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  1. My thought has always been, if I'm about to get caught carrying, commit a crime, quick. Will probably get less time.
  2. Didn't know I had that many options. Thank you..
  3. Hello all, Just moved to the Scotch plains area, any near by ranges you guys use.? Came from Newark, used bullet hole out of convenience before I moved. Thanks
  4. My friend owns a Audi/vw shop in Newark. Reputable, knowledgable straight up guy. Quattrohaus.net
  5. I used mine last week in Newark. The lady said, hm, don't see these around here very often... The funny thing is that if you go to dmv's website, it has FID as one of their accepted forms of id on their list...?
  6. I initially read the title of the post and thought to myself, who's Paco.?
  7. I'm with Smoking .50 on this one.. I still shoot film with Leica's..
  8. Ok.I guess he's there everyday for fun then. Not that it matters anyway.. Back to the topic..
  9. You'd be suprised how many pro gun ppl work for the company.. :/ His "philonthropic" efforts and the news company are different things...
  10. Ecactly VladG,especially not bloomberg law, its just a law/bills news aggrigator, not an opinion,news article kind of thing..
  11. He does. He's not mayor anymore, back at the company running the board. Bloomberg law has nothing to do with him or his ideas, it's a service they provide to gather law info, bills etc..
  12. "It's a well known fact Bloomberg carries. The Nj people? Don't beleive me...I just throwing that out in the light of day" Bloomberg does not carry, he hired one of the guys from his detail during mayor...
  13. Channel surfing, heard this repot on tv.. Thought it was interesting.. New here by the way, been shooting for some time, but new handgun owner.. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/03/james-craig-detroit-guns_n_4536332.html?utm_hp_ref=politics
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