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  1. Bri894

    Motorcycle Custom Work/Repair

    My boy does work on the side in his garage in Belford. He does excellent work. I recently bought an older shovel that he got running like new. He also did custom work to my Road Glide. If you want his number PM me and I'll give it to you. He's right off 36.
  2. Bri894

    Alloy wheel repair/refinishing in South Jersey

    Try Daytona Custom Wheels in Asbury Park. They are good
  3. I stopped using Dicks years ago and have alway had a good experience ordering ammo, camping equipment etc form Academy. This story I saw will make me stop buying from them until this guy gets his job back. https://www.news4jax.com/news/florida/academy-sports-employee-fired-for-tackling-would-be-gun-thief
  4. Bri894

    Thompson Semi Auto

    Yes they are NJ legal. The model is a T1D, it comes with a 10 round drum. I bought mine from Buds and had it shipped to a NJ FFL.
  5. I have a permit in hand. I'm looking to start my daughter with a 22 hand gun. I'd like to see if I could get a used one before I buy a new one. I'm not interested in a 1911 style 22. I'm looking for a Ruger SR22, Smith and Wesson M&P 22, or Walther P22 Thanks!
  6. Bri894

    DIY Fire Pit

    I bought this at a flea market, but an example of what you could do to a 55 gallon drum
  7. Bri894


    I had an excellent experience with Bud's. I bought an Auto-Ordanance Thompson T1D from them. I paid $340 less than my local shop wanted. Free shipping was included but I chose to add insurance for $10 more. They shipped it to my FFL in 4 days. No complaints from me.
  8. Bri894

    Valentines ideas

    I usually get something for my daughter for Valentine's Day. I adopted an animal in her name from TurtleBack Zoo this year. There are a bunch to pick from https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/turtleback/giftstore.jsp
  9. Bri894

    Take Your Kids To Concerts?

    I do. My daughter is 12 and we've seen Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Janes Addiction and September Mourning. In March we're going to see New Years Day. This summer I will take her and a friend to the Warped Tour.
  10. Bri894

    Metal Ammo Cans $9.99 free ship

    I agree. I have a bunch of these and for $10 they are nice
  11. Bri894

    Texas CCW Class

    Thanks! This is the input I was looking for. I am going to give Jason a call tomorrow.
  12. My company will be sending me to Texas for training this September for a week. I will be in Houston. Has anyone here or someone they know taken the CCW class in the Houston area? I would like to take the CCW class while I'm there.
  13. Bri894

    Cree flashlights $3.17 shipped.

    Got mine too. Definatly worth $3
  14. Bri894

    FID not taken as legal ID-FYI

    I used my FID at the Hazlet DMV last November

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