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  1. Edison Area, but he can come up north also to meet.
  2. Yes. Don’t know much else about it but he did a lot of work to it. New brakes tires etc.. I’m not sure if it’s priced in line but if you’re interested it’s worth checking in person.
  3. Selling this for my grandfather. It’s a 88 body swapped on a 1995 drive train. New floor on both sides and comes with plow. Roughly 80k miles $9500 OBO
  4. Real nice .22 revolver. Located in Wayne. $525 (sold) Will trade for Sig M400 Elite ( I’ll add cash)
  5. American Defense Mfg. Recon Scope Mount. For mounting optics with a 1” tube on an AR platform. 10/10 condition $125 or will trade for 300 Blackout ammo
  6. I’d like to keep it together for now.
  7. Sorry. Not sure why I’m not getting notifications. It’s a YHM Phantom muzzle break.
  8. Good catch as It does come with one. I must have taken it out at the time the pic was taken...
  9. Selling my Cole LE6920. Couple extras but otherwise unmolested. NJ Compliance Work KAC M4 RAS (Full set with rail, panels and vert. Grip) B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock Magpul Gen2 MBUS Rear sight Surefire M600AA Scout Weapon Light Aimpoint Pro Boxes and manuals for everything included (everything!) Couple pics for now but more upon request. In damn near perfect condition. About 400 rounds down the pipe (very conservative) Located in Wayne and all NJ laws apply $1600 as pictured. $1200 without SureFire and Aimpoint
  10. How long do you keep cigars in the humidor? I guess under the right conditions they’ll last a while but mine is so small I only keep enough to last 2-3 weeks
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