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  1. Question about constructive intent. If one owns one or more standard AR pattern rifles, and also owns at least one "other", does constructive intent come into play? Let's say you replaced a stock on a carbine, and the old butt stock now sits in a box somewhere in the house, what's to stop someone from just slipping the old stock on to an "other", or pulling a stock from a proper carbine and slipping it on an "other"?
  2. March, 2023 Henry Issues Recall Notice for Certain Lever Action .45-70 Rifles Rice Lake, Wis., March 10, 2023 Henry Repeating Arms recently discovered a safety issue affecting certain lever action .45-70 Gov’t rifles manufactured between December 14, 2022, and January 11, 2023. Henry is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because, under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these rifles may unintentionally discharge without the trigger being pulled if the hammer is released or dropped from the cocked position. To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, owners of a Henry Repeating Arms lever action .45-70 should discontinue all use until it is determined whether or not the rifle is subject to recall. Any Henry Repeating Arms firearm obtained before December 2022 is not subject to this recall, and no action is needed. https://www.henryusa.com/news/henry-recall-notice-for-certain-lever-action-45-70-rifles/
  3. Looks more like a compensator to me. Only ported up top, that's mostly to control muzzle rise.
  4. Wasn't he on Fox and Friends just a week ago?
  5. I remember being pissed when they went from $32 to $38.
  6. This isn't exactly a hot deal, it's more of a heads up. Brownell's seems to have every type of Winchester RIFLE primer in stock at the moment, I just checked. They run $100-$110 per 1K https://www.brownells.com/reloading/components/primers/rifle-primers/?trk_msg=B5SE3D6DIJBKF18M6RUE4IMS30&trk_contact=T2FQPSUOBPEUDSFKGGTK3UVESS&trk_sid=JH6SDANTS1IFCJBJRPJ97H76PG&trk_link=1HMIBF1238H4J2HARPARMSD2OC&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=View+product+recommended+for+you&utm_campaign=grand_opening&utm_content=2023_003_03_day_5_wilson_combat
  7. Scorpio64


    New users that give generic hellos without any candor are always suspect. No indication of interests, home range, and has not returned since creating the account, all red flags. If Dyan is from NJ, and also not a bot, he/she should be okay with a little fun and easily pass the unbeatable NJ breakfast meat Turing test.
  8. Scorpio64


    Dude, come on, we talked about this. It's not nice to disparage people with disabilities.
  9. Hey there Bleach fan. Technically, you can buy the pistol now, but you can not take possession of it, the pistola would have to sit in FFL jail until you get your permit. It may be several weeks, or even months before you get that squared away and the LGS (presumably Keyport Guns) will probably charge a storage fee, on top of typical FFL fees as well. If you are really hot to trot for this pistol, call Keyport Guns, explain the situation and ask if they will accommodate.
  10. Perhaps a lens scratch repair kit would fix it, maybe worth looking in to. If you wear glasses, wherever you get them, or any decent pharmacy should have it. You have got to be cat shitting me, for real, cat shit? Is that some kind of operator lingo for toothpaste,. Please tell me it means toothpaste.
  11. FOPA is a federal interstate act, while it does bring up point to point origin and destination, interstate is the operative word here. If one has an FPID and possesses hollow point ammo at home, which is legal within the exemption, and is transporting it to a state that is not retarded about hollow point ammo, I do not see a problem. NJ residence to PA residence is legal, origin to endpoint, even without the FOPA protection, which NJ residents wouldn't need if Trenton wasn't run by dick heads.
  12. It's Pork Roll.
  13. What! No +2 extension. That aside, it's a great look, I really like the shroud. I want to do something similar to my Shockwave, some day.
  14. I believe you would be protected by FOPA when transporting interstate where the final destination is outside NJ.
  15. Just got this in my e-mail this am. AmmoFast - American Eagle 9mm 115gr FMJ $12.99/50rds Flat rate shipping $14.95 for any amount ordered. https://www.ammofast.com/product/federal-9mm-115-gr-american-eagle-fmj/
  16. Ehhh, maybe this "tenderloin" and the "ham" do have something in common. As sure as "TH" is not ham, Scrapple sure as hell ain't tenderloin. lol, tenderloin. I guess the Amish do have a sense of humor. Not really. Scrapple, if it's done right, is crispy on the outside and a little squishy on the inside. It's typically dredged in flour and pan fried in butter. Ketchup is a popular condiment.
  17. It's not at all like Taylor Ham, Scrapple is not imaginary. Scrapple is made of the stuff they wouldn't put in hotdogs, it's delicious.
  18. Low hanging fruit. I'd like to know if anyone has done a study to see if the 10rd restriction has reduced gun crime in NJ. Maybe we should ask that politician from So. Amboy. Oh, wait, she dead.
  19. It is probably a poorly done copper wash. Similar to how 22lr is coated.
  20. I believe it is compliant as is since a tool is necessary to adjust it. There is no quick release mechanism turning from pocket sized to full size rifle.
  21. Trying to figure out where you are going with this. Are you planning on (A) not applying and not carrying, end of story, or, (B) not applying but carrying illegally as an anarchist? If your intention is the former, One has to wonder why you have spent so much time and energy discussing an issue that you have no skin in. It seems a foolish waste of time, unless there is another motive.
  22. It appears this only affects handgun (pistol caliber) ammo.
  23. The couple articles I read on it suggested the street price would be around $100 higher than the Ruger PCC.
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