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  1. Done. Lady on the other end was not thrilled. (she said "we've got another, going to be a long day!") LOL, she wasn't rude at all though.
  2. Second purchase from Steve.. as usual a quick, easy transaction! Thanks again!
  3. LOL, the responses are killing me on here ... hope your issue is taken care of now!
  4. Congrats, got my first last night myself! I got my ammo from rareammo.com. 500 rounds for $190 (give or take a few dollars) shipped. They shipped here without issue and got the ammo within 5 days. (Found the deal through GunBot) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  5. I am from NJ originally, my father's job moved us out there when I was 12, then came back in 2003.
  6. Thanks everyone, I hope to be as active as I can in here
  7. 1. Initial FID and 1 PP 2. Hazlet Township 3. Robert Dispenza, Special Services 4. Start to finish 2 months 5. No additional docs required 6. Mr. Dispenza is extremely helpful and rather fast considering he works 2 1/2 days a week. (Mon, Tue and half day on Wed). Mine was also held up 30 days due to a moron who agreed to be my reference then got all nervous he had to sign the paper. What are friends for, right?!? The detective did originally forget my Pistol Permit, but had it ready the next day for me. He told me the process with him typically takes 2 1/2 weeks, guess I am lucky I live in Hazlet.. I know Old Bridge is brutal, took my buddy 8 1/2 months.
  8. I think that helped make the experience that much better!! We will definitely be back!!!
  9. Hey all, My name is Jon and I am from Hazlet. I just bought my first gun from Steve at Monmouth Arms (Smith and Wesson M&P9c) and I look forward to gaining new knowledge from everyone on here. I am also no stranger to shooting/hunting as I did most of my "growing up years" in the wonderful gun loving state of Arizona.
  10. Hey all, Just picked up my first handgun from Steve last night (S&W M&P9c).... what a great experience and I will gladly continue to give him my business, thanks again Steve!! (Since I am new to the forums, I am not exactly sure what the +1, +2 means but Steve had exceeded my expectations in every way) -Jon
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