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  1. 28 minutes ago, Lawnmower2021 said:

    It's tough to break away for Sunday mornings

    Tell your old lady that you are volunteering to clean up state land that morning.  Technically it's not a lie if you police all your spent shells.  Just make sure you put the shotty and stuff in the car the night before.

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  2. Howdy folks.  It's about time we get together to turn some money into noise.  Come join us 6-11-23 at the Clinton WMA shotgun range for a morning of clay busting fun. 

    If you will be joining the fun, please let us know how many will attend and what you are bringing so we can plan for supplies.

    Clay Pigeon GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Shooting commences at 0900 and keeps going until we get bored, run out of ammo, or hear mom calling us home.    Shoots usually go until about 1300, leaving plenty of time for everyone to stop in at any time and join the party.

    As always, these clay shoots are informal gatherings, just plain old fun to promote clay sports and encourage training, please feel free to bring friends and family.  Shooters of all experience are welcome, if you have never shot clays before, or want some tips on improving your skills, this is your chance to dust off that shotgun you bought years ago and gain some needed experience.

    What you will need.

    Bring your shotgun(s), as much #7.5 or #8 lead target/field loads as you want to shoot, and depending on how much you want to shoot, a carton of clay pigeons would be great.  Targets are usually available at Walmart in Clinton, Flemington, and Phillipsburg.  Don't forget eyes and ears.  Also recommended is a chair, sun screen, insect repellent, and something to drink.  There is a port-a-potty on site

    If you don't have a shotgun and just want to see what clay shoot'n is all about, a loaner pump action will be available.

    Basic Checklist

    • Shotgun
    • Ammo
    • Eye and ear protection (mandatory)
    • Clay targets (optional but recommended for volume shooters)
    • Shell pouch (optional)
    • Folding chair (optional)
    • Water or whatever

    Clinton WMA Shotgun Range
    26 New Jersey 173
    Hampton, NJ 08827

    1.  Scorpio +2 (thrower clays and a loaner shotgun)
    2. Krdshrk,  (definite possible maybe)
    3. Ms. 12 Gauge  (probable maybe.)
    4. High Exposure (case of targets)
    5.Malice4you +2
    6.Mr. Stu (trap & loaner guns)

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  3. ALBANY — The number of firearms being seized by police from individuals found to be “likely” at risk of harm to themselves or others has soared so much in the past year that evidence rooms in some State Police barracks have had to be reconfigured or expanded to store the weapons.

    The increase follows an executive order issued last year by Gov. Kathy Hochul that mandated troopers file court applications for “extreme risk protection orders” whenever they encounter a person who is believed to be a danger and in possession of a firearm. 

    The “Red Flag Law” was enacted in 2019, but last year Hochul also signed into law several measures that expanded who may file an “ERPO” petition to include health care practitioners who have examined an individual within the last six months. The law change also requires police and district attorneys to file extreme risk protection orders when they have “credible information” that someone is likely to engage in conduct that could result in serious harm.

    In 2020, judges issued protection orders against 255 people across New York. This year, in just over four months, the number of individuals subjected to emergency or temporary risk protection orders topped 2,120. And between 2020 and last November, State Police had seized 2,521 firearms under emergency protection orders — a figure that does not include seizures made by more than 150 other New York police agencies

    More here --->    https://www.timesunion.com/state/article/gun-seizures-ny-soaring-year-extreme-risk-law-17916948.php#:~:text=ALBANY — The number of firearms,expanded to store the weapons

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  4. 6 hours ago, 10X said:

    Those look more like skeet houses. Too tall for trap

    Trap refers to the machine, not the sport.  In both skeet and trap, the structure where the clay target thrower (trap) is housed is called a trap house..

  5. 3 hours ago, brucin said:

    Calling it "brain washing" is giving these progressives far more credit than they deserve.

    Make no mistake, the people we call leftards, the useful idiots are not the same as the ones pulling the strings..  The puppeteers are very intelligent and well educated in psychology, sociology, political science and a few other disciplines.  They know how to manipulate, just like Goebbels did.  Do not underestimate them.  Trannies on beer cans is something nobody saw coming, and yet, here we are.  That does not happen without systemic social programming.

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  6. 6 hours ago, Mrs. Peel said:

    ....... And yes, the fact that Alito is over that next level court...

    While nobody was looking, Biden purged the third circuit, forcing out many Trump appointees.  At least two senior judges were forced out, and the openings filled with Clinton/Obama(soros) attorneys.  The junior vacancies were back filled with  radical leftists.

    For example, Scott Brady was forced to resign in retaliation for being part of Trump's team of investigators looking into Biden and his son's corrupt dealings with Burisma in Ukraine.  Brady's assistant atty is acting in his stead, just until Biden appoints someone to the position.

    The left has been working hard to stack the circuit courts too,  With the judicial branch being more politicized than ever, we are fucked.  If you were a Jew in 1938 Germany, you couldn't very well go to a German court for justice.  The same methods for marginalization and persecution is happening here, just more slowly and mostly under the radar.  This is what happens when people don't want to see how the sausage is made.

    Just bcuz Alito oversees the 3rd, it does not mean he has control or authority over all that goes on. 


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  7. 5 minutes ago, CMJeepster said:

    The state attorney general assailed the decision as “bad constitutional law,” writing in a statement that the court “now insists that we are powerless to protect New Jersey residents....

    Isn't that just like NJ, use the full force of the law, and whatever laws they want to make up on the fly to suit their needs, to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens.  All the while, letting rapists and other criminals off easy with no cash bail schemes.

    What the actual fuck.

    I wonder how much taxpayer money NJ has spent stepping on 2A over the years?

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  8. 11 hours ago, Grima Squeakersen said:

    what does everyone think about ranges that require any handgun used there to be unloaded and cased upon entering the facility?

    That has been a standard rule at every range I've been to over the past 35 years.  It is  SOP for ALL firearms to be cased and unloaded upon entering,  been that way for decades.  If CCW holders want an exemption from that standard rule, they need to work that out with the range.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Vdep217 said:

    little mall stands

    I haven't been to a mall in ages, that's a great idea.  However, the closest one to me is Monmouth Mall and it's half dead.   I wonder if they have cell phone kiosks at the outlet mall on 66.

    1 hour ago, Tunaman said:

    Nothing hard about it if you are mechanically inclined

    If I had time to fiddle with it I may have taken a stab, but it's wife's work phone and she needs it ASAP.

  10. Anyone know of a place in Monmouth that replaces cracked screens?  An authorized Samsung shop would be ideal.  We looked into Best Buy GS and they don't do screens, even though their website says they do.

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