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  1. I have used Kipnes Law offices they do all of NJ and all of PA Home | Kipnis Law Offices | General Practice Attorney NJ He does all Firearms work and helped me out, great servicea
  2. Just go buy a Tavor in 5.56 they are the best. you can also get them in 300 Blackout
  3. the new improved X95 trigger that also works in the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tavor is on sale today for only $160 it has a 4.5 lbs trigger pull www.iwi.us
  4. Amerigeddon - New movie in some theaters starting tomorrow.. Strong support for 2nd amendment and right to bear arms. Saw an interview from the director.. About a massive EMP terrorist attack taking out the power grid, internet, phones, banking Civil war erupts are marshal law declared and gun confiscation takes place.... Sounds like a great movie for every NRA supporter to watch in your theater. See the movie trailer on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2366NOeOQcY
  5. Yes, since they are in NY state I received it in 2 days. If you go to the Guardian Tactical website it is a custom version of the Helix which sells for $339 http://www.guardiantacticalusa.com/products/ They make it for IWI and put the IWI Tavor Logo on it. 16 Ball Bearing Blade Length: 3.25″ Cutting Edge: 2.9″ Blade Thickness: .156 Overall Length: 7.6″ Handle: 4.4″ Handle Material: Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Handle available in Black Tactical, Two-Tone Weight: 3.79oz Blade Finishes Available: Black Tactical, Two-Tone Black MSRP: $339.00 The IWI price of $195 is a very good deal!!!
  6. I just got it the ball bearings are as smooth as butter. Very high quality custom made knife.
  7. IWI has a great sale on the Tavor Knife 40% off http://www.iwi.us/
  8. The Tavor is a 5 star gun. I love my Tavor. I have an AR15 and other long guns. My favorite by far is the Tavor. Great gun high quality never jams and due to the design it never gets dirty and requires very very little maintenance. Also I find it highly accurate
  9. I love my Tavor, it is built rock solid, and extremely accurate. I highly recommend it.
  10. I have both platforms after shooting a Tavor I will never go back to the AR platform. The Tavor bullpup design, feel, accuracy is simply A++++
  11. Dicks in east Brunswick had plenty of 22lr 500 round boxes all on sale.
  12. I have a tavor and love it. I will never use my AR15 again. The Tavor is simple a perfect rifle, extremely accurate, extremely reliable, and extremely well made rock solid gun
  13. I use AT&T, the data speed I get is simply incredibly fast and the coverage is great wherever I go. I would think you could opt for a low data plan and with the free carry over data they give you the google will not save much if anything
  14. irwing

    Tristar Shotguns

    I have an o/u with a dual trigger system. I have put maybe 800 rounds through it and no problem. Seems very well made
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