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  1. Preemption Violation. Cannot preempt State Law. Easily defeated in court.
  2. Yup, but it was published, just not widely disseminated - https://www.nap.edu/read/18319/chapter/3
  3. Also, every 'anti' statistic is cited for "gun deaths." That statistic includes events like suicides, accidental shootings, legitimate police killings of criminals and so on. Change the statistic to "gun homicides" and the state-by-state picture is very, very different. Look at the bottom 10. Where are CA and NJ? And how strict are the laws in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Iowa and Minnesota? Not to mention that DC has among the strictest laws (thus Heller vs. DC) but the highest death rate:
  4. "The Rev. Robert Moore wants to know the answer to that question by way of studies and hard evidence. “There does need to be more studies done. What makes you safe in your home?” Moore, the executive director of Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action, said. In addition to campaigns titled “Diplomacy, Not War” and “No Wars, No Warming,” the Coalition for Peace Action mounts a campaign called “Ceasefire NJ,” which pushes for more gun control. Moore noted that he does not oppose the Second Amendment, or the right to keep and bear arms, or people who shoot for recreation. But he is unnerved by the harrowing statistics on gun violence. He urges potential gun buyers to carefully consider their decision." He is a widely-known and consummate liar. Case in point: “I know about the NRA mantra — that ‘The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,’” Moore said. “That only works in Wild West fantasies, most of the time.” FALSE. Says who? The CDC, including the Kleck report.
  5. When you shake your finger in an officer's face and tell him 'shut the f*** up' and later (on the full video) comment that 'we need more testicles around here' I think she's lucky she didn't get cited for disorderly or hindering.
  6. We use Barco in Central NJ. A purchaser can hire a company with a ground penetrating radar device to locate buried tanks, so getting rid of it in advance of sale is best. If there's no contaminated soil below it shouldn't be too bad. If there is, the company HAS to test and HAS to remove it. That's where it can get expensive - disposing of 55 gallon drums of contaminated soil. If the condition has polluted an aquifer (rare) it can cost a lot. http://www.ssgbarco.com/
  7. That right, except brace yourself for the single feature change because it's coming. There are several ways to maintain an AR platform even with this.
  8. Thank you Anthony for fighting the good fight, especially with Senator 'Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate' sitting up there.
  9. Always funny to watch how carefully they drop their $2,000 Italian reproduction muskets when they 'die.'
  10. It's better for the NRA lawsuit to come - ANJRPC vs. Grewal if they don't grandfather, IMHO.
  11. They switch people at the table and it takes a minute. Alex Roubian and Scott Bach are doing a great job.
  12. So good to hear the 'confiscate, confiscate, confiscate' voice of Greenstein ... not! Kip Bateman (R) voted "yes" on the extra background check bill? You've got to be kidding.
  13. That's what I heard. This is what California did 10 years ago. Now, they've passed Prop 63 (10 rounds illegal, no grandfathering). They were sued (Duncan vs. Becerra) and lost - now in appeal.
  14. http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/media/mp.asp?M=A/ENCODER-4&S=2018L That's the Live Audio for Monday 4/16/18 If I understood it, on the 10-round bill they're going to except collectible firearms and there will/may be a grandfather clause.
  15. http://njlightfootmilitia.com/militia-today If you’re not on some kind of list yet, that should do it!
  16. Here's the problem with a Saturday in the State Capital: Nearly everyone can come, if they're not working, but there's no one THERE. No legislators, few people around.
  17. That's me, dead center with the 'Murphy's Law' sign. In fact, I brought 22 signs.
  18. I counted 350 - 400. ‘Sound system’ was pretty awful. Nice day though.. Nice to meet Malice.
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