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  1. You do you bruh. Let us know how it works out for ya after you put them coppers in their place.
  2. Open carry is stupid, that is, unless you are a cop or at a redneck BBQ, then it's cool. Apparently BBQ guns are a thing out west. Advertising that one is packing heat is inviting trouble, it can only be interpreted as attention seeking behavior. What would be the point, other than to intentionally upset people and looking for confrontation of some sort. Makes me think that the carrier has a gunslinger complex and probably didn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy. Kinda pathetic. Be happy that concealed carry is now available to law abiding folks, don't fuck it up for everyone else because you want to make an unnecessary statement.
  3. Welcome to New Jersey, where everything is expressly forbidden, unless it is expressly permitted by a narrow carve out . Living under the thumb of dems is such a joy.
  4. Ison said the Greenwood Police Department has trained for a mass shooting scenario and has performed "multiple mall exercises" to prepare for active shooter situations. "But I'm going to tell you, the real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop this shooter almost as soon as he began," Ison said. I'm surprised CNN included that quote. Headline scanners that don't bother to read the full story will never see it, but good on CNN for even including it.
  5. <Archer> I had something for this, something something mutual qualification, something.
  6. Whew! I'm in the clear then, as long as they don't know the smell of G96. It would be fun to mess with them though, a little Hoppe's on the wrists or fondle a bucket of spent brass before heading there.
  7. There is absolutely no reason for this. If something happened in a two year period that would disqualify a permit holder, there guns would have already, or should already have been confiscated. The two year renewal is a reminder that you are under the thumb of progressive democrats keeping citizens on a short leash.
  8. When historic precedent is found, and it does not help the left's agenda, the new thing now is well, back then women were property and all white men were racists, something something patriarchy and an extra topping of racist.
  9. They are wary, for sure, waiting to see if it has anchor baby apps. They were thinking about shredding the app before it can reproduce on the Xerox, but do not know what to do in light of the recent overturning of R v W.
  10. If I am not mistaken, in another thread about transporting to and from range. I believe it was determined that driving to the range with loaded mags stored separately from the firearm was not illegal based on some case that determined a loaded magazine is not a firearm, it is an accessory to a firearm. If someone was driving around with no firearm and three loaded mags, they are not transporting three firearms. If they are loaded with hollow points or wad cutters, that's a different animal..
  11. Up till now, retailers only had to log the sales, and the log was subject to inspection at the pleasure of the state. Exactly what the new protocol means, no clue how and when the purchase data is submitted. Maybe @dajonga can fill us in on the deets. Basically the state has set it up so they don't have to go to the retailer to get sales data (electronically collect intelligence on US citizens). They can now look it up in their ammo registry in Trenton.
  12. AFAIK, buyers have had to present their FPID when purchasing handgun ammo for quite some time. I rarely buy HG ammo, but that has been my experience. The retailer logs the purchase. If I am correctly reading the new bill, which Phildo has not signed yet, all this changes is that retailers have to submit HG ammo purchase logs to the state, instead of just keeping a record. The way I read it, everything is the same, except retailers now have to actively report HG ammo sales logs to the state.
  13. There used to be a seasonal fireworks vendor at Monmouth Mall, but they are not there this year. Does anyone know of any pop up vendors in Monmouth? I know ShopRite carries some decent NJ fireworks but I want a little more variety than what they offer.
  14. Here's what was voted on: S1204/A1179 Requires firearm owners who become New Jersey residents to obtain firearm purchaser identification card and register handguns acquired out-of-State. Passed Senate 23-15. Passed Assembly 51-27. S1893/A1765 Allows Attorney General to bring cause of action for certain public nuisance violations arising from sale or marketing of firearms. Passed Senate 24-16. Passed Assembly 44-32. S2846/A4367 Upgrades certain crimes related to manufacturing firearms from third degree to second degree. Passed Senate 32-6. Passed Assembly 64-14. S2847/A4369 Prohibits possession and requires registration of body armor in certain circumstances. Passed Senate 24-15. Not voted on in Assembly. S2903/A1302 Regulates sale of handgun ammunition and develops system of electronic reporting of handgun ammunition sales. Passed Senate 25-15. Passed Assembly 47-29-1. S2905/A4366 Revises definition of destructive device to include certain .50 caliber rifles; makes certain exceptions. Passed Senate 25-14. Passed Assembly 48-30-6. S2906/A4370 Requires training for issuance of firearms purchaser identification card and permit to purchase handgun under certain circumstances; provide firearms purchaser identification card include photograph and thumb print and remain valid for ten years. Passed Senate 24-16. Passed Assembly 48-28-1. S2907/A4368 Requires firearm retailers to sell microstamping-enabled firearms upon determination of availability by AG. Passed Senate 24-16. Passed Assembly 45-31-1. A509/S504 Increases from 18 to 21 age at which person is eligible to receive firearms purchaser identification. Passed Assembly 49-28. Not voted on in Senate.
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