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  1. What will be the rifle's purpose in life? If you just want something basic, look at the SA Saint, or even more basic, some of the PSA offerings.
  2. the load makes all the difference in recoil. It determines how much energy is needed to push the shot at a certain velocity. A 3", 1 7/8 oz, #6 ,12GA 1200 fps turkey load kicks a helluva lot more than a 2 3/4" 1oz 1100 fps trap load. But, a speedy 1300 fps 2 3/4, 1oz, #7.5 handicap trap load will kick about the same as the turkey load
  3. Pretty much all of the women at my trap club are shooting ported single and over/under 12GA. Usually Browning or Beretta. A light gun is great for minimizing fatigue, but it comes at the cost of felt recoil. The barrel on the 870, I'm guessing, is the standard 28" parked thick wall. You can shave off some weight by swapping out to a lighter profile barrel and a synthetic furniture set. The fit is very important to the shooter's ability to hit stuff, but also influences felt recoil.
  4. Yes, the public must be protected from truths. Researchable facts based on empirical data that plainly spell out how we got to where we are at now. The truth is icky, uncomfortable. Let's not upset anyone with facts relevant to the conversation..
  5. Most clay target loads are lead. A few states demand non-lead for shooting clays but even NJ does not restrict lead 100% at every WMA. Profit margins are higher on buck shot, so, all the lead is probably going to buck shot. Most lead shot is made in the USA or Peru. Lead supply may be a different story. Get the equipment. Buy it as it becomes available. It may take some time to acquire everything you need, but you will eventually get it. The fist thing you need to buy is a couple reloading manuals. Lymann, Hornady and The ABCs of reloading are a good start. The books will give you something very important to do before you start reloading.
  6. If one is reasonably confident in their storage and overall home security, then they have the luxury of making themselves a target for a firearms burglary. It doesn't mean someone won't try, it's just they are less likely to get away with it. Make no mistake, moving or not, leaving guns or ammo out in plain view can only invite problems. Sometimes people you know and think you can trust, simply cannot resist temptation. I'm not talking about your best buddy, though you can't entirely rule out close friends. But, the less you know someone, the more likely they are to steal something from you, and the more tempting it is, the more likely they are to do it.
  7. For some reason, 12 ga trap loads are still way up there. Lead shot for reloading is very difficult to find. This is unique, in that this is the first I've seen where 12ga was impacted this hard. In previous panics, 7.5 and 8 was minimally touched price wise and there was never an issue with availability.
  8. Wuss. If I can go to work landscaping tomorrow, you can sit on your ass in the shade turning money into noise. Besides... more FPS. Hot HoT HOOOOT! Bring your chrono.
  9. Or, the noobs blew off their fingers and can't place any more orders. Reloading is fairly simple, but is time consuming and has very little room for error.
  10. I have the same. Bought it on sale like five months ago, but have not used it yet. I keep forgetting that I have it.
  11. I've seen chronos out a few feet on the dirt, but never 10 feet out. I wouldn't put one out that far, some numb nuts might shoot it. Set up off the concrete about a foot away, and you should have four or five feet. How do you plan on setting up the chrono, on a tripod? If so, weigh it down with a sand bag hung low ( a few inches off the ground) from the center column.
  12. There does not appear to be any burrs on extractor, however, I had a closer look at the bolt and the lug face is not true. There are what look like burrs (bumps) on a couple of the lugs. I got a better look with a loupe and the entire BCG looks like it was half assed. The QPQ is all buggerd up with runs and globs, so not a good coating. I'll mic the firing pin tomorrow.
  13. I took my new 308 hog hammer out to the range today for its first test firing and zeroing the thermal scope. There are two potential problems I noticed. First, the case heads were damaged, like, clawed up on extraction. Never seen anything quite like it before on a case head face, but my SPR (which is slightly overgassed) will chew up a rim every once in a while, but nothing like this. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but brass has been sheared off the face. Second, what's up with the cratering? I used factory PPU and MEN, both reliable brands, so it's obviously not a hot load. While researching, I came across a YT video that could explain the cratering. The video explains how a bolt face could have a firing pin hole that is too large, and the case head just gets mashed into it. The fix is typically a bushing in the firing pin hole, but they do that on rifles that have been fired many thousands of times. This rifle has a brand new BCG. So, any thoughts on what is causing the claw marks and the cratering?
  14. We are definitely over the hump with demand and prices. Current prices and availability still sucks, but it hurts a lot less. There's a long way to go before things even approach normal again. The future of ammo prices and, well, 2A in general, will be determined November of next year.
  15. Taylor Ham was false advertising and hardly ham at all, the name was changed in 1906. That was 115 years ago. Esso is Exxon, Persia is Iran and the Taylor's Provisions product formerly known as prepared ham is now.... Go ahead, say it, say it out loud. Peel, it's time to let it go.
  16. The thoughtful part of my reply was all me. My buddy Jim Beam was responsible for the part where I sounded like a jerk, but he was right.
  17. Dude, you totally have to unpin the stock. Then you can fit it in your back pocket.
  18. Are you retarded? You buy a SHTF AR, and it's unfired, epic plan. Go buy another rifle and spend some quality time at the range bonding with your old lady. It will make your marriage stronger.
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