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  1. With Glock mags too. I hope CMMG makes it happen.
  2. Not yet the SBF in 9mm and obviously this one is not NJ legal but it looks really cool, especially the telescoping brace.
  3. Thanks I have a couple of 16" Ar's and do not have any interest at the moment in the non nfa in 5.56. However I have greatly enjoyed my ruger PC in 9mm both indoors and outdoors. Over 1,500 rounds without a single issue. My interest is solely in the 9mm non-nfa variant due to the lighter weight, shorter barrel, adjustable brace etc. If I lived in a free state I would probably opt for a Zenith MP5 clone or a b&t apc9. With the 9mm non nfa variants you really get the advantage of a significantly shorter barrel since you don't really need to run a muzzle device just a thread protector.
  4. How do they compare in terms of reliability, balance and overall handling including perceived recoil? And how would the Troy and DSI compare to, say, a scorpion in those same categories.
  5. A comparison of the 9mm variants would also be great.
  6. He may have a very good firearm but his squat form is subpar. Heels need to be on the ground!
  7. LWRC has two non nfa nj models, one DI and one piston.
  8. Now that these are becoming more common it's time for a comparison/rating of the different models.
  9. The 9mm MM sbf is what I'm interested in. Did they give you an estimate as to availability? Unless I'm mistaken MM is also the only one of the three that is going to offer a 9mm sbf.
  10. One can also order from CT manufacturers since their non nfa firearms are good to go in NJ.
  11. And the stock must be fixed so if you want your kid or wife to shoot it the length of pull is too long because you can't adjust it. The brace you can adjust all day.
  12. No on the 14.5 you NEED the 1.5 device and it must be permanently attached. On the non nfa sbf you dont even need a device and if you choose to have one it is removable.
  13. MM uses a barrel under 12" so it's at least 4 inches not two. Plus can use flash hider, no need to permanently attach and the brace is adjustable. All things previously unavailable to NJ.
  14. I think you miss the larger point that every AR with a pinned stock and muzzle brake being sold at RTSP or Bullet Hole is by definition a loophole. The intent of Florio, Murphy et al. Is NOT to ban flash riders, bayonet lugs and threaded barrels but to ban the actual weapons. We the actual gun owners in NJ and the manufacturers benefit because we have been exploiting this loophole for decades. This type of resourcefulness should be applauded and encouraged.
  15. I don't think anyone should minimize the importance of loopholes and the exploitation of same when it comes gun laws. Hell the mere presence today in 2019 of ar's on nj gun store shelves is a huge loophole. The intent of Florio and others was not to ban flash riders or bayonet lugs or threads on a barrel---it was of course to ban ar's in general, period. We in nj just like those in Cali benefit from those loophole; sbf non nfa here and in ct, the bullet button in cali etc. are all part of the same vital tradition of demonstrating the utter stupidity of the gun control regime. And here's the downside of fleeing the braces. The common usage of a firearm--go reread Scalia in HELLER--is crucial to their protection under 2nd Amendment jurisprudence. The more common Ar', Ak's, pistol braces, etc., etc. are the more difficult it is to ban them. In essence the gun culture, the overall gun culture matters, a lot. In 1897 the Supremes approved legal government mandated segregation in Plessy, 57 years later the court ruled that same was unconstitutional in Brown and they did so unanimously. What changed?? Certainly not the 13th, 14th or 15th Amendment since they were all in place in 1897. Answer: the culture changed esp. in the North and the Ct followed suit.
  16. I find this whole fleeing from the braces and seeking refuge in sbr somewhat bizarre. Did it work with machine guns that were nfa and had never been used in shootings in 1986? And under Reagan too. Even now there are rumblings about going after suppresors that are already highly regulated. The thing about 2nd Amendment rights is that it is never static you have setbacks and victories, it is an eternal battle with the anti-gunners. Shortly after the 1986 setback you had the birth of "shall issue" ccw beginning in FL and eventually extending through most of the country. The notion that "I'll be safe in my little sbr nfa niche cave as soon as I ditch the evil braces" is illogical and ahistorical.
  17. Noveske makes great stuff but their 9mm offerings are very overpriced for the basic blowback design. I'd be happy with a 9mm non-nfa version of the scorpion at about half the price. Absent that I probably will get the 9mm MM sbf.
  18. I wish they made the LWRC SMG .45 in a non-nfa NJ legal version https://www.ammoland.com/2019/07/lwrci-releases-smg-45-pistol-caliber-carbine-rolls-out/#axzz5xNqy68nC
  19. I shot the Troy model at Longshot and no one cared since it's a rental prominently displayed in their rental section.
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