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  1. Just based on my observation of what people leave on the ground (i.e. range berries) I can safely say greater than 50%, but probably closer to 70% are Euro hulls. The major Euro spec brands are Fiocci, Noble, and Rio. It should be noted, Cheddite makes virtually all the hulls used in European shotshell manufacturing. It's unlikely anyone will come across a Cheddite branded hull laying on the ground unless they are on a trap/skeet range, they are used primarily by reloaders. One could say that most Euro hulls are Cheddite spec. Since folks usually buy whatever is the cheapest, the Euro spec made ammo is somewhat more attractive to the casual shooter. They are not buying ammo based on reloadability or performance, so the popularity is based pretty much on "it was the cheapest on the shelf".
  2. It always seems a shame to throw away a bucket load of perfectly good once fired hulls JUST because the silly Europeans have their own silly ideas about primer pocket size. Ballistics Products has a new (new to me) product that resizes the pocket to a smaller diameter, making it so the Euro hull will accept and securely hold a US primer. For about $20, you can rescue Euro hulls with just a couple taps of a hammer. I am ordering one today. If you do a lot of reloading, I think this would be a worthwhile investment. More info here --> https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Universal-Primer-Pocket-Conditioner-10ga-410/productinfo/0740010/
  3. Who does WLP owe the money to? Will the court do the right thing and give the money back to the victims, the NRA members, or will the dems pocket the loot for anti-gun programs and $400 hotels for illegal immigrants?
  4. Plugged is plugged, it does not matter if it's semi-auto or manual.
  5. Well, ya do and ya don't. It all depends on how one is hacking. For instance, when Israel shut down Iranian centrifuges, they had someone on the inside plug a USB drive into a computer inside the uranium refinement facility. It had to be done that way because the facility network was not connected to the internet.
  6. I'm gonna put this here in for exposure to a wider audience, so please keep comments light or they will be deleted. If you want to comment more 1A style, then please feel free to start a new thread in 1A. This should scare the crap out of everyone. Sheriff Richard Jones give presser on what he learned at the National Sheriff's Conference. VIDEO HERE --> https://rumble.com/v4cg2wi-butler-co.-sheriff-to-address-what-he-learned-at-conference.html
  7. She ain't wrong. He's doing stomach crunches.
  8. Do we have a Willis thread going in 1A? I have some thoughts.
  9. Great video. I watched pretty much the whole shit show today. She and Wade are toast.
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