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  1. Yep, that's when they determined that a detachable mag fed s/a with a flash hider, adjustable stock, bayo lug and a place to put your right hand was an evil military "assault weapon". During the AWB period, ARs (such as the colt target in 223) were still being made and sold without the evil features. They just keep moving the goal post.
  2. What shell holders come with the kit? Does the kit also include military brass swager?
  3. never mind. I really need to start reading the whole thread before answering questions that have already been answered.
  4. If your belief is correct, then the builder would have to buy a factory new stripped receiver and have it classified as "other" at the FFL. Buying a stripped receiver on GB that came off a 500 shotgun that was already sold as a shottie would be a no-go. The point is, there may be loopholes, but they are very narrow. One careless oversight or assumption could get one in deep shit.
  5. I'm just gonna leave some videos here. From time to time I seem to forget how to hit a clay target and find reviewing these videos helpful.
  6. Are they going to have the officer that was kia lay in honor in the capitol rotunda for his legit actual sacrifice, or is that only for officers that died not in the line of duty on 1/6? Officer from 1/6 not killed by protestors..... Officer killed on 4/2 killed by an islamic terrorist...we are still calling them terrorists right? Which one deserves to lay in honor in the capitol? I think we all know which.
  7. FWIW... A Mossberg shockwave can only be purchased as a shockwave. If you have a 500 or 590 laying around and you decide to chop it down and "make " it into a shockwave, that's a no no and it will get you in hot water. The moral of the story here is that you can buy some things that fit an "other" category, but you cannot necessarily make your own other just because the category exists.
  8. Sorrel can be hard to kill. You ..... I mean [cough} your friend can't use just a preemergent because it's a perennial that also spreads via runners. Seeds and runners, yay! To make matters worse, it is resistant to the most popular weed control in use, 2-4-D. It could take two or three years to get rid of sorrel, but it's by doing the things you should normally do anyway. Sorrel grows best in acidic soil. You can probably abate the problem significantly just with lime. Make the Ph downright hostile to sorrel. If you want to see what your soil Ph is, you can get an elcheapo tester at home depot. They are not precision instruments, but they will give you a good enough reading to get you in the ball park. I prefer pelletized lime, as it's easier to spread, but granular or pulverized is faster acting. The problem with granular lime is you have to use a drop spreader and go over the lawn twice. And if you don't do it right, your lawn will look like a green zebra. It's a lot of work. An application of lime is good for at least four months. Apply weed, feed, crabgrass control. Since you are using granular weed and feed, I recommend wetting the lawn first or doing it in the early morning while the ground is still covered in dew. Otherwise, the granules that kill weeds will just bounce off of dry blades and leafs and fall to the ground. Follow up with spot spraying areas where the sorrel is dense. EDIT: Whatever product with weed killer you buy, make sure it has a combo of 2-4-D and Dicamba. 2-4-D alone will not kill sorrel, but it will weaken and damage it. Combined with Dicamba, it can be a 1-2 KO punch. For a lawn where the primary problem is weeds, I'd use a weed killer only product and apply fert separately until the weed problem is under control. Also, when applying herbicides on their own, your options open up. You can spot spray or broadcast with a cheap backpack from harbor freight, or use a hose end sprayer.
  9. Put it down now. Most retail crabgrass preventers last a good 45 days (some up to 90 days), so even if we have a cold snap, you are still good for a while. When the soil is over 50 degrees for more than a few days, that's the time to strike. https://www.njweather.org/maps/mapviewer?mapname=soiltemperature_5cm Also, Instead of looking at flowering shrubs, a better indicator is when you see the ChemLawn trucks rolling.
  10. A 28" or 30" O/U will do it all, and look good doing it. No matter what you choose, if you are participating in a regulation clay sport, you won't be loading more than two most of the time. You gain no advantage from having a large mag in skeet or trap. Invest in a quality full set of extended choke tubes too.
  11. Are you looking for an all around shotgun that you can also shoot clays with, or are you looking for a dedicated gun just for clays? What kind of clays, trap, skeet, sporting, or what's with all the questions, I just want a gun to shoot some effing clay pigeons. If you want a general purpose clay buster, I recommend a 12ga O/U with 30"bbl. There are some surprisingly good O/Us for under $1000. Most important, get a gun that fits you, or that you can adjust to fit you.
  12. They will if you don't treat 'em right, or are rejuvenating them. The slotted broiler I bought was priced $10, which was a steal, but I talked the guy down to $5 because it was almost completely rusted. Rust is not a problem with cast iron, in fact, much like rust blueing a gun, it can serve an important purpose. Wash lightly, dry on the stove and wipe down with oil after completely dry, then let a little more heat sink in so the iron can soak up the oil and it will never rust.
  13. Ever seen one of these. I picked one up at a flea market for $5.
  14. Cast iron is the original non stick surface, and it don't poison people. Anyone that sticks food to cast iron just don't know how to cook. Wagner and Griswold ftw.
  15. Jezus Christmas. Boy, I say boy, ya doin' it all wrong son. I mean, cast iron boy, that's the way civilized folk git it done. Hot oil... Searing... Smoke.... Ya can't caramelize meat in a crock pot boy, I say, it just can't be done. Ya let'n all the flavor and juices and goodness run out'a that slab. It's practically animal cruelty. EDIT: FTR All I saw was crock pot and was on a roll. I missed the part where you seared it first. Crock pot rage I guess.
  16. I dunno man, the whole thing takes like 15 minutes. Maybe it would reveal you have poor time management skills
  17. You don't have to share the results if you are the paranoid type. And, if you are worried the ATF will be using their 5G mind reading tech, just put on the tin foil cap while you are thinking about the results.
  18. If you have never heard of or taken a Meyers-Briggs personality test, and you'd like to learn some interesting things about yourself, watch the following video with a piece of paper and writing implement in hand. Fear not, the test is only just over seven minutes long. You will fall into one of sixteen personality types that you can look into more deeply. I was astonished at how accurate my results were. It is important to note, you need to think hard and be honest with yourself as you answer the questions. There is the person we are, and the person we wish we were, everyone strives to be a certain way, but the fact is, we are who we are and work with (or around) it every day. Some of the questions can be difficult because you will be presented with two options, and you'll think, Well, I'm kinda both. Pause the video, think on it for a minute, and just go with whatever you believe is most prevalent, write it down and resume the video. After you have determined your PT, You will have to click the YouTube icon at the lower right of the video player to watch the video on YT where you can access the explanations of personality types. I watched six different explanation videos from different publishers and found that they filled in the gaps where I believed I was both A and B. The accuracy was striking, indeed. BTW, I am an ISTP.
  19. When you say "traditional lubed", is that the same as the waxy coating found on most 22lr?
  20. There are a lot of powder coat fans on the marlin forum that cast their own bullets for 1894s. I read more than one story there about men who were disciplined by their wives for unauthorized use of the oven. I became interested in powder coat when I bought a bunch of CCI mini mags that were alternately coated in red white and blue for a 4th of July promotion. It is one of the best shooting in my Marlin 25N. and no fouling to speak of. I thought for sure there'd be some flakes in the action after 200 rounds, but not a scrap to be found.
  21. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but factory new reloading dies are becoming less scarce. You may want to adjust your scarcity exploitation model.
  22. It's a back pack so, mostly on the back. Because it is a backpack, we are leaning forward for balance all the time. That puts stress on the lower back. I'm thinking evenly distributed will relieve that, but put more weight up front. Dunno how that will work out. I think an even load distribution is overall better for balance, It's terrifying being up on a roof with a backpack blower, but could have an unknown consequence with some of the weight being distributed to other muscles and joints. I'm guessing though, that no matter where the weight is distributed, it is still hell on the shoulders unless there is a chest and waist strap to bear some of the weight on the torso.
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