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  1. I saw a review on YouTube through "mrgunsngear" on some cool clothing from a company called UF Pro. Anyone have experience with them? The stuff looks like good quality. http://ufpro.si/
  2. These Savvy Sniper slings are expensive but I think the reviews are really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny5b7VXUU78
  3. That brake is hideous. What's the point of having a bullpup if you're going to make the barrel so long? May as well just get an AR.
  4. Yeah I agree. I'm sure I'll be using them in the future. Just a bad time of year for that stuff I guess. Too much business is better than not enough. Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey everything, thanks for all of the quick replies. I really appreciate it. I stopped by Bangers today but because they are so busy right now they told me the compliance work will take 3 weeks. And it turns out that next week I'll be in Central Jersey anyway so I'm going with Steve at Monmouth Arms. Thanks again though. Much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I live in Washington Twp (in south Jersey) and I'm about to buy a Tavor. I'll need an FFL and slight compliance work like a brake pinned and welded. Any recommendations? I went through Steve at Monmouth Arms once last year and he was awesome. The brake pin/weld was super fast and looked great. I'm just looking for a quality place close by to avoid the hours of traffic. Thanks everyone.
  7. Anyone know of any nj gun shops currently carrying Tavors?
  8. karlkurtz32


    Start with diet. Get away from grains and simple sugars. Eat as close to nature as possible. Watch the weight just fall off before even starting to workout. Learn about foam rolling and self myofascial release techniques. It will change your life. Do compound movements (safely) when working out. Incorporate as many muscle fibers as possible with each exercise. For example, don't sit on a machine and do a leg extension just for your quads. Our bodies never move in isolation, so you shouldn't use isolation in working out. Instead, do a lunge. Its multiplanar, uses far more muscles to perform, and is more transferrable to real life applications (running, climbing, etc) Don't worry about long runs. Do short intervals.
  9. Hey all, I'm getting into long term food storage and so far I've purchased some food-grade 5 gallon buckets. Next on my list are the mylar bags and O2 absorbers. I'm planning on buying from Sorbent Systems. Some of the mylar bags require a minimum purchase of 50 bags, but I won't need that many. Is anyone interested in a group buy of mylar bags/O2 absorbers?
  10. Does anyone have experience with one of these? I was just wondering what the general consensus is.
  11. Are brake shields like the Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield legal in NJ? I also was wondering the same thing about the FERFRANS CRD http://www.armsunlimited.com/FERFRANS-Muzzle-Brake-Concussion-Reduction-System-p/mb-crd.htm Thanks.
  12. Many people don't understand the amount of discipline it takes to be a responsible gun owner. I once explained to a friend of mine (who wanted to buy a gun) that every time I touch my Tavor I perform a safety/clearance check as soon as it comes out of the case and a safety/clearance check right before it goes back in. Even if its taken out 100 times a day, that means 100 safety/clearance checks. He seemed to be very turned off by that. I think a lot of people just want the gun and not the responsibility.
  13. Do any gunshops in Central/South Jersey have layaway? I currently have a decent amount of cash that I want to use on a Tavor by the end of the year. I just don't want to be tempted to use it on something else.
  14. Careful. I bought one from there that was completely illegal. Didn't realize it til I got home. Long story. Had a bayonet lug, A2 muzzle device, and 30rd mag with a rivet inserted at 15rds...
  15. Since we don't really know all the details, you could easily say Chris Kyle started this whole thing. If JV was just retaliating I don't see what he did wrong.
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