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  1. It's not like a fishing license where you just buy it, ya gotta take the hunter ed course. Firearms hunter is what ya want.
  2. Can't get a break. I'm officially calling it. According to weather radar, it's going to be steady until early afternoon.
  3. If it's just drizzle and periods of light rain, it's on.
  4. If it's raining Sun a.m., we'll have to postpone to the 10th. I'm also working tomorrow. The last shoot was cancelled due to rain, and it didn't fuk'n rain, so I'm not pulling the plug just yet. The forecast for Sunday is calling for less than 1/5th inch of rain with occasional drizzle and passing showers, with a very low probability for T storms..
  5. Anyone slinging Fentanyl should get the wood chipper.
  6. It's actually going to be pretty mild Sunday, in the low 50s, and cloudy too. Call me crazy but I prefer clay shoot'n when the sky is overcast. Having the clouds up there gives me a better sense of speed as I track the target. Yanno, you are only a few miles from 287. I'll be literally driving right by you. If you want to come, I'll be happy to give you a lift. The only caveat is you'd be in for the full ride. I'm the first in and last out.
  7. No worries, I got another suc...ehh, I mean early bird with a thrower getting there by or before 0830.
  8. Wagon or a hand truck. If I have room in my truck, I'll bring a hand truck.
  9. Soooo, dunno why we are talking about President Trump in a Feindstein thread but, whatever. I looked into the unpaid contractor story years ago when it was first manifested by the libtarded socialist media. The story is like 2% true, Trump withheld payment to a contractor that was trying to get one over on Trump. The contractor installed several hundred cheap windows that were not what was ordered for the project, and they didn't get paid. If Trump screwed over a contractor, the leftards in the same retarded corrupt court that is suing him for overvaluing property would be suing him for unpaid invoices, and there would be contractors all over the place badmouthing him on TV every three minutes. FAKE NEWS and that's enough of that. Please, no more derailing threads with TDS. Thank you very much.
  10. Just look for Old Glory, and a white Chevy Silverado extended cab.
  11. BPI Ballistics Products FREE HAZMAT - $9.99 Flat Shipping on ALL orders Cheddite 209 Primers (5000/case) Save $7 ** Limit 4 cases (20,000 primers) per order** The Cheddite 209 is a great multi-purpose 209 primer. Very consistent in our ballistic testing results The only 209 primer with a lacquer sealant on the top of the primer Standard U.S. size Case of 5000 (5 boxes/1000) Looking for load data for Cheddite primers or hulls? Check out our Advantages loading manual with thousands of loads. Price: $289.86 https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Cheddite-209-Primers-cs_5000-Limit-4-cases-20000-primers-per-order/productinfo/CH2095/
  12. There's a reason I call this "turning money into noise". None the less, in spite of the great fun we all have, everyone does get a little bit better each time. Take @Mrs. Peelfor instance, it took three years but I eventually got her to break two clays in a row.
  13. You need to buy four or five for it to be a good deal.
  14. Manually cycled actions like bolt, lever and pump, break action, are not subject to AWB rules as they are not semi-auto. You can put anything, or nothing, on a 700.
  15. You should unfriend them, just for that weekend.
  16. I think with Sta-Bil, one can only hope for about 18 months of storage if the conditions are absolutely ideal. Even at that, gasoline will still degrade and loose some of its potential for energy. ie lets say you normally get 25mpg with fresh gas, 18 month old gas with Sta-Bil may only give you 20mpg. Still, better than nothing. The best use for Sta-Bil is prep for over winter storage of small engines. It keeps carbs from getting gacked up with the gelatinous goo caused by the ethanol soaking up water.
  17. That largely depends on how much we run our mouths. Sometimes I only go through two or three boxes of ammo because I spend too much time BSing. Other times I'll blow through 150 rounds. The basic rule of thumb is: If you are just gonna shoot a little with a loaner to see what clays is all about, bring a couple boxes of 12ga #7.5 or #8 and a box of dounuts and we're good. If you come with a case of ammo, you better come with a case of clays too, and donuts.
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