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  1. I'll have you know, I visited Texas in 2006. I was there for an entire forty five minutes during a layover.
  2. I've heard of Hank Hill, Strickland propane and propane accessories.
  3. Does Texas even have hills? According to the Mfg, it will take any AR-15 upper. I have to admit, it does fill a void for many lever gun lovers, they can now use pointy bullets. The ballistic coefficient of tube fed lever gun ammo is about that of a brick.
  4. New: Bond Arms Lever Action AR-15 We Got Our Hands On this Modern Lever Gun That Accepts Standard AR Uppers, AR Mags, and Remington Shotgun Stocks
  5. Well it looks like NIOA defence contractors in Australia has 100% acquired Barrett Firearms. The company would continue to operate under the Barrett brand as a separate division within the NIOA Group alongside NIOA Australia, NIOA New Zealand, the Australian Missile Corporation and the group’s investment in joint venture company Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions. All management and staff at the Murfreesboro manufacturing facility in Tennessee have been retained and production will continue as normal. Over time it is expected that manufacturing activities in Murfreesboro will be further expanded.
  6. Full Metal Java. My two favorites are Back the Blue and #FJB (Freedom Java Beans, nod, wink wink). https://www.fullmetaljava.com/
  7. Hopefully NJ's 2A groups are getting ahead of this and are calling police chiefs to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  8. Might have come in hot, but he ain't wrong. If there's any place to vent about current events, this is it. I'm sure now that he got that off his chest, it's all chill from here. COUGHHINTCOUGH
  9. My dentist bought one when they came out, said he loves it. I have a ton of fun breaking clays with my Shockwave, the laughs when I miss, and the looks when a target occasionally disappears into a cloud of dust. Just tell the club your KS7 identifies as a BT99.
  10. I don't know if I like it. You may have to let me shoot that KS7.
  11. I'm thinking about getting one of these for BOB. It holds a substantial charge. The reviews I read say it takes about two days to fully charge from flat dead on solar, but if it's fully charged , the battery won't likely be depleted from daily use. Solar can usually top off daily usage. It's only thirty bucks.
  12. He seems to have a solid plan, but I think it can be improved. Most of the time there is only one person in a car, but like this guy has, there should be a contingency for family, or multiple passengers. . He stuffed enough gear in one bag for four people. Well, if there is going to be at least one other person if you need additional supplies, then why not do two bags. The first bag is the drivers bag. It will have all of the necessities for one person, and with all the bags space for one person, he can put in more, or perhaps better options in the bag. For instance, if he wasn't carrying 5 of everything, he could get a better bivvy and vacuum pack it. He could have better meal options,. Instead of a tiny pepper spray, a larger can of bear spray (or both), extra socks, better FAK. You get the idea. Second bag would have the extras. Extra food, water shelter, ponchos, protection,, etc. All the stuff from his setup that he was humping for other people. Why should everything for everyone be stuffed in one bag, no reason for it, It's guaranteed that if bag 2 is needed, there will be at least one other person there to carry bag number two. I did like his idea about the water key. It does not take up much space and it expands options for the most critical of supplies, water. Then I got to thinking, if he has the multi-tool with pliers, does he really need the water key. Still good outside the box thinking.
  13. SCOTUS is no longer the play thing for dems and Roberts with his too powerful swing vote. The lower courts know this and foresee many of their dubious cases eventually getting slapped down. Losing BIG cases does not look good on a post federal resume.
  14. Over the past few years my weight has started fluctuating more between warm and cold seasons. I got into the habit of buying pants with stretchy/adjustable waistbands.
  15. I like it! Is the LOP too long or short? If it's too short, a slip on gel recoil pad may help.
  16. Yep, Mexico is famous for its white supremacists (sarc-off). Unless this guy is connected to a dining club of baby eaters, he's gonna walk. Seriously, if I ever had to deal with something like that, I'd probably need a day or two to get my shit back together. It would be poetic justice if he gets snagged on the last shot, and his sentence was 100hrs community service teaching women self defense, or any of the plethora of "how not to be a victim" courses.
  17. THIS is the cornerstone. At the very least, the goal post needs to be placed back to where it was pre Bruen.
  18. Gaetz McCarthy house floor argument expained.
  19. So, I DL'd the video and watched it frame by frame from the point where the robbery victim pulls his gun and shoots. Criminal dude was pointing his darwin award gat at the guy sitting at the left nearest the door when the first shot was fired. The only thing I didn't like was that chill bro, the somewhat catatonic guy on the right sitting nearest the door may, and I stress may, because I wasn't behind the gun sights, may have been in the line of fire. @raz-0 Thank you for uploading the video. It's so stupid to age restrict videos, like your keyboard knows your age and has seen your birth certificate and somehow having an account verifies one's age.
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