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  1. Burris is running their promotion for a free Fast Fire 3 with the purchase of a AR-332 or AR-536 between 1March and 30April. Surprisingly enough, the best price I've found is through Overstock.com. I have tried the Jet.com option but after tax it was WAY over $255. Through Overstock, it was originally $254.98 (comparable to Amazon) but then an automatic 20% off popped up lowering it to $224.38 with free shipping AND I ran it through Ebates for another 2% savings. It may be worth looking into for people wanting to snag a decent deal on essentially 2 optics! Best wishes. Bill
  2. Joe Bob Outfitters is advertising complete Adams Arms Conversion Kits (with install disk) for $199.95. Kit appears has everything with exception of bolt assembly, bolt cam pin and firing retaining pin. PLUS I think you can score a FREE T-Shirt for orders over a certain amount....I can't remember the magic # off the top of my head. I know...the free T-shirt just made this deal even sweeter!!! Free laundry does that sometimes. ***You have to put it in your cart as if you're buying it, they WON'T just magically send it to you. Oh wait...Free shipping too!!!! http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Adams_Arms_Carbine_Length_Piston_Kit_p/adams-cps-d-ada.htm?utm_source=JoeBob+Subscribers&utm_campaign=983c530f75-Newsletter_Week_03202017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d85e6c4367-983c530f75-287025945&goal=0_d85e6c4367-983c530f75-287025945&mc_cid=983c530f75&mc_eid=683acf9568
  3. Stay on top of your references. Ensure they mail it back the day they receive it from your municipality. That can be the Achilles heel for some. I don't buy into the small town, understaffed municipality bullshit. But I'm not about to get into that swim lane. You hear stories all the time of people repeatedly calling on permit status, only to get theirs 8 months later. Their permits must go to the bottom of the pile after each status check. My success is pure luck, but I go in with my paperwork typed. I use Adobe Pro. The only thing I need to do is sign in front on them.
  4. Pemberton NJ. Dropped off 2 completed permit apps with reference sheets 17Jan. Picked the completed permits up today. They quote 4-6 weeks turnaround time.
  5. I'm in Pemberton Township and had the same experience. Dropped off 2 permit applications 17Jan and picked them up today. I agree...redundant is the operative word. On my last permits, I purchased the same day the permits were dated. I had to wait three days (weekend) to actually take the pistols home due to the "system being down". I didn't make a fuss over it because it wasn't the fault of the gun shop. But it is annoying that an approved permit dated that day still requires that additional check. I've read some horror stories on the forum, with people waiting months, so I have no room to complain. Kudos to Pemberton Township for decent turnaround time and good customer service.
  6. Thanks Moto...I didn't see the second page of reviews. Good looking out!
  7. I keep seeing CDNN listing them for 249.99 which is hard to pass up even with a 20 buck shipping fee. I usually see them for 325-350. But what's with the conversion kit I keep seeing. What does it actually convert?
  8. It sounds like you need to frequent another dealer...one who pays attention to detail. Once is a simple mistake, but twice is careless.
  9. I was thumbing thru Sportsmans Guide and on page 9 they are selling surplus G3 lower assemblies...with 3 position safety. My question is, will that work on a PTR91, they are essentially the same rifle AND if it will work, will the rifle go bang, bang, bang, bang, bang until the trigger is released. I don't dare say the "A" word. Just need simple yes/no answers. If it won't work, why. No legal-ese. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/heckler-amp-koch-g3-lower-assembly-762mm-used?a=2107382
  10. ...and it ships free! https://www.slickguns.com/product/new-fnh-m249s-para-saw-belt-fed-556mm-16-model-8299-ships-free-8299 https://jjgunsupply.com/p-3876-fnh-m249s-para-saw-belt-fed-556mm-161.aspx
  11. I'd start with Exodus and SportsDevil....you can always add more later if they aren't meeting your expectation. I'm learning about "Builds" as I write this. From what I gather it's a gigantic resource with several of the top repositories and media sources all in one spot. As I get comfortable with them, how they actually work and if there is a benefit to loading them, I'll post it on the forum. Best of luck.
  12. For movies and TV shows I tend to focus on Exodus. I find it has pretty much everything the others offer. USTVNow is nice and offers network TV. I like it for news. I like sports too so I typically rely on SportsDevil for their live feeds. ProSports is another I bounce too from time to time. There's also quite a few for motor sports too. My buddy is a HUGE gear head, his Kodi has all AMA and other race programming. I was given a recommendation to try Alluc. But even after setting up the free online account it isn't working for me. Perhaps you'll have better luck. To delete an add-on or repository, I typically will go under the System tab to Settings. Scroll down to Add-ons. Click on My Add-ons then click All. That will display an alphabetical list of sources and settings. You'll see enabled or disabled on the right of each. scroll down and click on what no longer interests you and select uninstall. when in doubt...youtube is your friend. Kodi is a popular topic and the pro's make tutorials all the time on the newest repositories. Not that I use Kodi or anything...but I know a guy!!!!
  13. Panteramatt, Don't get the Amazon stick, get Amazon fireTv that has the microSD memory slot. It's around 30-40 dollars more, but well worth it. The firestick has no additional memory slots and works off wifi signal. The FireTv box has a microSD slot to add extra memory AND you can hardwire it using cat5 cable to your modem or use it via wifi. It also has a USB slot (which is a nice feature to be able add a wireless keyboard to it in order to add Kodi repository addresses without having to hunt and click with the remote). With so many units in the average house-hold all sucking the same wifi signal, the signal degradation will result in movies having to buffer part way thru...annoying. If you have the box you can hardwire it in to your network and essentially no internet signal loss. Downloading Kodi and the best repositories is fairly easy...use you tube, they have tons of tutorials. You absolutely DO NOT need to buy a pre-jailbroken unit. You can add Kodi yourself. If you are concerned about big brother keeping tabs on you, set up a VPN. Again, you tube can walk you thru doing that as well. just my 2 cents.
  14. https://ar15discounts.com/collections/slickguns-com-banner-sale-3/products/budget-lower-build-kit?variant=28421897293 Lower Parts Kits with stock kit (buffer assembly) 89.87 and 5.00 flat rate shipping.
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