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  1. As I'm shopping around for a BCG I'm seeing that many of them are described as "auto profile" or "full auto". Do these types of bolt make the gun into a full auto gun or is this some sort of marketing hype? I do not want to build a fully automatic rifle, even if I legally could do so I still prefer semi-auto. It just seems that there are a lot of BCGs out there with that description, too many to suggest they are actually intended to build a fully automatic rifle. I don't want to pass up a good deal on a well made BCG because it only appears to be a restricted item.
  2. Hops, on 12 Nov 2013 - 7:01 PM, said: I bought two AR lowers there last week for about $20 less than it would have cost from most other internet stores. For a NJ store, their prices are very reasonable, Ammo is priced a bit on the high end but not exorbitant.
  3. Scorpio64

    Good price?

    Although I'm partial to the 870, I say go with what feels best in your hands. They are both great guns.
  4. Did you break into my house and read my AR research and build notebook?!? Holy cow, except for a higher power scope, you have pretty much spec'd out the exact same rifle I'm building. Well, maybe not the 5.56 part, I'll get to that in a minute. Like you, I'm not in love with the AR platform, (I love guns with wood, lots of wood) but the gadgety aspect of it does appeal to my inner nerd. I'm seriously considering going with 6.8SPC. Like 80% sure I'll go with 6.8SPC for my first build. I bought two Anderson lowers last week (picking them up on Tues) and may build a 5.56 now and build a 6.8SPC upper after I got the standard rifle worked out. Basically, I'm going to build something now, do some more stuff to it then use the other lower to build something else and end up with two rifles. As far as barrels go, it seems the thicker an longer the better ( no comments from the peanut gallery please) . For the 5.56 I'll probably go with a standard length 16" medium profile with no notch, no muzzle device either, just a nice target crown. If I can find a NJ legal hybrid device that doesn't bark too loud, I would be elated to find it. The Govt profile barrel seems to be a good option too.One thing that is definite is free floating the barrel. Not that much more expensive and a good return on the investment. The skeleton stock looks very nice, Okay, nice is an understatement. It's kinda sexy. I'm having a tough time deciding between the skeleton and the MagPul something or other that has a similar profile to the skeleton. Yanno, I'm rambling here. Basically I'm in the same boat as you. So many options it boggles the mind. One last thing though. 1911 grips. I saw an AR with just one wood accent, apparently there is a pistol grip with 1911 grips for the AR that looks pretty sweet. Too many freaking options.
  5. I had a propane stove/oven at a place I rented a long time ago. It's good stuff. It burns a bit hotter than NG so be careful with that. I burned more than one dinner until I got used to it. 20# tanks do not last very long, see if you can buy a couple of 100# tanks off of Craig's list or wherever. The tanks are not terribly heavy and easy enough to move around with a hand truck. If you bring the tanks to a filling station it will be substantially cheaper than having the fuel delivered. .
  6. Many gun shops have been keeping some of their ammo off the shelf, in reserve so to speak, for new gun purchases. It's hard to sell a gun if there is no ammo for it. Kinda wierd that they are holding just the bricks though. Maybe they are holding it for a holiday sale or promotion.
  7. For deer; Buckshot is good, rifled slugs are better, a rifled barrel and sabot slugs are best. If you decide to go smoothbore and rifled slugs, IC is the optimal choke. If you go the way of the slug, a good low power fixed magnification scope will serve you well.
  8. Bullseye is a pretty decent shop but items showing as "in stock" on the web site does not mean they have it in the shop. It just means their distributor has it and they can get it. Very friendly and knowledgeable peopple there, prices for NJ are not bad. The place has a little bit of that old fashioned department store vibe.
  9. Your best bet is on-line but Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters has ammo from time to time and the prices are not too bad.
  10. Well, if your range toy is also a "what if" rifle, and you want something really cool, with a wood stock, that wont be very expensive to reload.... How about a Mini-30. It's the closest you will get to a Garand designed M1without actually paying the price of a garand. Along the same lines, the Semi-auto M14 and especially the M21 (one of my favorites) are very sweet. There are only two semi-auto rifles I actually want. One is a pre 1945 service Garand, the other is the M-21. They ain't cheap, but reloading will be affordable.
  11. That's pretty much a Ruger Mini. I get the economy of the round but if you will be reloading, you can step up to a low to moderate recoil caliber more commonly used in the type of rifle you are looking for without spending a fortune on components. I get where you are going with the classic styling with wood and all but you are not likely to find that in 5.56/223 chambered semi-auto. You should be able to find nice bolt action with the look you want. btw, if it's a range toy, why a fast follow up shot? Will you be using animated targets?
  12. There are very few non-AR rifles chambered in 5.56/223 out there. How in love are you with the caliber? What will be the primary purpose of your rifle?
  13. So I bought two stripped lowers today at Bullseye Tactical. Lert the build begin! I'm shopping around for a BCG and could use some recommendations. I kind of like the look of NiB, are they worth the extra money? Looks aside, what should I really be looking for in a BCG? So many finishes to choose froom.
  14. The general consensus is that IC works best. Technically you can use any choke you want but it would be silly to force a big honking wad of lead through a full choke. You could also go with Cyl but you may get some blow by.
  15. The unsustainable policies of the left will eventually lead to a systemic failure of government. When that happens all hell will break loose and all the liberals will be clamoring for leadership to restore order. They will suddenly become very conservative in their views.
  16. The 870 is the standard waterfowler with the mossy 500 as a very close second. I'd say get an 870 but they are not making them like they used to. I bought my 870 Express in the mid 80's and it's a rock solid workhorse. The newer ones are tough but not as tough. If you can find an older lightly used 870 express with a 28" barrel, that would be ideal. If you can spend a little extra money then consider a Savage O/U. They are not all that expensive and a pretty good value for what you get. The O/U is superior to a pump action in many ways but not too many hunters want to drag a $1,500 to $2,500 shotgun through the mud. A new Savage O/U can be had for well under $600. Hunting upland game or waterfowl with an O/U is just so much better than with a pump but a good pump will definitely do the job.
  17. Has anyone seen 22lr in any of the monmouth county shops? I'm just getting back into shooting, it's been nearly 20 years, and all my favorite places have shut down, moved or don't sell ammo anymore.
  18. This is sure to be a popular section and I'm happy to see it here. Some other forums frown upon this kind of topic as it invites some uuuuhhh, I'll just say, strange people. The only thing I'd like to say is the structure seems a litle busy. there are several sub-topics but no general discussion topics. Unless I missed it and this thread is the place for general topics. In any event, keep calm and carry on.
  19. Just doing a search on local FFLs and a new shop I never heard of popped up. Has anyone dealth with them?
  20. Pizza Bob is right, one or the other. btw, the RAR does not come with open sights so a scope is a must. I don't hunt deer but from what I've read, deer hunters seem to like 3x9 or 4x12. Redfield was bought by Leupold a while back and they make some very good scopes right here in the US of A.
  21. Try 3x-4x more for a sub MOA Browning with similar features. Browning makes great rifles and has a great name. A good portion of the price paid for a Browning is for the prestige of the brand name. The Ruger American on the other hand was builty for one purpose only, getting meat. It's light, tight and ugly as sin. It kils me that my first rifle has a black synthetic stock. But, it is very accurate, more accurate than me and most who shoot it. You can get it with the standard 22" barel or the compact version with an 18" barrel. The RAR is not the best range gun in the world, it heats up fast with the light sporter barrel. If you are an accomplished marksman, those first few cold bore shots will be sub MOA (with the right ammo naturally). If what you want is a 243 hunting rifle, light weight and superbly accurate, go for the RAR. If you want something with a gorgeous wood stock, accurate and don't mind the extra weight or price tag, then a Browning is never a bad choice. Other greats to consider are the Remington 700 or Baretta's Tikka. Lastly, if you'r primary use is deer, then you might want to step up to something a tiny bit bigger The 243 will be fine, but 270 may give you a little edge.Or a 7mm-08 is fast, flat and fat. I almost got my RAR in 7mm-08 but the price of ammo was too steep for me. I punch paper so ammo cost factors more for me but for a hunter it should not be that big a deal. What's $5 to $10 more per box of ammo to get you through a years worth of hunting compared to the flat shooting accuracy and stopping power of the 7mm-08? Not much really.
  22. 243 is a great multi-purpose caliber but is not the most logical for a semi-auto. I discovered this after buying a 243 bolt action (Ruger American) with plans on a followup AR platform in 243. If your pockets are deep, then by all means go ahead with a 243, it's not a bad choice, just a prohibitively expensive one (for me at least). Something else to consider, and this is probably more important than any other factor, is your intended use. As previously stated, hunting with a semi-auto is not allowed in many states. For home defense 243 is overkill, especially in an urban or suburban area. Arguably, the 243 in a HD role would be more suitable in a rural environment. The defacto rural HD long gun is the Ruger Mini Ranch. If all you want it for is target, there is litttle reason, other than cost, to stop you. If you have access to a 200 plus range, a 243 with a varmint barrel will provide hours of fun. A less expensive alternative to consider is 6.8SPC. This is still a somewhat expensive and sometimes difficult to find round but still far easier to find than 22LR. If you already have an AR-15 then you can just get a complete upper and bolt for an easy switchover. 243 shines as a long range caliber in bolt action. If you are determined to get a 243 then consider a bolt action if you want to get the most out of the caliber. If what you want is a semi-auto that hits harder than 5.56 but is less punnishing to the shoulder than 308/7.62 , look into 6.8 SPC.
  23. Is the main issue with threads becasuse a noise supressor can be attached? I really do not want a break, maybe a compensator to hold the barrel down but I doubt I'll be doing much rapid fire anyway. I tend to savor each round. Lets say I get a threaded barrel and have a boring crowned tip welded on. Can I then legally attach a clamp on break to it? The way I see it, there's little point to having anything but a flash hider on the end of a 16" barrel. If I cant have that then I'll probably just go with a 20" crowned muzzle. I'm seriously considering building my AR in 6.8 SPC so I may be better off with a longer crowned barrel anyway. It's kind of pathetic that NJ only allows a muzzle device that makes a rifle louder and more obnoxious.
  24. You are correct in one regard. They do not have to comply with NJ law in their state, but once they ship something over state lines to a non-compliant "ban" state, it becomes a federal issue. As I said, I am not agreeing or disagreeing with the legality. Just who gets involved if there is a legal issue.
  25. I am not agreeing or disagreeing if these mags are legal. What I will add is that if they are in fact illegal, Jakey will have committed a federal offense since he shipped an illegal product over state lines. Either Jakey has a good lawyer and a legit product or a huge pair of hairy brass balls. If it turns out these are illegal, Jakey will be going on holiday courtesy of the federal government.
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