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  1. 12 minutes ago, Old Glock guy said:

    it's a little scary to find that a problem with a tiny spring can disable an entire firearm. 

    A few nails almost took down an entire kingdom.

  2. 6 hours ago, Displaced Texan said:

    I don’t understand the ‘hold outs’ who insist on calling Taylor Pork Roll…’Taylor Ham’. 

    They are of the same ilk as the "South shall rise again" crowd.  Living in the past.  In fact, I'm pretty sure calling it Taylor Ham is racist.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, CapGuns&SnapsKid said:

    anyone know if we are able to shoot rifles from prone position here?!

    Yes.  Prone, sitting, kneeling, off hand are all allowed.  If you are shooting prone, bring a mat.  If you don't have one, do not steal your wife's yoga mat.  She'll be super mad.

  4. 1 minute ago, 1LtCAP said:

    it's not a bogus argument.

    It certainly is a bogus argument, and you are are only proving my point.  Based on the advice of the cop, it's only dangerous because a cop could confuse it with an actual firearm.  If cops are blowing away people because they are shooting airsoft or bb guns in their back yards, we have a problem.  Since I'm not reading article after article of cops slaying airsoft wielding homeowners, I guess cops can tell the difference.  Yes, there have been a couple instances where someone with a pellet gun got themselves popped, but they were playing stupid games and won a stupid prize, the grand prize of stupid.


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  5. 9 minutes ago, rifleman said:

    I asked the Brick PD and he politely told me it's not a good idea. "Responding officer would not know it's an air gun".

    When I was a kid, we shot an air pistol in the back yard all the time.  Not once did a cop ever show up.  If one did, they'd have known us and we them.  There were like five cops in my town and we all knew each other.  We also knew all of our neighbors.

    Would the Brick PD have a problem with differentiating between an airsoft gun and a real gun.  That's a bogus argument.  Oh, but it's dangerous.  How about backyard archery?  It's stupid one can practice with a very deadly compound or cross bow, far more lethal than a pellet gun, yet, there is this prohibition on having fun with a mother fuck'n daisy red rider bb gun.

  6. 8 hours ago, High Exposure said:

    it sounded like someone was throwing pennies against my windows

    That was giant raindrops falling to Earth at a 91 degree angle.

    We did not get nearly the amount of damage I thought we would, nothing like what you got up by you.  There was relatively little to clean up in the 22 lawns I cut today.  A few big limbs on a couple of properties was about it.  I saw some large limbs down on other properties, but not trees down.

    If you heard a freight train in your back yard, that was probably a MB.  When we had a MB here in 2002 (I think), it was frightening, like nothing I'd ever heard or seen.  I took my 5 yo son to the basement.  The duration was maybe 10 minutes.

  7. We were hit pretty hard too.  I thought it was another micro-burst (mini tornado).  All was quiet, then I hear a racket on my roof.  At first I thought it was hail, but was black walnuts blown onto roof from a tree fifteen feet away.  Rain was actually going sideways.  Very surprised we didn't lose power

  8. In this instance, I guess, Janis Joplin was right.  Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.

    It is the fear of loosing what few good things we have that ties us to the bad things that hold us down.  It took courage to move away for the sake of your principles.  In this day and age, where money tops all, we live in a nation of mostly unprincipled people.  Always remember that freedom is not free, there is always some cost, financial, social, etc.. associated with it.


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  9. 4 minutes ago, CMJeepster said:


    That's what I have on the truck now.  I've never got stuck with them, and they are very quiet for a truck tire, but they did not impress me last winter.  Also, they don't seem to grab dry road all that well, I will burn rubber every time I step on it to pull out on to a busy road.

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