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  1. I went to the one last month. The ammo prices were high and there were no reloading supplies. I bought a few mags for my Glock. I'm going tomorrow. My daughter is off for Presidents day so it a good day out. You could spend a few hours in the Auto Mall. There also was a huge line to get in last month but it went pretty quick.
  2. My daughter and I like going to this show in Morgantown. It's in the mall that's connected to the Classic Auto Mall. After the show we go check out the cars. There are a ton of them.
  3. I got my Radical other from JT and am very happy with it. No problems with the gun, it runs good.
  4. I got my Radical at JT, no issues with mine
  5. I’m watching on Discovery Channel right now
  6. I've used Rock Auto for a lot of stuff on my truck, the prices are much better than Napa or Autozone but when I needed brakes and rotors after the shipping charge for the rotors (they are pretty heavy) it cost the same to get them at Napa.
  7. I bought one from JT ,I like it.
  8. Yes 2 per cylinder. The ones near the fire wall are had to get at, you need a swivel extension with a magnetic socket . The dealer wanted $425 to do the plugs. I bought them on Rock Auto for $55 delivered to my door
  9. I have a 2011 Hemi Ram 1500 I bought new. It currently has 13500 miles and it's been a good truck. I've only need to do routine maintenance on it. Regular oil/transmission/differential/transfer case fluid changes. It's only been to the dealer for recalls except for a new key. That was outrageous , the key cost $341. Regular plug changes do take you about 2 hours. I've also done the brakes and had to install a new water pump around 90000 miles
  10. Shoprite salt works good in mine.
  11. I agree that people ask too much for their used guns. I was in the market for a Kimber. I bought a new one shipped to my FFL for less than the guy on here was asking for it used (with 100 rounds through it like every add says)
  12. I tried reading all the mumbo jumbo in the bill regarding renewing your FID every four years. It looks like the day Murphy signs it starts our 4 years to renew. Am I right or wrong?
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