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  1. I got my Radical at JT, no issues with mine
  2. I’m watching on Discovery Channel right now
  3. I've used Rock Auto for a lot of stuff on my truck, the prices are much better than Napa or Autozone but when I needed brakes and rotors after the shipping charge for the rotors (they are pretty heavy) it cost the same to get them at Napa.
  4. I bought one from JT ,I like it.
  5. Yes 2 per cylinder. The ones near the fire wall are had to get at, you need a swivel extension with a magnetic socket . The dealer wanted $425 to do the plugs. I bought them on Rock Auto for $55 delivered to my door
  6. I have a 2011 Hemi Ram 1500 I bought new. It currently has 13500 miles and it's been a good truck. I've only need to do routine maintenance on it. Regular oil/transmission/differential/transfer case fluid changes. It's only been to the dealer for recalls except for a new key. That was outrageous , the key cost $341. Regular plug changes do take you about 2 hours. I've also done the brakes and had to install a new water pump around 90000 miles
  7. Shoprite salt works good in mine.
  8. I agree that people ask too much for their used guns. I was in the market for a Kimber. I bought a new one shipped to my FFL for less than the guy on here was asking for it used (with 100 rounds through it like every add says)
  9. I tried reading all the mumbo jumbo in the bill regarding renewing your FID every four years. It looks like the day Murphy signs it starts our 4 years to renew. Am I right or wrong?
  10. I bought my Thompson from Bud's. They sell NJ legal ones.
  11. I have Global Entry. It probably took about 6 weeks for me to get it. I haven't used it Internationally but it also the same a Pre Check which is nice. The Newark Pre Check line is horrible but I recently flew to New Orleans and the Pre Check line was fast, also you don't need to take off your shoes or take your laptop out of your bag.
  12. My boy does work on the side in his garage in Belford. He does excellent work. I recently bought an older shovel that he got running like new. He also did custom work to my Road Glide. If you want his number PM me and I'll give it to you. He's right off 36.
  13. Try Daytona Custom Wheels in Asbury Park. They are good
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