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  1. I am shocked by the prices of used trucks. I have a 2011 Ram 1500 Hemi that I bought new. It was 29K brand new in 2011.
  2. There light at the end of the tunnel for me. My house is paid off and my daughter graduates high school this year. I'm hoping to end up in South Carolina.
  3. Jeep Gunner, Try your county PD. I live in Union County and the BCI unit there will do them for $10. You need to make an appointment.
  4. Call you county BCI unit. I live in Union County and they did my card for a $10 fee. I would think every Sheriff Dept provides this service
  5. Did you try your county BCI unit? I live in Union County and they were able to do my finger prints the same week I called. They did charge me $10 and you have to give them a money order. They don't accept cash.
  6. I went to the one last month. The ammo prices were high and there were no reloading supplies. I bought a few mags for my Glock. I'm going tomorrow. My daughter is off for Presidents day so it a good day out. You could spend a few hours in the Auto Mall. There also was a huge line to get in last month but it went pretty quick.
  7. My daughter and I like going to this show in Morgantown. It's in the mall that's connected to the Classic Auto Mall. After the show we go check out the cars. There are a ton of them.
  8. I got my Radical other from JT and am very happy with it. No problems with the gun, it runs good.
  9. I got my Radical at JT, no issues with mine
  10. I’m watching on Discovery Channel right now
  11. I've used Rock Auto for a lot of stuff on my truck, the prices are much better than Napa or Autozone but when I needed brakes and rotors after the shipping charge for the rotors (they are pretty heavy) it cost the same to get them at Napa.
  12. I bought one from JT ,I like it.
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