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  1. It is a very sad day for NJ shooting sports. A fine man has passed away. Gene had been suffering from complications of Shingles. He'd been unwell for over a year, but kept on running the business on good days. Even though Gene was often in pain and discomfort, he would be out on the trap field or in his LGS behind the counter every day he could. He truly loved providing people with the means to enjoy every aspect of shooting sports. On the surface, Gene appeared to be the curmudgeonly type, but he was secretly a goof ball who enjoyed wry humor. He was never short on time for anyone who genuinely wanted to learn the sport of trap shooting or reloading.
  2. I don't buy from them. What others do is their business.
  3. I do blame them, they are spineless pricks throwing my constitutional rights under the bus because challenging the bullshit lawsuits would be costly. They claim to be supporters of 2A but bend over for the fucking communist gun grabbers even though they know it's wrong. It's that type of attitude that helps the gun grabbers erode our rights. There is NO LAW in NJ that requires a US citizen to produce an FPID for ammo designed to be used in a rifle or shotgun, even if some jerkoff throws a cut barrel on a rifle receiver and gets it classified as a pistol. It is PURELY a store CYA policy for a law that does not exist. I comply with every law, even if I think it's bullshit. If it's not a law, they can go to hell. @Smokin .50 Rosey, where are youuuuuuuuu.
  4. PSA can go eff themselves. A few years ago they started demanding FPID and DL for rifle and shotgun ammo. I refuse to do bidniz with wimps that kowtow to NJ's communist leaders. PSA stands for profits over 2A.
  5. Atlantic Firearms has a NJ compliant section. They usually carry the KSG, look in the Ban State section and select NJ.
  6. To help buyers and sellers alike, I've gone to AmmoSeek and looked up the current pricing for the most popular pistol, rifle and rimfire cartridges. All ammo (unless otherwise noted) is grade A factory new (no reman) brass case re-loadable with a full metal jacket. This list does NOT reflect the lowest prices, nor the highest. The sky is the limit for the greedy exploiters, and lower prices can be found on grade B and remanufactured ammo. This guide is intended to show the current low/high average bracket price ammo may be obtained. It does not mean it will be in stock. Your best bet for finding and obtaining the lowest prices is to create an account at several on-line resellers and put yourself on notify lists. PISTOL 9mm 115gr 40-47.5 ¢pr 45ACP 230gr 68-70 ¢pr 40 S&W 165-170gr 56-58 ¢pr 380Auto 95gr 60-70 ¢pr RIFLE .223REM 55gr 55-60 ¢pr 5.56M855 62gr 60-65 ¢pr 7.62/308 147gr 70-80 ¢pr 6.5 CM 140gr 2.00-2.50 $pr 7.62Commie(S) 122gr 29-35 ¢pr 7.62 Commie(B) 123gr 47-60 ¢pr RIMFIRE CCI Mini-Mag 36gr CPHP 12-13 ¢pr Note: almost every brand and type of 22lr is hovering around 10.5-14 ¢pr, even the garbage.
  7. That was the original plan, but we decided to pay for the convenience of having the container dropped off and taken away. If we go with a self storage unit, it will be many trips to and from the storage facility with my PU truck, loading and unloading, and reloading and unloading. Also, with a delivered container, I can take my time loading it up.
  8. I'll be doing some large home improvement projects over the summer and will need to get some stuff out of the way for a while. If anyone here has used a storage container service, I'd like to know about your experience. Cost, customer service, quality of containers and how secure they are.
  9. Valve boxes are are scattered around the lawn and identified by a green access cover that is typically rectangular but sometimes round, if there is just one valve. Each valve box will have a manifold that can service up to six zones. Sometimes valves are located near the control panel, just inside or outside the garage, or wherever the water source is. If the boxes got covered in dirt and grass, you may have to use a metal detector. The company that installed the system should have left a blueprint indicating head and valve box locations. You can probably call them and ask for a diagram, which they should have on file.
  10. There is something very Browning-esque about that rifle.
  11. Surplus Ammo has 7.62x51 PPU Rangemaster 145gr NATO ammo in stock at a decent price. Shipping is a little high, but not terrible. They are also NJ friendly, no unnecessary documentation is required for rifle or shotgun ammo.
  12. I've also seen morons pay $1500 for a $750 rifle on GB. Oh, btw, this is not Gun Broker. Fewer morons here. I've seen this exact ammo sell for .24cpr not too long ago. RG was bargain basement range fodder that nobody wanted because it was Berdan primed and had a bi-metal magnetic jacket. It was priced much much lower than LC 7.62 NATO. Hence, the question about there being anything particularly special, like if it was collectible or match grade or something. You said it was very hard to find so I assumed there must be something special about this ammo, because 7.62 in general is not that hard to find today. I'm asking what is special about this ammo, that is all.
  13. Is there something particularly special about this ammo? This is an honest question, I'm seeing the price of 7.62 NATO spec Boxer primed reloadable coming down to about 95 cpr and it's in stock in many places. I'm interested, but not at $1.20/rd.
  14. I've had good luck at Midway USA by using their notify feature. You have to act fast though, if you get a notification in the morning and don't see it until the afternoon, you are probably SOL. Does the die have to be Lee? Is there any reason you cant use a taper crimp instead of factory?
  15. I dropped off a barrel, upper receiver, and gas block to be mounted at HGW about six weeks ago. The guy said it would be two weeks, which I was fine with, but it turned out to be three and a half weeks, which was still okay, but I kinda got a runaround when I called for status updates 12 days after dropping off parts. Honestly, if the guy I left my shit with said it would be a month, I'd be okay with that, but he either lied or was not being realistic. When I called, I got what I felt was a story. That, I have a problem with. Shit happens so whatever. It's crazy busy there but there is no excuse for excuses. Just own up to it. The thing that actually bothered me was I specifically asked for the chamber headspace measurements for precision reloading. Dude said no problem. When I picked up upper, I asked where the headspace specs was, guy said we don't do that here. I'm like, well original dude said no problem and how can you mount a barrel without measuring headspace. I got a BS answer. Either the counter guy I picked up from was full of shit, or you cannot count on HGW to mount a barrel with any prospect of precision. Tom does damn good work, so I can only assume the alternative answer is the correct one. Counter guy was full of shit. Normally I give HGW 4.5 stars for being generally awesome, but this time around they get two stars, for the bullshit. I liked HGW better when I got to deal with Tom directly.
  16. The Silverado I drive at work and the one I recently bought are very similar, in fact, they are only 2 years apart in mfg date. When I got my truck, I was taking extra wide turns as if I was pulling a trailer. I got used to not pulling a trailer over the winter. Then spring hits and I'm driving work truck, not paying attention to the fact that now I am pulling an 18' trailer. Well, I clipped a few curbs.
  17. Another thought. As a new driver, handling a full sized PU may be a PITA. Maybe a mid sized 6 cyl quad cab would be better. Easier to handle. Dodge Dakota, Ford Ranger (newer ones) GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado. Midsized trucks used to look stupid, like toy trucks compared to a full size. The newer mids look like trucks.
  18. Quad cabs are basically a suv/pickup combo. Throw a cap on a quad cab silverado and it looks pretty much like a suburban.
  19. If you are looking for a standard 2 door, there are tons of em on Craig's List priced reasonably. For whatever reason, hardly anybody drives just a regular old pickup anymore.
  20. I drive an F-250 and a Silverado 2500 at work. The Ford is more heavy duty but it rides like shit, Silverado is more civilized. Used Fords, especially the quad cabs, cost more too. I recently bought a really nice 2004 Chevy 1500 extended cab with 118K on the clock for six grand.
  21. Scorpio64

    New 590a1

    I've done it. The original stock on my M4gery was a basic Magpul MOE, but when I decided I was going to adopt QD for all my rifles, I upgraded the stock to one with QD studs and a locking bar that snugs up the stock. Keep the sling simple, it's just a shotgun. You could drill and tap the stock for a QD stud or a sling swivel, There are also slip on butt pads with sling loops. Lots of options. The flashlight I bought at Tractor Supply is surprisingly good. It's durable, rechargeable and comes with a tail switch if you like that sorta thing.
  22. I believe they are still shooting trap on Sundays and Tuesdays. The shop is closed, but you can probably still get a coupla few cases of targets. I think I paid $14/130 last time I was there about five weeks ago. That may have changed but I would bet you can get clays.
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