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  1. ...for the buckshot that you have to buy from them. I've been to Longshot twice and never had an issue using Remington and Rio double-aught low recoil buckshot. Today I noticed that the website limits shotguns to slugs only and when I called was told that they had changed the range rules. You can still use your own slugs but if you want to shoot buckshot you have to buy it from them and they only approve Winchester Ranger buckshot. I also asked if you could simply bring in the "approved ammo" from outside and could not get a straight answer.
  2. Pull ups are great for grip among other things.
  3. Hopefully this will encourage more citizens to get off their butts and obtain their cwl so they can bypass the 3 day waiting period.
  4. Reduced recoil esp in a Shockwave or Tac 14 platform.
  5. Yes I ordered and had no issues. Free shipping with the coupon too.
  6. https://www.cabelas.com/product/shooting/ammunition/shotgun-ammunition/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104567580/aguila-minishells-per/2614876.uts?avad=74383_e11447c9d&WT.mc_id=al56335&Subid1=SID&subacctid=56335&subacctname=56335&adname=Custom+Link&adtype=cl&adid=NA&utm_medium=AFF&utm_source=56335&rid=12&WT.tsrc=AFF#productChart
  7. I just picked up my Shockwave in FDE from Jack this morning and I must say I concur with the reviews in this thread; he's a great guy to do business with. We had a hiccup with the Nics problems last week but Jack kept on top of it and kept me updated throughout. Couldn't ask for better customer service. With those dogs I'm not really sure he needs any guns for home defense.
  8. Paul Harrell has a pretty good analysis of the merits of using birdshot for home defense. His conclusion is that it is fine as long as you use the more powerful birdshot loads.
  9. Excellent news, I'm going to need food for the Shockwave I'm picking up from JT Custom this Saturday.
  10. Mossberg's version seems to have much better magazines (No surprise) but the mags are crazy $$$$$.
  11. Pm sent.
  12. I was not aware that there was a no. 4 buck reduced recoil. What brand?
  13. Actually I just found this on the Bullet Hole website. Maybe it's a different backstop to prevent ricochet? __________________________________ The Bullet Hole boasts a range capable of handling high-powered rifles and pistols, and we are the ONLY area range that can handle shotguns of all calibers and shot types (buckshot, target and slugs). We offer police officer/security guard qualifications every Wednesday at 6PM. Please call 973-759-3968 for pricing. ___________________________________
  14. They all seem to limit ammo selection to Buckshot or Slugs only.
  15. I went to the range this morning and there were only a couple of other guys there sharing a lane at around 11:30. Great place to shoot as one would expect from a brand new state of the art range. I shot my mossberg 590 with 18.5 barrel and the noise level wasn't bad at all with plugs and muffs. This was a pleasant surprise and a world of difference from Bullethole. One RO present who seemed pretty cool; near the end I asked if it was ok to shoot a slug as I had shot buckshot up to that point. He said he was 90% sure it was fine but wanted to go outside and verify which he promptly did. For me this place is 10 miles exactly from my house--can't beat that.