  15. I think you are right, I tried to imagine racking the pump using the strap as a makeshift vertical grip on my shockwave and the angle felt all wrong. I think it has to do with the fact that the shockwave grip is more or less horizontal and it makes for some very awkward mechanics with a vertical foregrip. All that being said it seems that a vertical grip would make much more sense on a super compact with no stock and a traditional pistol grip like the Serbu or the Mossberg Compact Cruiser. Here the two grips would be complementary. arms / Compact Cruiser® AOW 500 Compact Cruiser AOW #51697
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