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  1. Gee, not even if the carjacker is threatening the owner with a sharp pointy stick, or a Glock? I guess I need to find that part of NJ law where is say a vehicle owner must peacefully relinquish property to a thief, if the thief has a weapon. Maybe we need an info booklet on how that works. Dick and Jane were carpooling to work. Jane was driving and stopped at a red light. A carjacker suddenly appears and points a gun at Jane. Dick sez, "Gee Jane, I'm sorry I can't use my CCW to protect us, it's a carjacking. God damn that carjacking loophole!!!!!
  2. You know, you are right. Carrying for self defense is bullshit. It's better to get carjacked, raped murdered. Faaaaar less complicated. Funerals are much cheaper than defense attorneys.
  3. The dead guys attorney may argue that you trained to kill, honing your murderous skills at every opportunity. Rittenhouse didn't know squat about proficiency and still won. Jus say'n.
  4. A bird in the hand.... You know the rest.
  5. It's doubtful BATFE will be disbanded. They do some legitimate work in R&D and are the best agency in the world when it comes to investigating firearms crimes and explosions. It should be an apolitical organization with no regulatory power. Actually, the F&E should be divested from the rest of the vice tax units. Firearms have noting to do with taxes, alcohol or tobacco. Guns are not a vice, they are a right.
  6. While a 22 pistol is not ideal for self defense, if it's the only cartridge one can put all 10 in the x-ring, it's the best choice for that individual. No point in flailing around with a 357 magnum if the shooter can't hit the broad side of a barn from inside the barn. Biggest drawback is winter and meth addicts. Some people I know from another forum carry 22lr and 22mag, and they are okay with their choice. They know it wont "blow the lungs out of the body" but are confident it will stop most carjackings or assaults. After all, stopping the threat is the objective. One uses a Ruger revolver (I forget which) with a bobbed hammer, the other two carry Ruger's SR22 because it feels full size. Ammo choice makes a big difference. Paul Harrell did a few videos on the topic.
  7. I'm actually surprised it's not worse than the 70's. Society is way more crazy now, and much less inhibited. I was expecting to eventually hear stories about punctured car gas tanks. Cat converters get stolen all the time. The guys doing this are not Robin Hood's, they just clever hood rats. RH GAVE to the poor, didn't sell shit. $4.79 at Wawa in Eatontown
  8. Murphy will reach out to insurance companies and get them to pressure store owners to place no guns signs or face a surcharge or even termination of insurance.
  9. AFAIK, NJ does not require a license to watch people fish,
  10. I have a hunch the timing was intentional. [insert Forrest Gump "just like that" meme]
  11. It probably has Fentanyl in it too. Them mexis put that shit in everything.
  12. If anyone recalls, back in '16, Lt Col Russel, Cmdr Picatinny Arsenal was denied a CCW by Oceanport police chief. I hope he is one of the first to make an anti 2A chief eat crow.
  13. Not just NJ, but America. You have no idea how happy I am that the Constitution won, over judicial activism. However, I'm not yet prepared to join the circle jerk. It will be a while before this is figured out, and that will be by design. The socialist fucks will do everything, no matter how petty, to make it as costly and difficult as possible to protect one's self outside the home.
  14. The way I see it, "common use" does not mean popular, it means contemporary, ie, not inferior to new current technology in common use. It would be like the government has quad processor computers computers while the peons are only allowed Commodore VIC-20s In 1775, muskets and cannons were in common use because they were technologically contemporary. In common use means common contemporary, readily available arms, used in the defense of ones self and America. Full auto M4s are in common use, but only by the military, and three letter agencies. Hell, even the USPS and IRS are packing M4s. WT everluv'n F?!?!
  15. I wouldn't count on it.
  16. Nobody wants to be a test case, but, because of NJs intentionally ambiguous laws, every case seems to be a potential test case.
  17. For the most part, they are equipped with AK pattern rifles. It's what they know. They have been receiving precision 308 and 338 sniper rifles Very little in the way of M4s or anything that would require 5.56. It's all about logistics. They have mountains of AKs and ammo all over eastern europe.
  18. It's the opposite of dearth. Duhh.
  19. All the cool kids are going with 2 stage, in fact, the SPR spec calls for a KAC 2 stage. As an SPR owner myself, I believe the trigger ( If you are serious about precision) should be the best two stage you can afford. It is equally as important to precision as the barrel and upper receiver. In my SPR, I started out with a vanilla ALG milspec, then "upgraded" to a NiB coated ALG ACT single stage, then a G2S, then a SSA, then a SSA-E, all in the same rifle. When I first began shooting, the trigger would not have made much practical difference, now I get a tiny bit annoyed when I shoot one rifle with the SSA and then the other with the SSA-E. Even though the difference between the SSA and SSA-E are minuscule, it's enough of a difference to tighten my groups by at least .25moa.
  20. These bullets are factory seconds, @ 23¢/ea ($113.00/500ct), who cares. It seems these bullets are normal except for slight variation in weight (+.2gr-.5gr avg). Structurally, they are fine. I have no experience with them, but reviews on AS and another site suggest they are as good or better than milspec and popular among service rifle reloaders. I just ordered 500 to mess with. Price is too good to pass up. AMERICAN BULLET CO 30c (308) 147gr FMJ M80 https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/89586
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