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  1. Did transfer yesterday evening. This is my first firearm purchase soI really had no idea how things work. The way Jeff walked through it made me feel comfortable about the procedure. Overall very pleasant and smooth experience.
  2. Jeff called me -- turned out he only worked part time on FFL transfer hence the 'by appointment only'. Guess I misunderstood at the beginning. We'll make an appointment once he doc things in inventory so all good now. Thanks.
  3. Turned out you both were right, the gun was delivered yesterday per Fedex tracking status. Problem is, I still couldn't reach Jeff. I started calling and emailing him Wednesday trying to set up an appointment. No one picked the phone or replies email. Is there any other way to contact him? It has to be THE most frustrating thing to see the new gun lying there but you can't touch it just because of pending paperwork.
  4. I have ordered a pistol and chose Jeff as the FFL. This morning the status of Fedex is 'On vechicle for delivery'. Knowing that he only does transfer by appointment and may not be in shop all the time, I sent an email yesterday and tried to call him a few times to give him a heads up and schedule an appointment. But so far, no replies to email and phone calls always went to voicemail. Now I started to worry the package will be returned since they need a signature to deliver. Is there any other way to reach him? Thanks
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