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  1. Women wear pants and shirts just like men. I'm not trying to be obtuse (it's a natural talent), but why can't women just use the same concealment systems as men do? The purse option was popular with a few pistol pack'n mamas I knew on the Ruger forum, some brand of purse designed specifically for CCW. It has a sort of secret compartment ya just shove your hand in. There was some debate about off body carrying and that purses do get snatched. It was the only option according to one gal, as she could not handle the weight of a pistol and mag on her hip for any length of time.
  2. Here's a bit of advise, buy a burner cell phone and set up a g-mail account just for this. Record a VM outgoing msg that has specific instructions, name, what are you interested in, leave your phone number etc. You will filter out about 50% of the BS by doing that. If they do not want to leave a name and number, they are full of shit scammers. When I had to sell some surplus things, including a nearly new car, the amount of bullshit questions and stupid offers was staggering. The way to handle these things is simple, just ignore the stupid questions and low-ball offers, don't give it a second thought. When people call and start acting weird, things like being in a rush to meet (can we meet right away) or inappropriate questions unrelated to the item(s), just hang up. If a conversation is not going to be productive, end it. If you want to be nice... Sorry, my dog just got out the yard, click. Otherwise, just, click. Oh, and everyone has a sob story, can you lower the price etc etc. Well, when I was told sob stories, I made up my own, guess what, I got hung up on a few times. I guess it makes buyers uncomfortable when you tell them your four children are eating cat food for dinner.
  3. What's there to negotiate? He's selling for $2 to $3 under retail as it is. Pro tip: Negotiations should be done using PM
  4. what scene, rough estimate on timeline.
  5. I am a big fan of training as well, every CCW carrier should train, it is in their own best interest all around. The more an individual trains the better they can protect what needs to be protected. Though, if a citizen has a good SD shoot they should not have to prove anything other than their life or safety was in danger. None of this, it was a good shoot, but... bullshit. Nobody wants a mall ninja equivalent of Barney Fife roaming the streets. They could be as much of a menace as the criminals at large. If some yahoo who binge watches Death Wish goes out and causes mayhem because of lack of training, they should fully understand that they will be held accountable. The issue I have with NJ's process is it's exorbitant fees and application of government standards for citizens. Not gonna lie about the ranges cashing in either. They act like they are on our side but when the qualification requirements came out they all blew huge loads in their tighty whities with dollar signs for eyes. The NRA has an opportunity to step up here and provide reasonably priced quals.
  6. Except citizens are not using any firearm they own in an official government capacity. It's not a citizen's responsibility to carry a firearm as part of a public service on behalf of a government agency. It should be assumed that one has the right to defend themselves from violence, using any unqualified means necessary and available. It's not like a person forfeits their right to self defense because they don't have a government issued permission slip.
  7. I wouldn't say a higher standard, perhaps a different standard brought on by law suits and bureaucracy. If an off duty cop shoots someone with a personal gun, that leaves openings for defense lawyers to nit pick.
  8. If you have an ad blocker, disable it for just that site and see what happens. Because of Ad block Plus, I can't see certain sites on this machine, but on my laptop they show up. different ad blockers, different OS actually.
  9. ^^^ This. Ruger's customer service is tops. Over the years I've heard story after story about how Ruger either repairs or replaces broken guns, in spite of having no actual warranty. There have also been a few instances where a gun broke from neglect or abuse and was was rejected. Don't think for even a minute that the smiths at Ruger can't tell the difference. If you know what you are doing, Ruger may just send you replacement parts. If you kinda know what you are doing, Ruger will walk you through it. If you don't know what you are doing, Ruger will probably invite you to send the defective firearm in for inspection and service at no charge. While this probably does not apply here, since it's a minor malfunction, if Ruger replaces a handgun because it's an older model that is cheaper to replace rather than repair, the new handgun will have a new serial number and you will have to apply for P2P.
  10. Wind just kicked up here in Eatontown, lots of lightning.
  11. Boscov's carries a tee shirt brand called Newport Blue, I like them a lot. Super comfortable, slightly stretchy and long enough to keep me from brandishing my love handles when reaching high. Made in Pakistan.
  12. It's what came up when I searched "tactical goat".
  13. Well, if you got a yard goat like I said, it would take care of the mowing and the fertilizing at the same time. Better than a robot mower. btw, robot mowers are terrible, every lawn I see that has them are scalped and the first to burn out in hot weather.
  14. No, we dont. Inductive reasoning is working backwards using unproven generalizations to whittle down to a possible truth or fact of a matter. While it is a legit strategy for R&D, blue sky research and all that shit, it is not a guarantee that a specific result can be produced or found logically sound. The state's evidence is all based on inference, nothing factual. It's the same bad logic as saying someone is guilty by association. Don Corleone is Sicilian. Don Corleone is the head of the Sicilian Mafia. All Sicilians must be mafia. When the laws cited by Jensen were written in the olde daes, towns and cities had few publicly funded buildings or institutions. When the state says ALL government buildings were sensitive places back then, it is true, but not proof that all contemporary buildings and properties are included. One has to keep in mind that most cities and towns only had one, maybe two government buildings. A jail, a courthouse and a sheriffs office, which were usually the same place. What the state wants the court to believe is that the law infers the inclusion of all government owned and funded buildings and properties. The flaw in the state's argument is that no government business is conducted at a state park, or a daycare, or other generalized location just because the government owns or funds it. The so called inductive reasoning posited by Jensen asks the court to ignore facts and law and assume that every pie the government has it's finger in is a sensitive place.
  15. In my opinion, crabgrass control can be put down 30 days before soil temps will consistently be 50deg. Each application should last 90 days. With temperatures going up and down for weeks before soil temp is consistently 50, weeds and crabgrass will germinate and survive cold nights.
  16. Let them do it. The more times they do it, the more evidence we have, all the the more case proving incontrovertible evidence demonstrating abuse of power to harass and obstruct enjoyment of a civil liberty and constitutional right. All it takes is a few people that know what they are doing to file a suit, and a bunch of donors to make it happen. If we are to win this culture war, we have to start using some of their tactics. Since we don't have a Soros level sugar daddy, it will be up to the 2A community to fund a class action through several courts. It could take years, but it would be settled once and for all.
  17. We could always start a class action lawsuit against the state to fix the multi day delays in the "instant" system, and we'd probably win (eventually), but I'd feel bad about taking money away from things like free healthcare for illegal aliens.
  18. “Californians have the constitutional right to acquire and use state-of-the-art handguns to protect themselves.". BREAKING NEWS ON BOLAND V BONTA OUT OF THE U.S. DISTRICT COURT, CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN DIVISION: CALIFORNIA HANDGUN ROSTER RULED UNCONSTITUTIONAL! In a decision sure to rock California’s anti-gun politicians, United States District Judge Cormac J. Carney just issued a decision that has struck down the state’s “Handgun Roster” – declaring that “Californians have the constitutional right to acquire and use state-of-the-art handguns to protect themselves. They should not be forced to settle for decade-old models of handguns to ensure that they remain safe inside or outside the home.” To read the full decision, click HERE. To watch an analysis of the ruling by Anthony Miranda, the Armed Scholar, click HERE. The decision goes on to read “The Second Amendment enshrines a fundamental constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms for self-defense. Increasingly in modern times, with “the ubiquity of guns and our country’s high level of gun violence,” ordinary law-abiding people feel a need to possess handguns to protect themselves against violence.” The Roster will be officially invalidated in 14 days; this gives the State of California (Attorney General Rob Bonta) time to request an emergency stay by the 9th Circuit court of appeals. Thanks to the 2022 Bruen decision, it is no longer a sure thing that the 9th will issue such a stay. Kudos to our 2A partners at CRPA for filing the suit. More here from Bearing Arms. --> https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2023/03/20/federal-judge-issues-injunction-against-ca-microstamping-requirement-and-other-aspects-of-unsafe-handguns-act-n68616
  19. Non mission critical gear. Socks, cookies, a wubby.
  20. Give it 20 million years and it will be some sweet crude oil. Maybe spa seaweed wraps for the rich and famous. A day's worth of sushi wrap and seaweed crackers for Japan. 200,000 underwater ghillie suits
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